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Clip Studio Paint is on sale!

Mon Jun 27, 2016, 5:40 PM

Just wanted to update my journal a bit and let people know that Clip Studio Paint is on sale for $20 USD!
For the next.. 7 hours only? Whoops. Should have told everyone sooner. lol

If you like the way Paint Tool SAI handles inking/brushes, then you'll probably have a good time with Clip Studio Paint (also known as Manga Studio in Western marketing before). Clip Studio Paint also has tools that SAI is missing (text tools, rules, other fancy things!). It certainly beats photoshop for linework/inking in feel.

I always get a little bit miffed when people say they use Art Rage or something because when I used that program years and years ago, I just found it useless. (I really dislike imitation "painterly" programs if they aren't robust like say.. Corel Painter. lol).

Here are some people talking about it if you are interested in reading their opinions:…

Original Skin "Birds and Berries" by fantasy-alive (Modified by Meibatsu)
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June 27, 2016