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Great news everyone: Mondays-off in ALL school weeks!!

Bad News: The school's not getting enough funding to keep this place operational, and you might not live long before 21 to graduate

In God We Trust
In Others We Polygraph


Rocks: (Groggy in bed) Ugggghh, bu t don't wanna go to learn advanced calculus, ma!! Gimme 2 more minutes!!!!

Zhi: Get moving or I'm getting Mr. Tang over there to wake you up!!


Zhi: That's what I thought!

0:02 Zhi: Rarity, you look FABULOOOUUSSS!!!!! You on an after-school date or somethin'??

0:08 Whaddya need Starlight?? More fashion advice to make your counselor character look more appealing to male students??

0:10 Why, does she need Rarity to be her guinea pig in her magical experiments?? As long she doesn't turn into a rodent, I game!

0:15 Ooooooohhh, you on a day-off date with another teacher?? (I'M JOOOKKKIIINNNGGGG!!!!!)

0:18 OH, an example idol of generosity??? That sounds lovely!

0:22 So, whaddya need, Headmare Twiggles??? Sew a couple of dresses for a room full of hobos??

0:25 RAINBOW DASH, what are YOOOOUUU doing here??? I thought you were getting prepared for your date---I MEAN---your hang out with Rarity!!

0:28 Zhi: OH NO, is this another teacher duo field trip episode??!!

Rocks: I hope it's not, because I don't wanna be part of Professor Rarity's fru fru shopping spree!!

0:41 Rocks: Well, ain't that the most purdiest thing I ever heard!

Zhi: Hope you're writing that down, because that'll be on the mid-term exam!!

0:55 Zhi: She has enough dresses for the next 15 seasons, you know??

Rocks: Was she high on oracle hallucinogen potions at that time??

Zhi: No, but she did got overzealous with an inspiration book that was stolen from the Castle of the Two Sisters! That was TA Spike's fault, by the way!!

1:04 Zhi: YEAH, what could POSSIBLY go wrong in this airtight resilient indestructible friendship??!! I mean, if Rarity could learn how to get over a bad cruise trip with Applejack and Pinkie Pie, then they could get over ANY hurdling kinks in their bondage!!

Rocks: There were 4 words in that sentence that didn't sound pretty right...

1:09 Zhi: And try not to contract gonorrhea on your way back!!

Rocks: UGGGGGGHH, I should've continue to slept in today!

1:12 Zhi: For starters, NOT sitting at their desks doing paperwork all day like you'll be doing in your assignments!

Rocks: Ahahh a hah ah ahahha...(F*** you!)

1:15 Zhi: Oh boy, here comes another double statement mix-up cliche! When will they EVER learn???

1:20 Zhi: You're not psychic mind readers, you know??!!

1:29 Rocks: Great idea of bringing THESE as role models, Professor!! Why don't we also bring in Cranky Doodle D**khead and Macho Iron Will into the lecture too??!

Zhi: HEY, quit making an a&& of yourselves and pick one of these two already!!! These are our future generations that will keep this world ticking, and I can't have this school's reputation hanging on the edge of a precipice!!

1:33 Zhi: You can go ask Professor Fluttershy for that answer; she's friends with a trolling draconequus (you know, the one who did all those godam annoying hijinks in the school???!!!)

Rocks: Man, he was the total joker card!! Too bad Headmare Twilight had to kick him out after that fake map mission!

1:37 Zhi: Ooooooh boy!! Looks like you still got a lotta work cut out for the both of you after the break!!

2:06[Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
[Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart [Flags Hearts] France Heart

2:19 Zhi: For example, Rainbow Dash was royal enough to sacrifice her own dignity to be Rarity's live mannequin for her fru fru Gregorian era costume!! If YOU cna't call that friendship, then I don't know WHAT is!!

2:26 Rocks: Like, you NEVER EVER had the most heated rage-inducing argument in your ENTIRE life with each other???!!

2:31 Zhi: With some discontinuous ups-and-downs along the way!!

2:34 Zhi: Rarity, tone down on the inclusive racism!!

Rocks: Yeeeaahhhhh, I'm still not buying it!!

Zhi: GREAT, now you made her more confused than ever!!

2:44 Zhi: Oh yeeeeeaahhh, Rarity's butterfly wings got burnt up by th esun's heat rays, just like that tale of Icarus!!!

Rocks: Wait, she was an alicorn beforehand???

Zhi: NO, nothing like that! Just a spell conjured up by Twilight!

2:52 Zhi: And MMAANN, did we ruin that Wonderbolt's reputation after that!!

Rocks: What was she framed for???

Zhi: Lying to Spitfire about her mother being sick, so she could fly with the elites!

Rocks: Oh...I thought it would be murder, or something....

Zhi: I wish it would be, but this is a family show!

2:57 Uhmuhuhhmhmuhmhuhmhuhmuhmuhhhhuuhhhhhhh.....I'll be right back!!
Emoji| Portal  (Rushes into portal leading to MLP writers staff room!)

WHY DON'T YOU IDIOTS WRITE ENOUGH RARITY-BOW EPISODES???!!! You need to show diversity in their bondage or else kids are gonna think their friendly relationship is just token!!! Either you come up with new pairing episodes like this one, or I'm gonna send RarityDash over to take ALL your jobs away and become leader in the next season story plotline!!!

Emoji| Portal (Rushes back into Equestria via portal again)

3:10 Zhi: YEAH, if a black jazz musician can make friends with a white KKK member, then everyone can make friends with EVERY kind of creature!!

3:15 Rocks: OOooh noooo, you're taking us on another friendship FIELD trip, are you??!!! This can only END in disaster...

Zhi: FIIIINNNEE...I'll go pack!

3:20 Rocks: I'm pretty sure this is stalking, Headmare Twilight! I mean, the teachers in my OLD school would've gotten arrested for taking their students on frivolous adventures without parental consent!!

Zhi: HEY, your parents signed the official contract, so EVERY field trip we take you to under the headmare is considered VALID!!!

Rocks: I know I should've read the fine print beforehoof....

3:25 Zhi: ALRIGHT!! Let's get it oooonnn!!!! First pony team who scores the most points gets a free load of ice cream!!!


Tang: I'm placing all my bets for Team Swirly Mane!!

3:32 Zhi: DOOOOOHHH, and it seems the Rarity has missed the ball by a hoofnail!! Considering she's too busy scraping hers with a file!!

3:46 Zhi: You can do your sportswear design experiments later AFTER we finish the game! You wanna win that delicious sundae or NOT??!!

3:48 Zhi: You better be!! Or else I'll have to take away that notepad, quill and hoof file away from you!! If this continues to happens,

3:55 Zhi: Well, try not to hit the ball onto her face while doing your stunt shenanigans, Dash!!

Rocks: Never thought I would take notes durin' school hours while watching a sports game!

3:58 Zhi: Braeburn strikes th efirst bucl, before getting buck blocked by the opponet muscle mare!


Rocks: HOLY S&&T!!! Duck and cover!!!!

4:01 Zhi: Godam it RARITY!!! If you keep getting your eyes on the paper instead of the ball, I'm gonna have you sit in the sweaty confined timeout box with Vanity over here!!

Rocks: HA, Professor Rarity ain't givin' a dam about your hoofball game, Professor Rainbow!! Maybe you should have Professor Zhi do the bucket holding, while I do sports commentary!

Zhi: Nice try, lady!! But you're not through taking down notes for the mid-terms!

4:10 Zhi: You need to watch the ball TOO, you know!! That supermove is a once in a lifetime stunt move that can't be repeated for many matches!

4:17 Zhi: YOU FACED AN ARMY OF DIAMOND DOGS armed with freakin' spears ALL BY YOURSELF IN CHAINS!!! How's that dangerous for YOU???!!!

Rocks: I didn't know Professor Rarity was a bada&&!! (Well, a bada&& BEFORE the defeat of the Storm King and Lord Tirek!)

4:24 Zhi: Sorry, everypony!!! NO ICE CREAM TREATS FOR TODAY!!!

Rocks: Woooowww, that was the shortest live game I've ever attended! Is the field trip over yet??!!

TTH: AAAWWW, over already???!!!!

Tang: Awww well, the players didn't look much pretty as Ms. Rarity anyway!

Rocks: You just came over here, because you thought there by hot athlete girls on the team, didn't you??

4:35 Zhi: To the boutique store!!!

4:40 (Okay, first the shopping mall...THEN the boutique!)

Zhi: I think you look pretty dope as a purdy cowgirl, Rarity!! Applejack would be SO proud of ya!! (Man, wish Twilight brought HER here to be an example, instead of Rainbow Dash...)

Rocks: No arguments here!

4:45 Zhi: Ahhh, freck!! There's glitter spilling everywhere!! Maybe you should try something with a little less bedazzlement!


Zhi: So what???!! You want fashionable clothes that were bought in the distant space future via time machine??!!

4:59 Rocks: How's about we go to the food court, Professor Rarity??? I've starving here!! I wanna triple bun cornwheat hayburger with flavin super punch!!!!

5:05 Zhi: Yeeeahh, they were only invented because French unicorn nobles thought they were "too rich to trot"!!

5:09 Zhi: Like what??! Doing crushing videos in your secret dungeon??!!

Rocks: That sounds pretty rad!! I wanna see her crush hard pebbles on the---

Zhi: TRUST ME, Rocks!! It's NOT THAT KIND of crushing video!!

Rocks: Ooooookkkaaaaayyyyyy.........

5:16 Zhi: Man, I've seen that much messy glitter ever since Tang came back home spending all of his paychecks at the strip club!!

Rocks: Uuuggghhh, please don't ever mention that name again!

5:26 Zhi: Welcome to MY world, Rainbow Dash!! That's why I always read my favourite book (or read articles on my mom's cellphone) while shopping with my parents!

Rocks: Ooooh, those black leather boots would look stunning with my jacket!!

Zhi: ROCKS, get back to taking notes!!! We didn't bring you over here for a school-funded shopping spree!!

5:36 Zhi: (Susurrating) Psst, Twi!! We better think of an activity both Rarity and Dash would like, or else these kids will look at us as bulls&&t teachers who still haven't learn much of anything from previous friendship lessons!!

5:41 Rocks: ALL RIGHT!!! Something that will TOTALLY rock my world!! Precious gemstones!! This will look good on my---

Zhi: AHEM!!!

Rocks: Right, SORRY! Taking notes as you directed...

Zhi: I hope we'll meet Maud along the way! I need to ask her to supply the school with calcium carbonates to carve out extra chalks for the classrooms!

5:48 Zhi: Great thinking, Twilight!! I don't think I could handle Silverstream any longer with her constant backwards treadmilling on the mall escalators!! If stairs could excite her that much, then it wouldn't be a surprise escalators would give her multiple orgasms!

5:54 Rocks: Uhhhhhhh, shouldn't we be supplied with protective headgear and flashlights before venturing into the deep dark damp cave??!!

Zhi: They'll be outta this mine before supper time!! Don't worry!! You just stay away from mirror pools, dark abysses and the occasional humongous Ursa Major!!

6:06 Zhi: Good thing Maud gave you that map on where to find the most rarest stones in Ponyville before leaving for her research trip!

6:11 Zhi: Don't forget to also watch out for booby traps!!! Treasures don't come cheap after it gets ransacked, you know??

6:17 Zhi: Maybe try the floor??

6:21 HHEHEHHEYEHEY, careful Rainbow!! Don't try to cause a major cave-in and doom us into entrapment here!!!

6:28 Rocks: Aaaannnndd here we go again with the constant "bantering" phase again!! Great demonstration on incompatible shipping, Professors!

Zhi: HEY, they'll get over it, you'll see!!

6:31 Zhi: Uhhhh, Dash, I think that's fossilized coprolite!!

Rocks: Ooohh man, is that the fancy word for "ancient s&&t"??!

Zhi: In monkey terms...yes!

6:42 Zhi: DAAAH HOLY SH&T!!! That's gotta hurt!!!


6:44 Rocks: OH C&&P!!! Those sparklies can fracture into sharp shards!! I hope none of them manage to pierce Rainbow Dash's hiney!!

Zhi: Told you that handle was a piece of old s**t!!


6:57 Zhi: Guys, c'mon!! There are young kids in here watching from afar! You're making yourself a bad example outta yourselves again!!

7:01 Zhi: This isn't helping, girls!! You need to keep this personal discussion at professional level here!!

7:13 Rocks: HEY, does that mean the field trip is already over and we can all go home now??!!

7:20 Zhi: Yeah, maybe you two need to simmer down at the Ponyville spa!! No lady would argue over relaxation, right??!!

7:29 Zhi: SHUT UP, RAINBOW DASH!!! You're ruining this for EVERY critter here!! Especially RarityDash!!

Rocks: I agree with Professor Rainbow!! This "friendship hangout" has been a total bust from the very beginning!! I say we ship these two with a different kind of partner!!!

Zhi: Wait, WHAT???!!

7:35 Zhi: Don't MAKE me add you to the boutique ban list like I once did with Applejack after that frilly fashion show flop!! You are SERIOUSLY ruining this friendship field trip like that pair-up between you and Applejack, Rainbow Dash!!!

7:44 Zhi: Rarity, go home and take a bath breather in your boutique!! You are seriously cramping our school's reputation here with your b&tchin'!!!

Image result for raritydashTHIS SADDENS THE RARITYDASH!!!


Rocks: Oh, NOOOWW you want us to stop taking notes!!

7:59 Zhi: I mean, yeah!! You can't wear long silky pants during a hot summer's day!

8:14 Well, you could've just told her that in a more respectful manner! Or elase she wouldn't listen to you!

8:21 Animal Jam Wolf Emoticon (Dr. Wolf): Oiyoih-YOIH!! It's like we're falling back into season one!

Zhi: It's as if the new season is being written up by new staff members that has less familiarity with the show!!

8:28 Zhi: That's a bit of an exaggeration, but it WAS being a total inconvenience to a few ponies at the back AND front!

Image result for largest hat


8:36 YEAH, that's what Dr Wolf is for, geniuses!! And he had to leave early today, because he can't take much more of your god*mn B&&CHING!!!!!

8:44 And we DON'T mean that literally, Rarity!! We're gonna give you the ultimate therapeutic friendship mending technique Starlight had once gave to Princess Celestia and Luna!!


8:53 Cutie swap, cutie swap, cutie swap---!!

8:56 Ooohohohoooo, you girls are gonna GET IT now!!!

Image result for rude!!

9:05 Whadarya gonna do, Starlight?? Throw the book at them??!!

9:13 So what you're SAYING is, you're gonna force these two to write a fanfiction crossover story between Daring Do and Shadow Spade??!!! That is totally GENIUS, Starlight!!! That's WAY better than cutie mark swapping!

9:20 Oooooooh, a BOOK swap!! A total twist in Starlight therapy!!!

9:24 It'll be like a book report club for adults!!! (9:26 EXACTLY!!)

9:28 It'll be Vanilla Oats Swirl and Haybuuurrggeerrsss!!!

9:40 And DON'T even think about making up fake story plot lines, because I already have enough cue cards in person to fact check every word you say!!

9:44 YOU DIDN'T EVEN READ EACH OTHER'S BOOKS!! I'm a lazy novel reader when it comes to fiction, and I'm pretty disappointed in the BOTH of you!!

9:53 Just like how my log boat magically turned into an angry crocodile!!

10:03 OH NO, she's suddenly turning into Quibble Pants!!! Wait, weren't you there with Daring Do when you were playing ring-around-the-rosy with Ahuizotl's sacrifical army??!! (10:06 EXACTLY, that's what I thought!!!!)

10:13 HEY, you're the one who keeps a little sister as a complicated dictionary, you encyclopedic hypocrite!! (Besides, doesn't your book ALSO use fancy words to describe clothing and crime scenes??)

10:16 Don't you pretend you haven't learned Espanol, becuase I know you were using it to impress that hot Peruvian stallion with the large bulge in his pants!!

10:20 I mean, are YOU suddenly illiterate or something??!!!

10:25 I thought you were gonna bring the Hayburgers and Horseshoe Nuggets!! What am I gonna do with these giant jugs of ketchup and honey mustard!!??

10:31 Uhhh, let's start with the mystery novel, shall we??

10:37 Oh, NOOOOWWWW you care about fashion!!

10:46 I mean, how else are you gonna learn how Shadow Spade was able to dress up as a Wonderbolts Military Officer to infiltrate the home of the famous show pony that murdered his own best friend??!! (OOPS, spoiler alert!!)

11:00 I mean, his get-up didn't even match up with the single-breasted version that his dead mistress ALWAYS wear before going out brawling with the ladies! That's why he murdered that mare!!

11:05 IIIII KNEW IT!!!!!!


11:12 That's because you have a reading level of a fourth-grader!!

11:18 What about the sppppaaa, Rarity??! THE SPPPAAAA??!!!

11:22 OH BOY, it's PPOV ALL over again!!!! Where's DWK when you needed him?!!

11:27 GGGGGGAASSSSPPPPPPPP!!! Well, NOW you've done it, you two!  RarityDash's heart is now broken into trillions of pieces!!!!

I hope you're HAPPY!!!

11:31 Oh s**t, did the chemistry lab exploded again??!!! I knew I should've locked up that match head bomb!!


11:44 Amulet of Aurora???!!!! You mean that Griffonstone treasure passed dwon from the abandoned griffin vaults???

11:51 OH NO!!! That means somepony must be using it to cause nuclear meltdowns near coastal regions!!!

11:56 We must find that amulet pronto before Equestria turns into Waterworld (and I don't mean the terrible action movie)

12:04 ALL RIGHT!!! I LOVE another mysterious adventure episode!! Sure beats that friendship field trip phase we had went through!!

12:11 YYeeeeeaaahhh, we'll get right on that, Headmare (RIIIGHT, GIIRRRLLLSS????!!!!)

12:15 OF COURSE!! The smart watches!! Genius idea, Starlight!!

12:26 GGGAAASSPPP, so we're dealing with a slowpoke culprit among our midst, right???!!!

12:31 AHA, a glitter trail!! Looks like our culprit seems to be a sly stripper entertainer (or it could be Mr Tang again)!

12:35 Her sparkles are magenta, YOU ST*PID MEATHEAD!! (12:40 EXACTLY!! Geez, maybe I should be Rarity's new hangout gal for awhile----well, as long as she brings Fluttershy along for the ride)

12:45 Quick, follow that trail before the wind blows it away!!

12:51 It seems that the sparkles lead over to that forest over there!

12:58 It's just an expression based on a pop song, Rarity!! I thought you knew that already from your years of shopping experience!

13:04 You heard Twilight!! If some evil villain managed to possess that amulet, we'll be living on gas-guzzling sh&tboats, filtering our own p!ss in a bottle!!

13:09 I don't think I ever heard of that element back in science class, Rainbow...

13:17 -----YOUR POINT??!!


13:37 YOU F**KIN HYPOCRITE!!! I KNEW IT ALL ALLLOONGGG!!!!!! Any more hidden LIES I should know about, FALSITY???

13:39 Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) OOOOOPPPSSSYYYYYY?????!!!!!!Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 

13:47 Awww man, what a s&&tshow we're having!!!

13:58 There's dragon footprints coinciding with the sparkle trail!!

14:01 Yeah, I thought you were supposed to be the detailed surveillance eye-in-the-sky kinda gal!!

14:06 Could we be dealing with a griffin-dragon duo??!!

14:10 GGGAAHHHH, what is that rancid stench?!!!! Sells like Mr. Tang after a night out with his escorts!!

14:17 Got any bright ideas, girls??

14:25 pH levels of this pool also seems to be at the same level as fluoroantimonic acid!! You'll be a bare skeleton if you even spent two seconds in the pool!

14:32 Hmmm, clever girl she is!


14:40 HOLY S&&T, that was a pubic hair away from bone city!!

14:46 That is, if you don't end up in the Wonderbolts funeral casket!

14:55 And don't forget a thick hollow cotton ball soaked with sodium hydroxide solution to protect you from the acid bath!

15:01 Like I'm gonna ride onto another live angry flesh-eating boat with all of ya!!

15:06 You even found some hollow rocks to create a protective underbase against the acid pool!! Don't remember reading THAT in the mystery novel!

15:14 May not be cruise ship, but it sure beats getting your fur and skin burned to the bone!

15:23 Lemme guess, you learned boat building from your dad during his fishing trips!

15:27 Flap those wings to 200 wingpower, Dashie!!

15:35 I KNEW we should've followed these claw prints!!!

15:40 AHHH, sh&t!! Something's in the bushes!!! Hold onto your panties, girls!!

15:43 ------I knew I should've voted for Fluttershy as the new mayor to cover the radioactive swamp lake, but I was too concerned about her being snapped under the immense work pressure!!

15:51 AAAAHHH, it even talks!!!! I think it wants us to be taken to its leader!!

15:56 It sounds like you have a bad frog in your throat, Misssttteeerrr....

Uhhhh, what is he again??

16:02 A boofergrig??!!

16:04 You mean sensitive tympanums (eardrums)??

16:04 (Whisper) Please tell me you didn't eat them!

16:12 GGAAWW GGEEZ!!! WHADDYA HAD FOR LUNCH, A FR&&KIN' family of skunks??!! (OOPSS, sorry! My bad! Keeping it quiet now...)

16:18 We're gonna need 10 buckets of ammonium bleach to wash off all that sh&tty stench!

16:25 Hmmmmm, perhaps we could conjure up an orb spell to shield ourselves from the stench!

16:34 Have you've been hangin out with diamond dogs lately, Rarity??!!

16:44 OF COURSE!! A natural anti-halitosis breath spray!!

16:48 Careful with that acid cloud!! It could still burn your lungs out!

16:52 AND deadly!!

16:59 (Whisper) May I procure you with a very special mouth freshener, Sir Boofergrig??

17:18 And SOOOOO not very putrid and possibly toxic! (Seriously dude! Take a breath mint!)

17:22 (Whisper) Easy on the sparkly boots, Boofy!!

17:42 (Whisper) Looks like we ARE dealing with a flyer! Hope it's not Gallus again...

17:54 I think I'm gonna be airsick!!

17:59 Huh, there's a secret door entrance by that precipice; maybe we're dealing with some sort of witch doctor??

18:02 I mean, she might still hate your beautiful guts, but I don't think I want that creepy frog monster to keep you as his plushie slave! Who knows what other horrid things he'll be asking for??

18:09 Gaaahh, it's shut tight!!! We need something to pick this lock!

18:19 You're gonna kick it open??!!

18:25 AHH HAAA!! A stiletto lock pick!! Now there's something a mystery novel detective would have in her arsenal of crime-fighting tools!!

18:31 You can also use them as melee fighting weapons too!!
Image result for high heel weapons

18:48 Awwwwwww, I can sense RarityDash's spirits lifting up again in the highest stars of the heavens!

18:56 Make that the bestest BEST friends FOREVER!!! (Seriously, DON'T EVER BREAK UP AGAIN or I'm replacing you both for better role models!!)

19:01 Tally-ho to the adventures we go!!

19:10 Awww FRICK!!!! WE'RE BACK WHERE WE STARTED!!!!! We've been duped!!! I knew we should've follow that other trail!!

C'mon, we gotta get back to the forest and get back to the fork in the glitter path, before it's Rapture city for us!!

19:17 YOU THIEVIN' NITWIT!! I should've known!! Up to your old greedy treasure hoarding habits again??!!!

Well, you're in bad luck, mister!! Because YOU'RE SURROUNDED by three ponies standing RIGHT behind you!! So cough up that amulet or it's 1000 years in the hoosegow dungeon room!

19:28 Rocks: HA!! Yet another one of my favorite school pranks of all time!! And nobody didn't even get physicall or emotionally scarred in the process!!

19:34 Rocks: We've been watching you all over using Turnip's drone camera toy from far above!! You did a GREAT job mediating and guiding these two back to their friendship bonds!

Zhi: Uhhmm...well.hahaha---OF COURSE!!

19:42 Zhi: HEY, if you were friends with some creature that love the same stuff, it would be a PRETTY boring world out there!!

19:55 Rocks: You just took the words outta Professor Zhi's mouth!!!

Zhi: Yeah, stop plagiarizing everything what I had to say!!

20:06 Rocks: What are ya talking about??!! You two had the most funnest afternoon I've seen in years!! This is TOTALLY getting posted on EweTube for every critter to watch!!

20:12 Zhi: Uhhhh, shouldn't you two finish up with some paperwork first??? THere's still plenty of unmarked tests that needs correcting!

Rocks: Oooh, just let them be, Professor Zhi!! They have a pretty rough day today (trust me, we saw it for ourselves!)

20:21 Zhi: Juuusstt make sure it's not blocking the entire stadium, okay??

20:36 Or an apocalyptic disaster event!

21:05 (After-credits scene)

(Zhi knocking on Rarity's boutique)
Hey, uhhh, RARITY! Do you have a second??? Remember that giant toad monster that had that bad stench of a breath, in which we helped by giving him natural minty mouthwash???

Well, he got caught the the lovey-dovey eye of a female boofgard who was enamored by his lovely breath, and--well, one thing led to another aaannddd...

:toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: 
(Shows an swarming army of tiny little boofies surrounding her boutique)
:toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: :toad: 

They were wondering if you could supply them with more of your concoctions!
This looks like the job for the POOP PATROL!!

Poop Patrol, Poop Patrol
We'll be there on the double
Whenever there's a problem
'Round Fransisco Bay
Nuru and his team of stoops
Will come and save the day
Feces, Guano, Turd
Doody, Muddy, Pie
Yeah! They're on the way!
POOP Patrol, POOP Patrol
Whenever you're in trouble
POOP Patrol, POOP Patrol
We'll be there on the double
No scat too big
No s**t too small!
POOP Patrol, with toilet rolls!
So here it goes
POOP Patrol
POOP Patrol
POOP Patrol!
A Sight for Soarin' Eyes (Master Q Parody)
Based on the Chinese comic panels from:…

Director :director: (Canter Zoom): SECURITY, get this cosplaying straggler off my set right now!!

Soarin I'm In Pain Emoticon.  NO WAIT!!!! You don't understand!! I'm a REAAAALLL Wonderbolt that just swam miles away from my sunken plane!!
Mike is done with your shit SURE, kid!! And I'M a Celestial Royal Guard who gets to wipe the princess' bottom all day in her privvy chambers!


Soarin Look Out Below! Emoticon. DON'T TAZE ME, BRA!!!! I'm still too wet to the bone---

Diaixie| Electric element symbol Undertale Chat Icon- Electrocuted Papyrus Diaixie| Electric element symbol BBRRAAZPAPAPZPAPZAPAPZPAPPPZZZZAAHAAHHPHAPHPAHPZHPHAPHAPHPAZAAAPP!!!!!!!
Mike is done with your shit When will they ever learn to heed to authority's instructions??


Humanized Soarin': Wonderbolts: Soarin by :icondannyroos:

Hula girl: Sapphire Nebula (

Movie crew members: (Left to right) Canter Zoom, Scooter (muppet), Snapshot

For more Master Q Parodies, go to:…
Has this lady gone absolutely cucumbers (Danish equivalent to "gone bananas")??

If it doesn't work on naughty children, it's not gonna work on Alex Jones!

First they came for Alex Jones, and we didn't give a dam about him

Then they came for us, and now he doesn't gave a dam about us


Calvin Zhu
I really don't wanna talk about my life; it's not important. (Not that I see my life as low-class; I just don't wanna look egoistic or vain). I'm more interested in your lives. If there's anything trivial you want to share, post it on my profile here.

Note: I do NOT do requests, but I DO ask for permission from bronies (and pegasisters) to humanize OC ponies for my comics (alicorn OCs are not accepted, though I may reconsider if they have a viable occupation)

If you have any OC ponies that you want displayed in Master Q, let me know via notes. Just so you know, I don't use OC ponies more than once unless if there's multiple short stories that requires it. I want to increase diversity of my comics and give other bronies and pegasisters a chance to portray their own OCs and I can't have one (or a team) of OCs overtaking the series.


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