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A Gift For Two (Master Q Parody)

Based on the Chinese comic panels from:…

Gift Box Cake with candles 50x50 icon Not all gifts need to have glitters to be absolutely golden...

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Sandbar's Winter Outfit: Sandbar is cold (Gallus X Sandbar) by :iconmy-little-yurii:

Fluttershy's Outfit:… by usagichannya01

For more Master Q Parodies, go to:…
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L-MASTER's avatar

rule number 1 of gifts,

the gift must have a ribbon :D

meiyeezhu's avatar

Rule 2: Don't hire somebody to wrap your gifts

L-MASTER's avatar

especially when the gift has to breathe XDDDD

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

I hope Yona and Discord doesn't get jealous

meiyeezhu's avatar

I didn't know you ship Yona with Fluttershy. Weird mix, but okay...

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

Not the ships I were naming but that is probably someone's otp

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Who would sell a clock or clothing that expensive anyway?
meiyeezhu's avatar

They're Gucci clothes and Swiss wristwatches

meiyeezhu's avatar

Take that, Amazon!

Pony4Koma's avatar
Gunnut51's avatar

If it's a gift from the heart, then she would appreciate it

meiyeezhu's avatar

Even if it's housebroken at first?

meiyeezhu's avatar

Would you say it's "weapons-grade cute"?

ABrightSide's avatar

That was cute. Happy new year.

meiyeezhu's avatar

Please, I'm not in the mood

pheeph's avatar

The type of gift that comes from the heart...

meiyeezhu's avatar

And it's a 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Chiyawa's avatar
Well, a thoughtful gift is better than an expensive gifts.
meiyeezhu's avatar

Economically speaking, it saves you a lot of cash

SonicFull's avatar

This is the reason why sometimes, the best gifts have payment plans. Besides, we all know that a one-time dress for fluttershy is not a good idea, we've all seen her closet. The only time you go shopping is following she might not go out trick-or-treating, but that's where all the best outfits are from! Clapping Pony Icon - Flutterbat

meiyeezhu's avatar

I mean, she DID got a Chinchilla last Hearth's Warming for free in the "Best Gift Ever" special (well, with the expense of almost ruining the whole castle)

SonicFull's avatar

and pinky pie was worried about rarity. Or is fluttershy the exception to that detail. (You know which episode number present on that one!)

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