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Hi, I'm in quite a few Discords, if you ever wanna join I'll leave these links here ;)

3 Caballeros (Mostly Jose) fan server:
My cousin, Dawseee's server:
Gang Gang, or Swaggy Thunder's Discod:

My username is ◦○♡【MeiGoat】♡○◦#4009
Would love to talk to you guys on Discord ;>>

SBURB! The Genetic Opera :

Tue Jun 11, 2013, 12:27 PM

Shilo Wallace: John

Nathan Wallace: Dad

Marni Wallace: Mom

Graverobber: Bro

Rotti Largo: The Subjuggulator

Luigi Largo: DualScar

Pavi Largo: RedGlare

Amber Sweet: MindFang

Blind Mag: The Disciple