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Quicky speed paint of a Brumak from Gears of war. Frick I love the designs in that game <3
Based off a screencap. Practice.
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I feel like the Lambent Brumaks mutation was weird, At first it looked like it was just getting fatter and growing tentacles, Then suddenly it turned into an abomination. I would just prefer it in its fat form tho.
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Marcus: "Anya, Dom and I have hijacked a brumak and we're..." 
Anya: "What?" 
Marcus: "We're riding a brumak!" 
Anya: "Umm...okay...Roger that Delta. Keep us posted." 

Did anyone else see Anya exchanging stares with Baird, Cole, and Hoffman after they heard that come through the radio? 
RedDeadRezzy081's avatar
Hot damn that is badass. Love GoW.
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when you see a brumak that close it only means two things 1) your fucked 2) RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!
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This looks incredible! You really did a fantastic job with this!
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Hey thanks a lot!! Glad you like it hun.
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You're very welcome!
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This is really great, I really want to start Speedpainting, I have a Corel Tablet and Corel Painter, I just really dont know how to practice, Any tips?
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Id be the wrong person to ask. Haha, this was one of my firsts. The only reason it even kinda worked out was the fact that I had a screenshot to work with. When I try speedpainting freely I have issues with lighting.
The only thing I can recommend is to work with reference first. Try to capture the basic basic lighting and shading and then zoom in and lightly refine the most important areas. Download some texture brushes from DA and the rest of the net. I don't know painter super well but I remember it having some good brushes for speedpaints.
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wow i like the feeling of this piece its a holy fuck moment.
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this will be my best photoshop when my class starts :D
Meiphon's avatar
Sorry, what do you mean? Are you planning on using this or something? ...
kingbobchris's avatar
im Photoshop me running away from the brumak :D
Meiphon's avatar
Id prefer if you didn't use my work for personal use. Specially without prior permission.
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that part is a real bitch on insane
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Even if it is just practice, this is fantastic.
I adore this, because there's only slight detail -- And this proves not all art has to be detailed to look fantastic.
Very well done, I give you mad kudos lol.
Plus Brumaks are awesome. :x
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Not something I want to see coming at me on a dark night.

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This is awesome, I love your work :3
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Thanks a lot! I'm glad.
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You really should do more of this! :)
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So bloody gorgeous.
Ffffft. ♥
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*licks your eye*
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