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Faust + Mephistopheles Character Reference

Here's an updated reference sheet for my Faust and Mephistopheles I did for class early this semester and just now slapped some flat colors on. I drew it mostly to help me keep track of outfit details, and for a height comparison. I've made a few minor changes to their character designs since my first drawings of them, but nothing too terribly drastic. All in all, I've changed Meph's cuffs, cut his horns from ten segments to eight, and made his frame a little bulkier. No wings on Meph this time around, since they'd be crowding Faust pretty badly. :XD: They do seem to be getting larger every time I draw them, though. As for Faust, I made his hair longer and curlier for that loose Cavalier style, and parted it on the right, made his eyebrows thicker and less neat, and made his jaw broader and face more angular. I'll give some vital stats while I'm at it:

Name:    Mephistopheles                                                             Name:    Johann Heinrich Faust            
Sex:    Male                                                                                  Sex:    Male
Age:    ?                                                                                       Age:    33
Height:    Approx. 7'                                                                    Height:    6'0"
Species:    Devil (Fallen Angel/Shapeshifter)                              Nationality:    German
Occupation:    Noble in Hell, Servant to Faust on Earth             Occupation: Physician, scientist, professor (Jack of all trades, really)
Hair:    Black                                                                                Hair:    Coppery red
Eyes:    Amber yellow                                                                  Eyes:    Light blue
Skin:    Bluish off-white                                                               Skin:    Ruddy, pinkish
Build:    Robust, heavily muscular                                               Build:    Moderately muscular

Texture by SolStock

Alternate costume designs

Characters and art © Meiseki
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You know, it's funny, but yesterday I was daydreaming about Mephi and myself having this innocent little chat, when I realised I am 5 ft tall and he is 7, and I was like GODDAYUM! I'd have to stay on a desk, topped with some books for him to be able to hear me.
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I love this picture ;-)

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Thank you so much~ :D :heart:
THANK YOUUUU! *kisses cheeck* Mephiiiiii! I love this guy!
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Thank you so much! :iconiluplz:
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it~ :heart:
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Meeeeeeeeephy, Mephy, Mephy~! Talk about a man of wealth and good taste!

Lee: Oi! I thought I was the 'vrai gentilhomme!' >3<
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Thank you~ :iconluvluvplz:
Oh don't worry, there's plenty of room here for all the fancy devils. :iconisaydanceplz:
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