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App from :iconstarfighter-rp:
I'm sorry, all my apps are long. This is why I like script style. So it can be short. lol

btw, this is not a character submission! he's just an NPC/non-player-character who I will refer to often or is a background character when I RP with the other ones (plus he's straight in a very yaoi world lolll).

I filled it in before I did anyone else's because I had his info on hand. xD

★ Name:
Task Name: Anvil
Real Name: Asfir

★ Age: 28
Astrology: Gemini sun, Taurus rising, Leo moon

★ Height: 6' 7" (200.7 cm)

★ Partner: Navigator Vice (some random character of mine, may never be known lol)


★ Physical Attributes:
Hair: silver-white (slight green tint), has part of his fringe/bangs streaked yellow
Skin: deep copper
Eye: red, crimson ring around his iris
Build: athletic
Other: 2 rings on left rim of his ear (one gold, one silver), two silver rings on left hand (index and pinkie), markings/tattoos around both biceps, circumcised (lol).

★ Personality:
Anvil is a tall, friendly, and good-humoured guy with a penchant for making profits. He is usually jovial, cordial, and well-mannered. He tries to make a good impression and softens his boasting with self-deprecating humour. However, when "off duty", he tends to let himself go wild, and quite enjoys women, wine, and song.. His good manners are replaced with rough and rowdy behaviour and general snarkiness. Because of this, and his very mixed and unclear origin, not everyone thinks he is quite sincere with his friendliness. Some people feel he's a bit two-faced and question his true intentions. Though he takes anything people say about him in stride, good or bad, he feels compelled to prove himself.. despite the fact that he's still unsure about what exactly he's trying to prove and how. He has a deep respect for his parents' heritages, even though he doesn't know very much about either of their histories or origins.

+ friendly and accepting (will play nice with pretty much anyone)
+ generous / helps out friends
+ business-savvy / industrious
+ intelligent
+ good-humoured
+ enjoys life
+ hard-working and ambitious
+ sense of duty to protect his team/nation/everyone

★ Hobbies:
making money, gaining friends, helping friends out, learning about material sciences and system shields, drinking, singing, partying, red-haired women, playing pranks/trolling very close friends, having a good laugh, going off-duty and taking breaks at exactly the designated time, exploring space and different colonies, flying in space, tinkering with new technology, hanging out with and trolling Forge

explaining in depth about his ancestry/heritage, being judged for his looks or heritage, losing out on profits, things that might cause spaceship to crash, riding on boats / random gravity fluctuations / hates getting motion sickness, being taken advantage of, wasting money, stuff breaking on him, people who are just overall rotten (though he'll play nice if it's business/listening to authority)

★ Skills:
- Intelligent: good understanding of ships and systems and material sciences such as ore refining and production
- Diplomatic: generally good sense of negotiation and bargaining skills
- Financial/Business Sense: good with numbers, especially if it has to do with money and profits
- Strong: well-muscled body and tall stature giving him an advantage in physical fights and enduring exhausting flights (although if the anti-grav stabilizers aren't working, he will get sick)
- Musical Talent: can play a mean guitar and sing

★ History:
Asfir was born in the Pegesus colony to a recent colony immigrant mother and a higher standing colonizer officer father. He was never too sure about his mother's ancestry, and she never really bothered explaining it to him. Instead, his father, who was much prouder of his Earth-linked heritage, told Asfir about the blue planet and all the wondrous technology and high standards of living there. While growing up, people often questioned Asfir about how his parents met and made fun of his interbred looks (his hair being fair, but having colony-adjusted red eyes and dark skin). Rumour had it that his mother was bottom-rung colony-born who had seduced Asfir's father and got herself knocked up. His father being an honorable man, decided to stay with her and raise their child.

When Asfir was around 11 years old, a Colteron attack near his colony motivated a conscription of all able-bodied men to defend the colony and an evacuation prompt for everyone else. The ship his father was on with other higher ranking officers was targeted as it was about to leave, and the ensuing attack left many injured or dead. Reinforcements eventually came in to fend off the invasion, but Asfir was left orphaned. Somewhat bewildered along with other newly orphaned children, he didn't go through a long grieving period. He eventually received word that he had an uncle (on his father's side) in the more prosperous Unicorn colony who was willing to take him in. Asfir headed over to live with him and studied material sciences and ore refining operations.

His uncle later married and his uncle's wife was not so supportive of having someone else's child around (especially some low-bred mix breed..). Asfir was offended, but told his uncle he understood and it was time to leave since he was 18 anyway. His uncle did not want Asfir to go, as he was good at what he did and helped build the colony's mining reputation. His uncle tried to convince him to stay as an employee. Asfir felt slighted though, as it was previously implied that Asfir would have become the successor, not a mere employee. They argued and it escalated until Asfir decided to just leave all of it behind. With no name or standing, he decided to enlist in the military.

His strong build, intelligence, and formal education courtesy of his uncle enabled him to rise through the ranks, earning him a fighter position with a codename of "Anvil" for being able to hit hard and remain solid. It didn't stop rumours from being spread behind his back or remarks about him brown-nosing his way up and not knowing his place though. Although he was well-trained as a fighter and had proven himself on the field, many of his peers were suspicious and distrustful of his origins and mixed personality (colony traits with nobility mannerisms and education -- not enough street cred or good breeding to belong anywhere). He tried to ignore the distrust and think about the recognition or money he was building up with every mission instead, hoping to maybe one day buy his way out of his precarious standing. Although he made friends well enough, it was usually on a more shallow level until he ran into the ever-impertinent Forge. Forge's varied and troubled history in the military interested him, his high intelligence and understanding of material sciences further intrigued him, and his mix of obnoxiousness and stubbornness endeared him. After pestering Forge a looooooooot and also helping Forge navigate the politics of the military, the two of them became best of friends and now endure each other's faults quite well (compared to others, anyway!).

★ Bad habits or Specific Traits:

- comes off as two-faced / insincere / smarmy
- disruptive and boisterous during his "off time" (bouts of snarkiness, especially among friends), revealing his colony-raised childhood
- hides and bottles up frustrations
- easily coerced into "helping" his friends against his better judgment
- anger and grief over parents' death not yet dealt with -- postponed indefinitely
- frugal -- sometimes overly so

* fetish for red-haired women
* "rockstar" attitude on off time
* protective of his bed and room, dislikes the fact he has to share it with his Navigator, so is a little overprotective of his bunk space
* occasionally laments about being single despite the fact that he chooses to stay single
* takes breaks at EXACT times as a personal rule
* has two piercings on rim of left ear, wears two rings on left hand, markings/tattoos around both biceps

★ Theme Songs: WILL ADD LATER

★ Extra: He is an NPC, meaning he's not a formal RP character, but if you RP with any of the other ones (especially Forge), chances are you will hear about him or run into him. He his heterosexual and is already paired with some unnamed character, so if he is hit on by a male, prepare for disappointment or cringe laughs. lol


★ Preferred RP Style:
It is fast for me and I can easily tell who's talking and who's doing what without wasting my time interpreting redundant descriptions. Kind of like a comic book from panel to panel!
I will often employ a form of "advanced script" when a scene calls for it to add more detail or drama, but I generally like to be to the point. I will also litter it with ascii emoticons because my dudes are so anime. lol

★ Method Of RP: COMMENTS (or forum)! -- All my notes tend to get lost and chatting is too fast-paced because I like to take time to write (it takes me up to an hour to choreograph a scene lol.), and I don't want people waiting on me like that.

★ Other RP Style: If you absolutely cannot handle script style, I CAN write in paragraph style, but it will take a long time (forever) to craft. xD

★ Do you mind starting the RP? :
Generally I will not start an RP because I am lazy and very casual with RPing. I might if I'm in the mood? Or am compelled to by a character?

★ What are you not comfortable with?:
I am generally okay with everything, but if you're a minor, don't try to have sexy-times RPs with me unless you want it very sanitized. lol I am also not very comfortable with explicit sexual detail (e.g. "his veiny shaft quivered as droplets of warmth peaked out from under his tight grip" lololol I could make it even more explicit, but I won't, so don't expect anything on this level)

★ Language: English only.

★ Extra:
I am a VERY CASUAL RPer. This means I don't really schedule times or "agree" to RP scenarios. I just do it when I feel like it or respond when someone else starts. I will also let RPs die if I get too bored. lol (I like making art more than RPing)
Sometimes I will write really fast and leave typos/grammatical mistakes by accident (I cry a little when I see it, and I will fix it if I see it). I will often not use capitalization when describing actions in script style because that is often in point form. I don't often curse/swear, but some characters (Forge) do.. a lot. Please ask if you need that censored lol. I generally RP with a "cast", so if you RP with one of them, chances are you will run into MANY of them (this is why script style is preferred by me).
My characters usually have their own personality and goals and I am sensitive to interactive chemistry, so don't feel bad if their chemistry doesn't work out with your characters. Some of them are more flexible than others if you really want to "try" something, but no guarantees!


Anvil: *stretches and sits up from bed, scoots to side to hang legs over and look down* You up?? *waits for response, doesn't see or hear movement* Huh, guess Vice's off early to train. *yawns and scratches back, jumping down with a thud, rubs eyes as he makes his way to bathroom* I don't see why he gets up so early for.. They clearly state in the training manual that you should prepare half an hour before morning orientation, not 45 minutes before. >__>  *looks in mirror as he splashes face with water, grins at himself and swoops hair to side to fix it* Morning, rockstar~! You ready to rock? Yeah I'm ready to rock! *nods and pulls on flight suit, adjusting rings over his gloves before walking out*
Forge: = = *standing right outside his door with a glare*
Anvil: WOAH! Morning, sunshine! xD What brings you to my humble abode? *leans on door frame*
Forge: I am gonna fuckin' castrate you! *shoves him inside his room, letting door slide closed behind them*
Anvil: Wh-wha woah! Hang on there! What did I do? >___>;; *stumbles back slightly, grabs onto Forge's hands to interlock their fingers and keep them from attempting to hit him* Is that any way to treat a good friend??
Forge: Good friend my ass! What are you doing trying to book lab rooms with me for?! My schedule's all fucked up now!
Anvil: I thought we should be spending more time together~~~ *** xD ~*~*~*~ Besides.. *darkens with a grin and leans in to lower voice* I heard rumour you got a hot core sample. Is that true?
Forge: = = *uses their hands to shove Anvil's face away* You're not getting any.
Anvil: Unf! Why not?! I shared that ingot with you so you could make your stupid rings for that miserable pile of silken hair! >__>
Forge: <__< *looks away* Maybe I wanna make a necklace for him next.
Anvil: FFttttppptt!! AHAHAHAA!! xD *laughs boisterously* You're still trying to get with that?! Oh you poor delusional fool! *wipes pretend tear*
Forge: Shut up! *huffs and flops down onto bottom bunk to lament*
Anvil: >_> *raises brow, slightly relieved he didn't try touching his bunk and is on Vice's bed instead*
Forge: Auaghhh.. they won't even let me pair up with him as his fighter because they think our personality profiles "aren't compatible". It's such bullshit! *kicks bottom of top bunk*
Anvil: >:l Hey there! *holds onto top bunk and looks down at him* >__> Anyway, stop moping and feeling sorry for yourself. We have orientation in five minutes. Come on. *grabs onto Forge's leg to drag him out unceremoniously*
Forge: Everything's such bullshit. = = He's bullshit. You're bullshit. *lets himself be dragged along whining*
Anvil: I am considering reneging on booking all that lab time with you now. >____>;;

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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I would so rp with you xD
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Hehehe thanks! It's too bad I don't have a lot of time to RP. xD I get way too distracted.
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I usually forget cause I have the attention span of a 4 year old XD
MadKim Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
So far, I think Anvil is the character Eclair has opened up the most to ROFL

I love him too ♥ sadly I'm not redhaired... BUT I COULD BE XD
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahah yeah because he's the nicest probably! And Anvil does enjoy getting to know people! Who else has Eclair met so far? o:

MadKim Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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WinterAuroras Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha So welcome to the group~ I see you've taken my advice? :iconheplz:
But anywayyyyyy, he is a lovely character! <3333 Hope to rp with u sometime!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahahhaaaa if your advice is that I will hardly rp but sometimes make sexy art instead! xDDD

But yeah! Hopefully I will have some time to rp instead of just being lazy~~
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