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-The- tattoo

My tattoo!!

Very!! long story, you don't have to read it >.<

So after I told you in the last dev why I chose a fairy, now I'll tell you the thing behind the other details.

The music note, in Hebrew its Sol key but I think its G key? >.< Well no one need to explain a lot when it comes to music, I play the trumpet since I was 7 and that is a long time now.

The butterfly wings are inspired by my best friend, Daniel, who left the country few months ago, I am still waiting for the day we'll meet and have such a crushing hug :D I asked him once, Daniel, if I'll get a tattoo, what should it be? and he said butterfly. Somehow, it came right since I always wanted to have wings... So that's how I came with the wings! I love that fat boy!

Many of my friends asked me what is written on her leg, DAMN you people, its 4 stars... for my parents my brother and I, the close family. I wanted my tattoo to show that I care about my family as much as I care for anything else...

So here's the story about the day of the tattoo!
My tattoo was scheduled for Friday, 11AM. Perfect time, so lets go a day back.
I was coming home from my Trumpet lesson, around the late noon when I met my mother at the street we live in, she told me my father didn't feel well all day long and he needs to be escorted to the hospital. My older brother, who was at the time a fighter soldier in the army was due to come home in 2 hours and she told me that after she'll finish to arrange few things for him around the house and some errands, she'll get to the hospital to replace me. We arrived to hospital around 18:00, needless to say she came only at 05:00 AM to pick me up after the long night. (Then I heard Michael Jackson Died..)
In the end my father had a minor stroke suffering from numbness on his right side of the body. He was hospitelized for two weeks and then released back home.

As I arrived to the tattoo shop in the morning, I met the owner of the shop. He had told me that the tattooer that was suppose to tattoo me became a father few hours back! .. and he wasn't here to tattoo me. I was so upset in the morning I didn't even check my phone to see the message..

In the end the Owner tattooed me, and everything was fine! Bit from the part when he told me, after the tattoo was finished that I look extra pale and probably needs to eat something.

I guess that a sleepless night + getting a tattoo for the first time makes you look sick!
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Thank you, my good sir :33
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You are most welcome, dear lady :dummy:

I must thank you too.
I mean.
Yay, lot's of faves! =D
you deserve...

a Llama!!
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you have a pretty shoulder
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why thank you ;D Val..?
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the one and only c:
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wow! it's really beautiful ^^
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