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Bloom Off the Posy (Master Q Parody)

Based on the Chinese comic panels from:…

Rose blush Even the thorny rose patches??
Nosebleed Emoticon
(Mrs Shy shows bloody red mouth sprinkled with miniature thorns)

For more Master Q Parodies, go to:…
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Mmmm, garden flower salad

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Remember to avoid adding the foxgloves!
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Don't worry Mrs.Shy one day your daughter will be a nation hero on a first name basis with the gods who rule your kingdom, and married to a chaos gods. And your son well at least you hit one out of the park. 
meiyeezhu's avatar
Yeah, I'm sure she'll be like a Disney princess in an apocalyptic industrial wasteland!!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
It nothing her chaos god son-in-law or her demi-god grandfoals can't fix 
Shadow-of-the-former's avatar
reminds of this scene from spongebob..were squidward  was homeless and had to eat his paintings sense no one would buy them,
meiyeezhu's avatar
Unlike Zephyr though, she doesn't end up smooching off Fluttershy because Posey is not as very demanding and greedy with her needs; she knows the limited capacity her daughter will go through to take care for her
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:iconfluttershycryplz: :iconsays3plz: I ate it...

Of course! Ponies eat flowers for BREAKFAST. :)
meiyeezhu's avatar
In the pony world, Mrs. Shy would've have to resort to eating all the organic fertilizer AFTER eating all the flowers
FacelessSoles's avatar
When you're so, so poor, you gotta eat plants like a horse.
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Even Nigerian scammers would feel pity for her
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Most of the medics had already left for Canterlot due to lack of governmental public hospital funding in Cloudsdale
blackdashyfan81's avatar
dose anyone know how to be a medic?!
meiyeezhu's avatar
Look, even if we DO find a medic, how the heck do we expect to pay for the fees when our economy is in the sh!thouse?!
sigel4ever's avatar
oooook that is REALLY bad
meiyeezhu's avatar
I hope none of the flowers she had planted happen to be poisonous
Pony4Koma's avatar
Even the weeds and the moss!? 0_o 
meiyeezhu's avatar
Moss isn't technically a flower; it's a bryophyte
ABrightSide's avatar
Not sure if I should be laughing, but I am.
meiyeezhu's avatar
Don't worry; I kinda chuckled about my own parody comic too
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