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All the World's a Stage

Finally finished this sketch I started a long time ago as a little cool-down after the semester ended. Chibis are not now and have never been my strong suit and these two are probably the absolute worst of my character designs I could've chosen to chibify, but anyway, here are Faust and Mephistopheles getting back to their dramatic roots on stage. Here's page 1 of my in-progress Faust comic, which I posted recently: [link]

I get the distinct impression that Faust has been reading from the wrong script. He is a man of science, after all; he can't be expected to keep up with all this artsy theatre business. Just look at that little glory hog. He's having the time of his life... xD

By the way, if anyone wants to read either Marlowe's or Goethe's versions of Faust, both are available to read online or download for free at Project Gutenberg. :D

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (Christopher Marlowe): [link]

Faust (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe): [link] (German: [link] )

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I was surprised about Mephs (he will kill me for this) skin colour.
Never get too much sun in hell aren't you? *g*
I love his eyes...
doesn't he have pants? *laughing*
This was my first expression...
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Thank you! :love:

Haha, he is indeed very, very white. He really doesn't get out much. He should probably chose his clothing colors a bit more deliberately, huh? :giggle: That would be really funny , though, if he got all dressed up in that fancy coat and boots and then just didn't bother to wear pants. xD
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Oh my God it's freakin' perfect.
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Thank you so much~ :iconadorableplz:
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It's so beautiful, I am nearly crying.
Mephistopheles looks so confused right now.
"Faust, that isn't the right line..."
"Just go alone with it, demon! This is my show!"
IT'S SUPER CUTE. I LOVE IT. You should make more chibis!
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Thank you so much~ :iconiloveyouplz: I bet Faust is a total diva about it too. xD

Faust: To be, or not to be? That is the question!

Meph: Where are you reading from? That isn't in the--

Faust: I'm sorry, does the sign say "The Tragical History of Mephistopheles"? I though not!

Meph: :icondafuqplz:

I should do more chibis. They're funzies. :eager:
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Funny thing, in my interpretation of the characters, their relationship is the other way around! <XD Faust is the stick-in-the-mud, and Mephistopheles is the prima donna~
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Yeah, I think that's actually one of the big differences I noticed between Goethe's and Marlowe's versions of the story. Goethe's Meph is the farcical trickster type of demon and his slightly stuffy Faust needs a little gentle prodding from him to take part in any devilry, while Marwlowe's Meph feels much more demure and melancholic against Faust's exuberant scientist persona. I think they can both be played effectively either way. I've always thought of Faust as the obnoxious, eccentric one and Meph as the sullen, stoic type. XD
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Heh... I based my interpretations off Gonoud's operatic version. :3 Y'know, where Mephisto was all dramatic and a swaggy bastard who knew that he was the one in control.
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Yes! I saw the live theater streaming of the Metropolitan Opera's production of Faust last year, which was based on the Gonoud opera. He is indeed very jaunty and exuberant in that version. xD
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What's the point of being a demon if you can't be a sassy show-off~?
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Clearly. It's no fun to be super fab when you're all cooped up in Hell with no mortals to strut for.
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And yes
I would love to see more of your chibis! There are adorable, and I love how you draw them. c: TALK ABOUT CUTE, MAN :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Thank you! :heart: I think I definitely have a better handle on chibi proportions than I used to. They are a nice little break from all the super serious art bizznuss. It feels good to throw anatomy out the window a little bit too. xD
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omg, super fabulous hair!! :^D
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Haha, thank you! :heart: Even in chibi form, Meph keeps his hair looking glamorous~ :iconimbishieplz:
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Still think that you are awesome to watch!!!
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Aww, thank you~ :love: I'm glad! :glomp:
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OMG~! Seeing this reminded me that I have a college class next semester of the "Literary Works of Faust and Frankstein". I feel so stupid... Cause I thought it was two authors last names until my friend told me that it's Goethe's Faust and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.. I am so dumb... Seeing your stuff and never putting two and two together! XD
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