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Bull-Headed Response (Master Q Parody)

Character  Zephyr BreezeObject  cowCharacter  Woah NellyLocation  Canterlot, Equestria
Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Senpai Chief Bogo - Icon 男人並不知道佢哋所有嘅錯誤,但牛知佢哋所有嘅長處
(Men know not all their faults, oxen all their strength.)
 Chinese Lantern ~Chinese ProverbChinese Lantern

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L-MASTER's avatar

who goes out with black glasses at night ???

meiyeezhu's avatar

jimmyhook19202122 That's what I'm asking!

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

And he is just about to learn how hard she can kick

meiyeezhu's avatar

He'll wish that cow had gave him a good hoofin' first!

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

(Now who here has ever done this in real life by wearing shades in the dark? XD)

meiyeezhu's avatar

Do I REALLY need to answer that?

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

Well.... anyone else can. ;)

Pony4Koma's avatar

Shades at night...

He's such a bitch...

meiyeezhu's avatar

He's more douche than bitch

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Nothing feels good like bashing on Zephyr Breeze for being the most punchable. Maybe Nelly should try that.
meiyeezhu's avatar

I hope her heart doesn't give out

pheeph's avatar

Sheesh,Zephyr... those shades are making you blind!

meiyeezhu's avatar

Shades are for summer, not for winter!

Woah Nelly: *Cries for being called fat cow as a fat shame.

Zephyr Breeze you idiot! It’s not nice to judge someone based upon their appearance!

meiyeezhu's avatar

Zephyr Breeze Crying I thought it was a REAL cow, with BIG horns and a stubbornly tough hide!

BrightBulb13's avatar

I’ll go dig your grave zephyr if you insult fat people they’d probably crush you under their weight

Fat Controller Angry Thomas Emote What was that?

nothing sir topham hatt

but then again who wears sunglasses at night thats just stupid he could injure himself even if he didn’t unintentionally insult woah nelly

but good work Meiyeezhu and I cannot help but wonder what way you’ll make Zephyr suffer next time

meiyeezhu's avatar

I mean, that cow would've kick him in the face (the animal, not the fat lady!)

DrX-Raven's avatar

Zephyr's whole existence is begging for death

meiyeezhu's avatar

And yet there are still some people and groups that still support guys like him

DrX-Raven's avatar

Sometimes, genocide is ok.

This is so beautiful!😍😍🤩🤩😎😎🥰🥰🤗🤗😊😊🙏🙏👍👍
meiyeezhu's avatar

Crappy Chinese New Year!

SonicFull's avatar
And that was the day that Fluttershy became a only child!
meiyeezhu's avatar

'Cause she never gets any beef, for she always stays a vegetarian

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