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Eye Eye!

Sat Mar 2, 2013, 10:25 AM
My name is Max and I am an eye whore.  I confess.  My obsession is how to get the most realistic eyes possible for my little resin monsters.  I have posted information about this obsession all over the show and felt, for the sake of extending my nerdiness, I should collect it all in one place.  And that place is here, you lucky, lucky people.

My emphasis here is on realistic eyes for adult dolls, so the focus will be on small, photorealistic irises.  There are many other sorts of eyes available that meet the needs of those who prefer a stylised, youthful or fantasy look.  This is not my field and I won't be touching on that sort of stuff here.  There is enough in this thing not to mess with that.

I am always keen to gather more eye-related information, particularly on the eye types I have least experience of, such as urethane and resin, so post thoughts, ideas and recommendations and, if it excites or informs, I will add it to this thing here.

Eye terms

Iris: The coloured part of the eye (you didn't really need me to tell you that, did you?).

Sclera: The white of the eye.

Cornea: The clear covering over the iris of the eye.

Paperweight: A dome of glass (or other clear material) covering the iris of the eye, where the cornea would be.  My understanding is that this can increase the depth of the colour and, as the pupil can then float slightly above the iris, give you a "following about the room" effect.  The disadvantage is that this bulge can make the eyes difficult to fit and move about in narrow eye openings.

Full round/Flat back: Two shapes of glass eye.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Hand blown glass eyes (the best type, in terms of overall quality) tend to be full round.

Threading: The pattern of lines that can be drawn into a glass eye.  It is based on traditional, antique doll eyes and, whilst it does give the iris some texture, it is not realistic.

Plug: The stem of glass that comes out of the back of a full round, blown glass eye.

Eye sizing

I am a sad bastard and trust no one, so I ignored all the information available on how large an iris should be and went off and measured a shedload of photographs of eyes.  The results.

For an adult, the size of eye opening, measured from the outside edge of tear duct to the outside corner of eye is 2.3 times the size of the iris. It is 9 times the length of an averagely dilated pupil.

So, in terms of finding the right proportioned eye (bare with me.  It's maths, but it is not as scary as it looks),

Length of eye opening = A
Size of adult iris = A / 2.3
Size of pupil = A / 9
Eye size = A + 1 or 2mm (to allow for tucking behind the edges of the eye opening and a bit of give for turning the eyes sideways. If the tear duct is large, you will need less additional white).

So, a 12mm eye opening should have a 5.6mm iris and a 1.4mm pupil.

Now, the only caveat with this formula is that many dolls have slightly stylised eyes, even the apparently realistic ones.  This generally means that the eye is rounder than a real, human eye.  As the important feature is now much iris is showing between the top and bottom lids, using this formula can result in too small an iris, leading to an apparent expression of terror on your doll's face.  Therefore, use this as a rule of thumb and increase iris size slightly if your doll has rounder eyes than does a real, human bod.

Eye materials

Acrylic eyes

Advantages: Cheap; readily available; good choice of fantasy and realistic colours; don't damage easily; great for trying out sizes and colours without breaking your bank account; option for printing or painting your own irises using eye blanks (available from shops such as Pupapa Paradise).

Disadvantages: Not generally good for close up photography because of the visible pixels in the printing; colour is flat; some acrylic eyes have strangely-shaped corneas (for example, Glib corneas are almost conical.  Looks damned weird); iris tend to be too large to be realistic.

Fluff I by MeiselMaus
Dollmore acrylics

Glass eyes

Advantages: Can be cheap .  There are currently some decent, flat, oval glass eyes floating around on eBay.  They are largely from China; crisp, glossy finish; the sclera stays pure white; can get the "eyes following you around the room" effect if you buy eyes with floating pupils (not usually available for cheaper eyes but can come with the paper weighted glass eyes); good eyes have great clarity and depth of colour; custom sizes are available, for a price; there is just something about the beauty of a hand blown glass eye as an object that seems to suit a BJD.  

Disadvantages: Good quality and realistic glass eyes can be expensive; not many realistic iris patterns available. Traditional "realistic" irises have threaded irises which break up the colour but aren't in any way realistic; cheap eyes can be poorly-shaped, in terms of size of iris between a pair of eyes and in not having the iris as a perfect circle and having a "jammy" finish to them, with the cornea being uneven and blobby; being rigid, they can be difficult to fit odd-shaped eye wells and can gape at the sides if the curvature of the eye doesn't perfectly match that of the eye well; full round blown eyes can have a long "plug" at the back which can be too long to fit inside a head cap, what with the S-hook and everything; "reborn" glass eyes tend to have a large iris, as befits being put into a baby doll.

Pierrot II by MeiselMaus
Cheap and cheerful Chinese flat glass oval eyes

Schoepfer flat, glass oval with human iris

Silicone eyes:

Advantages: Generally the most realistic irises, they tend to have a larger sclera for the size of iris which is useful if you are aiming for a realistic, small-eyed look; flexible so good for uneven eye wells; good range of realistic iris patterns; custom colours and sizes are sometimes available, for a price.

Disadvantages: More expensive than acrylic and the cheaper glass eyes; scleras can yellow over time; they collect dust like nobody's business.  This might not seem like a biggy, but once you have captured that beautifully-lit portrait of your favourite doll and zoom in to edit it in Photoshop to see that those languorous eyes are speckled with carpet fluff, sick can come up in your mouth a little bit.  It can easily be rinsed off with water, though.  The fluff, not the sick; some eyes lack clarity and have a dull finish; they can be damaged quite easily by abrasion (pastel dust, for example.  Don't rub it off with your thumb when you are doing a faceup.  The voice of bitter experience there).  Also any silicone-based product, such as wig spray or silicone ear plugs used as eye putty, has the potential to bond with the eye and damage it; there can be quality assurance issues with some silicone eye manufacturers; although most silicone eyes have a metallic sheen, they are not nearly as reflective as urethanes or good glass eyes, but then neither are human eyes.

Sky in their hair by MeiselMaus
Masterpiece Afghans

Shadow of Death IV by MeiselMaus
Eyeco Dresdens

Urethane eyes:

Advantages: Glossy finish and good depth of colour; highly reflective; good range of colours.

Disadvantages: Fiendishly expensive; they don't meet my criteria for realism. The closet I've seen are some of the Dollshe ones but, whilst the irises have a light-catching texture, they are a single colour and real eyes, like real vampires, just don't sparkle.

Resin and polymer eyes:

Advantages: These are handmade eyes with printed irises, so they come in an almost unlimited range of colours; custom sizes of iris and pupil are usually available.

Disadvantages: being handmade, there might be not be perfectly symmetrical or smooth in shape; being printed, colours tend to lack depth, although most makers will add a metallic shimmer to perk them up and increase reflectivity; they tend to be flatter than other eyes, which are domed to simulate the spherical shape of real eyes.  This can look odd from the side.

Eye shops

My favourite eye shop?  Safrin Doll.  No contest.  She has a good range of acrylic and silicone, including Eyeco, and she takes her own in-doll photos of all the eyes, the only way to see what they might look like in use. There are also iris measurements for many of the styles, which is perfect if you are a scale freak, like me.

Acrylic eyes:

Eyeco do a good range of colours in their acrylic eyes, but sizes start at 16mm, so no good to me.  They are called "polyglass" eyes by them, which can be a little confusing.  This is not my area, so any further input is most welcome.

Glass eyes:

Schoepfer (USA).  Their hand blown crystal eyes have a moderately realistic iris and can be custom-sized….  They also offer some pretty convincing flat oval eyes which have the most realistic irises in terms of colours and shading, but this is at the cost of them being printed, so somewhat lacking in depth.  Also, irises tend to be large….

Kanis-Augen (Germany).  They offer large, small or medium iris and pupil sizes in their Superior Designer Eyes category.  The state that iris size is 50-55% of the diatmeter so, for a 12mm eye, between 6-6.6mm.  What they don't state is how that applies to their three option iris sizes.  When I contacted them, they said that you can state which iris size you want and they will attempt to find something that matches from their stock.  Now, some have said that ordering "normal"  size can lead to marked variation in pupil and iris.  This is probably inevitable from an individually handmade product.  So,  my  suggestion would be to do just what they suggest.  Give them your ideal iris and pupil sizes and let them try and match it as far as possible.  They also offer a choice of short or standard plug.  The irises in these are not photorealistic, but not bad.…

Hand Craft Eyes (UK).  They have more traditional eyes with variations on the theme of threading.  These means they are less realistic than some of the others.  D400 eyes are the most promising, with a good range of colours.  They are available in flat back and full round and D400s have the option of high or low profile paperweights, which can matter if you have a dreaming-eyed doll.  A high paperweight will just get in the way of the eyelids.  They look to have floating pupils   Iris sizes are decent (6.5mm for a 12mm eye) and I believe they offer custom sizing, if you ask them nicely.  They are at the high end of the price range, with 12mm eues costing £30 ($45).  Safrin Doll can order them in for  slightly less (eg $33 for 12mm full round D400s).

Thomas Baez (Germany).  This is a completely untested site, so no assurances from me that they are even still in business.  However, their figure eyes look very promising and go right down to 8mm.  Apart from their reborn eyes, iris size is approximately 50% of eye diameter, so not at all bad for adult realism.  They also do custom sizes, on request.  Postage is massive, as seems to be the case from Germany, so worth setting up a group order if you don;t buy  your eyes in bulk.  However, eye price is fair, at 13 euros (c $17) for up 16mm figure eyes.…

Thomas Eichhorn-Nelson (Germany).  Another untested site, but with very pretty eyes.  The figure eyes are very impressive and go as small as 3mm.  Prices are good, with 12mm realistic full round at 9 euros.…

Silicone eyes:

Eyeco (USA).  A good range of colours and some of the most realistic iris colours and patterns out there and, being mid-priced, damned good value for the money.  They vary in terms of depth and clarity, some eye surfaces being rather cloudy and dull.  This seems to vary randomly.  The range of silicone eyes includes Platinum, which is their bog-standard range, Ultra, which is their premium range, being handmade and appearing to be crisper and more reflective (I will get a pair and report back) and Fantasy, with brighter colours and a more metallic finish.  They have amongst the smallest irises and give you an extra millimetre of sclera, giving you the option to go down a size for the sake of a realistic look (so, a 13mm sclera, what you would order for a 12mm eye, has a 6.2mm iris).  The site itself is not designed for ease of ordering and I always go via Safrin Doll for mine.  It is also cheaper there.  Platinums are at the bottom end of the mid-range, with 12mm at $15.40 on the Eyeco site ($13.99 on Safrin Doll).  Ultras are at the upper end of the range, at $36 on the site and $25.49 on Safrin Doll.   These are my default eyes.

Masterpiece (USA).  Excellent range of colours and iris styles (home of the iconic Afghans) and they can be very reflective.  Irises are marginally larger than Eyecos, but still smaller than most.  They can also produce custom colours and sizes.  Send them a photo or description of what you want and they will make it for you.  However, these eyes are expensive and generally take a loooooong time to produce, even if buying off-the-peg.  There have also been a large number of quality assurance issues.  They can arrive with mismatched irises and air bubbles, the paper iris can crack or lift from the eye and various other horrors that render them useless.  They are very good at replacing, even if the glitch took a year to appear, but who wants to replace eyes every year?  These used to be my favourites but I now won't go anywhere near them. They are at the upper end of the price range, with off-the-peg 12/13mms at $32, with an additional $3-15 for custom iris colours, metallic finish and paperweights.…

Resin eyes:

Dreaming Trees Studios make hand cast resin eyes.  They offer custom just about everything and go right down to 2mm.  They are at the bottom end of the price range, with 12mm standard eyes at $5.50 to full metallic eyes at $12.…

Fairyality make handmade polymer resin eyes.  There is a good range of imaginative fantasy options.  Standard eyes start at 14mm, but she will take custom requests.  Price is at the lower end of the range, wth 14-24mm at $11.99.…


Sun Nov 25, 2012, 1:37 AM
I have spent the last couple of years pretty much lurking on DoA, due to its stifling and incomprehensible rules on what can and can not be posted and the Draconian measures that can be taken against transgressors.  However, having the loosely-moderated chat section that was in operation whilst the forum was down for maintenance lured me out again and I started to get more involved in discussions and debates.  One of these was on where the line should be drawn on depictions of Nazi-styled characters in doll form.  Now, this is an interesting topic as there is clearly a market for fascist-style uniforms.  Fantasy Nazi clothing is made by a number of doll companies.  However, it is a deeply emotive topic and we had some intelligent contributions on both sides of the divide.  Some argued that, because of the horror of the Nazi movement and what it achieved and that it was stil in living memory, any allusions to Nazi party  should be avoided.  Others argued that it was the individual's choice what they did with their dolls and that all that was needed was a little sensitivity over posting warnings on photos threads.  A good debate got going that would, hoepfully, encourage those who were tempted to casual depictions of Nazis to think twice about what they were doing.  Useful, thoughtful stuff.

I got up this morning to find that the thread had been locked.  The reason was that "discussion of Nazis (costumes, characters, etc) is not allowed on DoA" and directed the reader to the forum rules.  The relevant one seems to be prohibition of "Offensive content. This includes profanity, volatile subjects that are handled in an offensive way and glorification of those who have committed atrocities (for example, Nazis, murderers, rapists, etc.)".  Glorification of those who have committed atrocities?  How could an intelligent, balance discussion of the difficulty of depicting a terrible episode of history possibly be glorification?

So, this is where it stands.  DoA continues to censor indiscriminately.  Discussion is stifled and, do you know what?  I really can't be doing with it any more.  I am writing this not because I am peeved, but because I am disappointed.  I have spent (wasted?) hours of my life browsing around DoA and joining in happily with discussions.  I feel that I can no longer do that.  Something has changed and that change has driven away so many of the people I know.  If it doesn't look critically at itself and how it operates, DoA will fade and die and that will be the end of what was actually a pretty entertaining era.  Shame.

It doesn't have to be this way

Sat Jul 7, 2012, 3:22 AM
This morning a friend showed me a photo of mine being used on a blogging site, without permission or clear credit.  This is happening with increasing frequency and, do you know what?  I am now utterly sick of it.

Why do people feel they can do this?  There are a few, hoary old responses that these bloggers seem to give endlessly.  "I don't have time to ask permission",  "If you put it on the internet, it is fair game", "You can't copyright a photograph".  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Copyright covers photographs as well as other media and it covers work posted on the 'net.  And if you don't have time to ask permission, you don't have time to run a blog, mate.

Yes, of course I am pleased that people like my work well enough to share it around (I have yet to have a negative "confession" but after this rant, I probably will).  But these works are not the blogger's to share.  I would be inclined to say that, if you like my work and want to submit it to a blogging site that you know posts work without consent, ask me first.  However, I am loathe to have any association with these sites that show such a disregard for intellectual property and show that sense of entitlement that can make this hobby so sickening at times.  So, if you like my work, leave a comment in my gallery and I will be more than happy.  Don't support these sites until they show that they can act responsibly.

And, bloggers, please, ask first.  The chances are that I will say yes and then the whole business is happy for everyone.  Such a simple solution, so infrequently used.

Comings and goings

Fri Dec 10, 2010, 3:17 AM
All change at the NachtZirkus!

After a dolly-buying frenzy in 2009, I have been applying population control measures at the Zirkus before we are all shoulder to shoulder.  We have gained only one new resin member this year (Mitzi, an Iplehouse Asa, Mauzi's sister and still a work in progress) and have lost two (Baines and Blackwood, my LIttleFees.  Just too cute for me).  We will also shortly lose Fanfreluche (CP Luts El elf vampire) when I put him up for sale.  However, the action figures have been making up for it.  We have had five members of the Miniaturised Automated Unit take up residence at the Zirkus this year.

So, what are the future changes in store for the Zirkus?  

At the moment, my mission is to track down a sister for Merrick and Polidori (Leeke Mihael and Rihael).  I am utterly obsessed with Leeke's Milch sculpt.  However, she was withdrawn from sale almost as soon as she was released, due to claims of plagiarism.  She is therefore almost impossible to find.  I have had a Want to Buy thread up on Den of Angels for some time and have asked all my dolly friends to keep their eyes peeled for her, but it is rather a forlorn hope.  So, if you know of someone with a Milch head to sell, I am here with ready cash and a yearning heart.

My alternative to Milch is Daryl from Alice in Labyrinth.  The body is so realsitically sculpted that it is this that is tipping the balance for me.  I love the AiL SD-sized sculpts because of their resemblance to the work of certain Japanese doll artists, particularly Naruto Doll and Koitsukihime.  If you haven't yet encountered these, I strongly recommend you go and have a look (Naruto Doll, Koitsukihime  However, the mini-sized dolls seem to lack some of the presence of the SD-sized versions.  I am not sure that the head sculpt will have enough to it to keep me happy.  Perhaps I can mod it...

And other members waiting in the wings are Blackwood (well, the name was going begging) who is a pickpocket and general lowlife.  He is also a goat, made by the extremely talented Connie Smith (flickr gallery…, blog It has been a very exciting collaboration and I am very much looking forward to painting and clothing him over Christmas.

Life has been very turbulent, very unsettled and very tiring this last year, so the photography just didn't happen.  I am starting to miss it and hope to at least get one Christmas shoot done in the next couple of weeks.  Watch this space!

Ta ta for now.


Some people have produced incredible art based on the characters of the NachtZirkus and my photographs.  I have been so inspired by their work that I am going to set up a Gallery on the NachtZirkus website to showcase it.  Each piece will be fully credited, with a link back to the artist's DA gallery or website.

So, I need some inspiring works of art to hang in this gallery.  If you have produced work based on the Zirkus or any of my photos, I should be very grateful for permission to use them on the website.  I will also build up a mini gallery here, as work comes in.  Please lt me know how you would like to be credited and where you would like your link to go back to.

The NachtZirkus website is here

Examples of works.…

Merry Christmas by myselfonly

Feature - The Beauty of Man

Fri Apr 9, 2010, 10:08 AM
The human body is many things.  It is a miraculous machine.  It is a beautiful creation.  It can also be a object of desire.  

Traditionally, the female form has been used to represent these aspects of human anatomy.  However, the aim of this feature is to show that the male body makes just as good a subject when seen through the eyes of a talented photographer.

So, in order to try to convince you of that, here is a selection of some of the male nudes that have caught my eye as I have browsed around deviantART.  

Mature Content

Going through some changes by vishstudio
nude in a gasmask by ex-oblivione

Mature Content

Nate - Oriental Silk by FuzzyYak

Mature Content

Charles Nude Series 4 by InsomniacStudios

Mature Content

Male Nude 2 by shwtterbwg

Mature Content


Mature Content

The Power's Breaking Loose by vishstudio

So, are you converted yet?

Engagement announcement

Wed May 27, 2009, 3:03 AM
Le Comte S de Saint Germain and Signor P del Cielo

The engagement is announced between Severin Alphonse Lucien, eldest son of the late Comte and Comtesse de Saint Germain of Granarbre, Haute Loire and Palladino Sebastiano, only son of the late Signor and Signora del Cielo of Venice, Veneto.

A summer wedding is planned.

It's spring!

Thu Apr 9, 2009, 2:58 AM
The sun has been popping its little head up above the rain clouds and there are flowers everywhere.  Winter is finally gone and spring is on its way.  It's also the Brighton Festival next month and there is lots to see this year (not least of which is Antony and the Johnsons and Diamanda Galas).  And I shall be going to see La Clique at the Hippodrome in a couple of weeks' time. Lots of reasons to be happy!  Yay!

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine: Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch: Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Horse: Wild Animal Tamer (Iplehouse Akando-Pierrot)
Palladino del Cielo: Conjourer (Dollshe Bernard)
Baines and Blackwood: The Feral Twins (LittleFee Ante Boy and Pipi)

Waiting on: Tappi-Gerru (Soom Heliot)

Roll on spring!

Sun Jan 25, 2009, 12:42 PM
Right, it's official, I have finally had enough of the cold, dark and dismal that is winter.  I want some sun!  I want it to be light when I get up in the morning and light when I come home from work.  Is it too much to ask?

This dog-end of winter is so depressing.  Everyone looks tired, dispirited and generally out of sorts.  We appear to be suffering from a national case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  But what can be done?  

Well, I have a dose of resin therapy coming up at our monthly doll meet next Sunday and I am sure it will work wonders. There is nothing like a room full of 30 BJD maniacs undressing their dolls and placing them in compromising postions to brighten up a dull winter's day.  Hurrah!

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine: Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch: Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Horse: Wild Animal Tamer (Iplehouse Akando-Pierrot)

Waiting on: Tappi-Gerru (Soom Heliot)
Christmas is coming, the presents are under the tree and I am so excited.  I love this time of year.  It is cold and crisp outside, just right to snuggle up indoors with a Whisky Mac and a good anthology of ghost stories.

I have been kept busy producing Christmas cards.  I will post these as I do them.  I have also been trying my hand at writing erotica.  Great fun, but perhaps a bit too rich to appear here.  It will turn up on my webshite in due course.

So, here are this year's cards, sent with love.

Merry Christmas I by MeiselMaus Merry Christmas II by MeiselMaus Merry Christmas III by MeiselMaus

On behalf of the NachtZirkus, may I wish you a Slappy Christmas, one and all.

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine: Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch: Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Horse: The Blond Hercules (Iplehouse Akando-Pierrot)
Part I:  Firstly, thanks to everyone who nominated this picture from the Punishment set as one of the best BJD photos of November 2008.  I am truly humbled.

The Punishment VI by MeiselMaus

It was such a good fun set to produce and it is really heart-warming to know that it has been enjoyed.  Also, thanks to everyone who has given that set such a good response on Den of Angels and on here.  

If you haven't seen the full set, it is on Den of Angels here… and on my webshite here…

If you want to check out the other truly awesome November photos, go here….

Part II:  Secondly, I have just got the shipping notice for my Xmas dorrie.  Whoot!  Even though he should arrive by the end of the week, I am not allowing myself to even look at him until Christmas morning.  I guess it's not only going to be my children that will find it hard to get to sleep on Christmas Eve!

Part III: The London Xmas doll meet is only days away.  I have made some suitably embarrassing festive outfits for Lilu and Bosch and I can't wait to see all my doll-addicted friends again.

Oh, and I've just print enabled some of the popular piccies in case anyone fancied a set of pervy dolly postcards.  If there are any that you want as prints but have not been print enabled, just click on the print request and I will sort it.

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine: Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch: Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Horse: The Blond Hercules (Iplehouse Akando-Pierrot)
I finally found some time to finish this set (ten photos!  Why do I do this to myself?).  It is now up on Den of Angles here… but I don't know for how long.  I will be putting it on Controversial Doll tomorrow and it is also up on my webshite here…


My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine: Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch: Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Well, I had a wonderful time at Expo.  I got to see many of my delightful, doll-obsessed friends and played with their lovely little resin charges.  I'm now getting withdrawal symptoms.  Roll on the next meet of the London chapter of Dollaholics Anonymous!

And my doll troupe has gone into overdrive.  Madeleine has just arrived.  She is a doll that I have been planning since last Expo in May.  She is Demian's surprise daughter who turns up on the doorstep following the death of her mother.  It has taken  much thought and research to find a sculpt that is the right height to feasibly be thirteen and who looks in the same aesthetic as my other playthings.  I also had a big concern that I just wouldn't take to a girl doll (I never have in the past, even as a child, so why should I now?).  However, she is lovely.  There is nothing in the slightest bit sugary or vacuous about her.  She is sulky, intense and odd-looking.  Perfect.  She is also a wonderful size at 55cm.  A lot more manageable than my leggy Big Boys.

I have also just received my first tiny (see how I'm diversifying?).  He is an Orientdoll Dong (yes, really) and is called Bosch.  He is small enough to go in my briefcase so that I can fuel my dolly obsession wherever I go.

And the Akandos are due to start shipping next week, so I could soon have a third piece of resin to make house room for.  And he will need LOTS of room.

I wonder if there is a treatment for this?  Resin Aversion Therapy (or RAT as it will be known).  I think there is a gap in the market.

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
Madeleine:  Child Prodigy (Souldoll Hye)
Bosch:  Lord of the Flies (Orientdoll Dong)
Crap.  I've done it again.  I've gone and ordered more dollies.  And not just any dollies.  One is a huge, limited edition lump of resin muscle called Akando.  He is by Iplehouse and was eye-wateringly expensive.  However, he is absolutely perfect for a character I have been desperately trying to resinate for a long, long time.  Previous abortive attempts have included a Minimee (big, weird, frikin' scary head), a Unidoll Rio (looked too much like Captain Scarlet) and a Soom Lupin (who looked like a person of restricted growth next to my Big Boys).  So, you can sort of see why I folded and emptied my savings account into Iplehouse's coffers.  I finally get to embody Horse, biker, BDSM master and Buddhist.  I can't wait for the photoshoot opportunities....rrrrrr!  

My dolly troupe:

Demian von Metzengerstein: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)
I now have three of the little bleeders.  I only ever meant to have one, Demian, who is the dolly incarnation of a character I have had and loved since childhood.  But then he looked lonely, so he had to have Severin, his cousin, friend and lover.  But then Soom brought out a hooved limited edition doll.  How could I possibly resist that?  So Lilu, incubus and alchemic creation of Severin, arrived.  Then I made the mistake of sitting someone else’s beautiful little Unoa on Demian’s lap at a doll meet.  So, now I have to get him an unexpected daughter who tracks him down following the death of her mother.  She will be called Madeleine and will be a Souldoll Hye.  She will be my Christmas dolly.  And, of course, I have to have a Dollshe Bernard, just because of the lips.  He will be called Palladino.  He is an alchemist and is Severin’s partner.

And, do you know what, I have a whole army of other dolls to get.  There will be Mitzi and Mauzi, the twin, winged trapeze artists.  They will almost certainly be Dollmore Bella Auden and Sleepy Eyes Bella Auden.  And Horse, biker and BDSM master.  I have yet to find the right sculpt for him, but I have to have him.  Demian needs him.  And perhaps I should manifest Severin’s sister, Elizabeth, who would do very well as a Domuya Fin.  And CP El is so beautiful and would make a very good mischievous elf.  And so it goes on…

So, now I am constructing a website dedicated to my fantasy world, as manifested by my dollies.  I haven’t touched Frontpage for three years, and only used to it to throw together a quick, amateur website then.  It is therefore rather slow going work.  I also have an incubus in pieces around the house who needs his hooves painted and a new wig.  This is rather holding things up.

Also, I will be taking some evening classes in photography next month so hopefully my technical ability will keep up with my ideas.  You never know…

My dolly harem:

Demian von Metzengerstien: Fool and Dreamspinner (Dollshe Saint)
Severin de Saint Germain: Ringmaster (Dollmore Lawrence Owen)
Lilu: Hideous Night Daemon (Soom Sard)