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I had the idea for this lightpainting piece while I was watching a report about a girl who has been abused. I was thinking about this topic quite some time afterwards and came to the decision to express what I am thinking (and feeling) in this picture.

About the technique. The picture has been slightly modified. I removed some specks on the petals with the copy-stamp and changed the light/dark balance to make the glow from inside stand out more. No real blood was used but a replacement.

Edit: Thanks to IT-Hammar [link] for telling me to correct my screen settings. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the blue border. Has been removed and background is black as intended.

Edit: Changed resolution and file size to suit printing better. Also changed the frame to simple white.

Please do also note that this is not about victims or the process of rape. This picture deals purely with the concept of Violation. If you are in fact a victim and want to use it in your art, then feel free to do so.
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Oct 26, 2006, 1:34:36 AM
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The symbolism in this evokes my emotion in a strong way.
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It makes me glad that it speaks to you!
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Hello! This is a random message to let you know that this work has been featured in my news article 50 White Flowers vol. II. :rose:
If you want me to remove your work from the article, just send me a note.
And support would be truly welcome, if you want to say 'thank you', do it in news comment or just :+fav: the article.
Hope you'll enjoy the feature. :)
Have a nice week! :ahoy:
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Wow, powerful message. Great shot.
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It's very beautifull..
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thank you :) I did my best!
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pretty cool work
nice contrast, awesome lighting and that bloody drop makes it quite marvelous :clap:
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Thank you very much :)
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Wow, the texture is wonderful! The title adds something more to your picture
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Thank you :) it took some time to remove dirt and imperfections in the texture though.

And I think the title should be the part of the picture that sparks abstraction in the viewers mind. To make them see the pictures expression the way I want it to be.
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On the thumbnail it look a little boring, and very classic, but that "blood" really does this photograph!
I really like this!
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Thank you :) I just don't really know what to do about the thumbnail. I guess it wouldn't really do to replace it with the thumb of an artistic nude ^^
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I really like this piece, but my knowledge of photography is really, really limited, so I can't give much of a critique.

I do think it's a really beautiful picture, though. =D
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Thank you very much :)
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It's difficult to critique a photographic piece, so i'll do my best! Firstly I love the intense contrast between the white rose and the black background, simple I know- But effective non the less. The first and immediate flaw I saw was the 'blood' on the rose, it looks much too fake. It lacks sheen and depth, the color is also too light. WHat did you use to mimick blood? I'm no pro at blood, but I once did pretty well with some flour mixed with water with red food coloring in it, try it out! I love the lighting used, it highlight excellent points of the rose whilst still allowing for a significant amount of the darkness you hoped to express through this piece. All in all a great job! Well done!
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It was kind of a raspberry sauce :) Thank you for your comment. And yes indeed it's too light, but I didn't change it in the aftertouch simply because, with the dark red blood that I made during postprecessing, it was more looking like dark whine and lost a bit of the "vivid innocence spoilt" feeling. NEvertheless I appreciate you taking a so close look to notice :)
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Some parts, if you look to the bottom, look a little grainy to me. The flower itself is lovely, but I've seen pieces like this, with the blood, before by other DA artists.
HOWEVER, the idea behind the piece is quite interesting and you expressed your idea very well.

Overall it just needs a few touchups, but it's still a lovely piece. =) Keep it up!
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Thank you :) Hehe .. yeah I heard that for some times now. It's really no imitation. But I guess it's just a too good motive and therefor just comes up in many pictures.

And you are right! It's grainy and touching into the green even. Actually the gradient from untouched brightness in the center of the rose to the black and tarnished outside. ;) And it covers my not that good equipment very well this way ^^
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No problem =)
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