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Cheapskate (Master Q Parody)

Character  ApplejackObject  FridgeObject  skatesLocation  Manehattan
Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Rainbow Dash EqG (...) plz WOW, Applejack! I thought your yoke bucket jet skiing idea really was an outrageous idea that wouldn't hold any water, but---
Pinkie Pie EqG (...) plz Now I WANNA go skating on frozen blocks and KICK some ICE!!! GAASSSSPP, maybe I should make extra long skis this time and race you down the sloped sidewalk!
Rarity EqG (...) plz Darling, if you REALLY wanted to go have fun at the ice-rink without spending even a single coin for the gear, you could've just asked moi to lend you my extra pair of winter skates...

Applejack EqG (...) plz Awww shucks! Appreciate the offer, but---I think I'll stick with my own digs! At least this one's way more portable, as long as you keep the ice from the melting!

Don't Fall In Emote (Applejack stops suddenly and sees a puddle of water below her)
EQG Rainbow Icon #5 HAHAHA, UHOH! Looks like your "skates" has now only begun treading water!!!
Pinkie pie EqG (squee) plz YOU KNOW, you COULD try using popsicles! Maybe they'll last longer---AND they're edible!!
EQG Rarity Icon 33 Miss Pie, you CAN'T eat something that's been under your shoes! And where on Earth will you find popsicles to buy in the middle of winter??!!!
pinkie pie EqG 3 (hi i'm pinkie pie) plz You don't have to!! I already got them right there inside my cooler!!
EQG Rainbow Icon #10 Wait---WHAATT???!!!

Pinkie Pie EqG (...) plz Popsicle Who wants FREE winter desserts??!! I promise it's not laced with anything weird!!Popsicle 

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Applejack's winter outfit: Winter (humanized) by :iconking-kakapo: (far left)

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Pinkie Pie's "cooler" was her hair, wasn't it?

L-MASTER's avatar

Cool and elegant B-)

meiyeezhu's avatar

Until the ice melts

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

Well that is one way to do it

meiyeezhu's avatar

Why go to the ice rink when you can bring out the ice rink to the sole?

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
And no one called her a genius?
meiyeezhu's avatar

They're just too frozen in fascination by her intellect

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

(Now I know I already said a similar thing involving Applejack in a previous comic featuring her, but.... I just can't resist the temptation to say it again anyways. X3)

So who here in real life has tried doing what Applejack did as shown here? :3

pheeph's avatar

Be careful when crossing the street with those...

meiyeezhu's avatar

Especially on sloped roads and sidewalks

Pony4Koma's avatar

I,kinda, want to try that out now...

meiyeezhu's avatar

Make sure you wear a helmet and a pair of knee-pads first

Good idea but doesn’t last long for intense hours

meiyeezhu's avatar

And there's no metal brakes!

DrX-Raven's avatar

(Applejack stops suddenly and sees a puddle of water below her)

Was gonna say.

BB-K's avatar

That's a nice way to improvise, until in the description, her friends arrived.

meiyeezhu's avatar

Guess she was standing there for too long before realizing how wet her soles has gotten

ABrightSide's avatar

Wouldn't you need a metal floor, though?

meiyeezhu's avatar

As much as I like to explain this, even the expert physicists have a hard time figuring out why ice is slippery

BrightBulb13's avatar

clever applejack but I have to worry that she may trip over when she runs out of ice

I'll go research doctors who specialise in broken noses just in case

just no one tell Yona about this idea

Sad Yona (Icon) tell Yona what?

Me: oh good lord what should I say

meiyeezhu's avatar

Tell Yona to STOP sticking her big fat nose into other people's business and that she doesn't need to risk her whole life over cheap thrills!

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