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Big Detective conan Fan who loves to draw manga characters.

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Detective Conan, Naruto Franchise, The Walking Dead franchise, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Attack on Titan, How I met Your Mother, Dark, Breaking Bad franchise, Stranger Things and much more...
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Detective Conan Manga
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Aoyama Gosho
Here's a New Detective Conan AMV! ^^ Enjoy!
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Here's My Latest Detective Conan Fan-made Opening! Please Enjoy! ^^
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Check out my first Attack on Titan AMV ever made!
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i need to read your comics soon!!
Oh!! Thank you so much!
Please, tell me what you think of my manga pages! :D
sure! :3 do you skype or something?  i think i followed ur tumblr recently...>w<
( i might be slow but your comics match DC style really well!)
Thank you, means a lot!
I use hangouts in google+, if that works with u. I think u did follow me in Tumblr ^^
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Your Detective Conan fanarts are stunning! :iconrarityplz: Are you sure you're not Gosho in disguise? :giggle:

If only Gosho actually decided to give a new life to the plot of the manga... :icontwilightorlyplz: Sure the last files have brought some developments, but everything keeps evolving too slowly. We still know pretty much nothing about the Black Organization after 22 years. The Bourbon arc was absolutely tiring and I'd even dare to say useless. Not to mention that Ai has been keeping her mouth shut for the last decade at least and doesn't seem to have the intention to spill some kind of information.

It would be good to see something different from the usual "Right Kudo-kun, I did know this thing about the BO, but well, it looks like I forgot to say it before". Really? Again? :shrug:
Thank you so much! your compliment really touched me! ^.^
I can completely agree with you on the Bourbon arc going for far too long! but recently(since scarlet arc) feels like we've had a good amount of character/plot development in each chapter...
As for Haibara....for us viewers, it is pretty understandable that we get impatient and irritated on her lack of cooperation, but if you just slow down and think from her standpoint for a second, her reasons for not sharing isn't completely weird/pointless as they may seem... she just got her ticket away from the BO target list, and she doesn't even know that Rum is on the move. It is more to say Conan's fault for not telling her about their situation and what he's dealing with...(but even his reasons for being secretive has been teased multiple of times in the past, about Conan being blind to the ones he's trying to protect as he takes on the burden by himself) and at this point, it just looks to me like Shiho/Haibara wants to bury her past(unless she's forced to dig it up again) and start anew.
What happened to your youtube channel ? :(