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Apophysis Cube Tutorial

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© 2008 - 2020 Meiresthai
DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is untested!
If you find any errors/misspellings, please report it to me so that I can fix it.

Be warned, this is a semi-advanced tutorial. You will need a basic knowledge of the transform editor and it's parts, including post-transforms.

Get the square.dll or any other plugin here: [link]
Direct link to the download: [link]

Get a tiling script here: [link]
Direct link to my recommended tiling script: [link]
Direct link to a cube script: [link]

This is spawned from =f--l--A--r--k's Cube Tutorial(found here: [link]), which is where I learned the technique. So much thanks to =f--l--A--r--k for everything he helped with. (I even borrowed one of his images for this. I don't think he'll mind)

This is coincidentally my submission to =NFotM's senior fractalist tutorial contest.

Thanks to:

Photoshoop CSToo
Apopopophysis 2.07
Square OR SquareBlur plugin

Enjoy! Feedback is SO appreciated.
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seth3dHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks in advance for your hard work and sharing your expertise!

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malreHobbyist General Artist
 :thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
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thanks for your work!
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Please update the links so we can try this, thanks
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Here I used your tuto. Thank you for sharing :sun:
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Could you re-up the dll file? All the links are dead...
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Thank you so much, I'll have a look at this :-)
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This is a wonderful tutorial and I understood it completely! Thank you so much for the time it took and all the details and knowledge you shared. I'm getting somewhere with it and will definitely be posting something I make with it as soon as I think it looks good enough :) Thank you so much!
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Hey, thanks! Be sure to show me when you finish :)
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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the tutorial :bow:
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Leonardissimo Photographer
the square.dll plugin and the tiling script : LINKS SEEM TO BE DEAD:(
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Uh-oh. I'll do my best to find out where they went!
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platinummyrHobbyist Writer

The new place to find plugins from cmptrwhz is at [link] :love:

Square is found at [link]
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I can't figure out how to add the plugin to Apophysis? Could you help me?
The tutorial looks great!
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Another person asked. :) Here's the link to my response, with the method.
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My pleasure.
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I'd like to know how to add plugins. I've never used one before.
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It's really easy. Just create a new folder in the same place that you have the actual Apophysis application. Name this folder "Plugins". Put all of the .dll's in here. Then restart Apophysis. Simple, huh? :) Note that if you have more than about 30 plugins, you will get all crazy tons of errors in Apophysis. This is fixed by having a second folder, (name it something like "PluginStorage" for simplicity) and keeping all of the plugins you aren't using in this folder. There's a great large world of plugins out there. Enjoy it! [link]
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I have Apophysis 2.07, but not the square variation. Where can I download it?
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Ohh! You're totally right. I'll link to that, along with a tiling script! Check the artist's comment in a moment.
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Mk, thank you. :D
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I included a list of links that might help you in the comment.
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