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App from :iconstarfighter-rp:
I'm sorry, all my apps are long. This is why I like script style. So it can be short. lol

★ Name:
Task Name: Hammer
Real Name: Cormag

★ Age: 28
Astrology: Libra sun, Aries rising, Aries moon

★ Height: 6' 5" (195.6 cm)

★ Partner: Aquila
Azmir by OH-I-KNOW-HER

★ Physical Attributes:
Hair: black hair with green streaks on bangs/fringe.
Skin: light tan/beige
Eye: hazel yellow
Build: strong athletic
Other: lots of body hair, shaves beard in particular triangular formation, relatively short eyebrows, uncircumcised!

★ Personality:
Hammer comes off as a little rough around the edges with a penchant for fighting and heading into battle for the adrenaline rush, but underneath that is a somewhat idealistic and sentimental soul, determined to make his dreams and the dreams of his loved ones come true. He is extroverted and often brash with his words and emotions. He means well, but sometimes it's hard for him to compile his words in a cordial manner. It's much easier for him to just show enthusiasm and well-meaning through his actions, such as sharing a laugh, a beer, or a firm slap on the back. He's courageous and doesn't hold back when it comes to fighting or defending his friends, but his temper also easily flares when he feels unappreciated or slighted, which can lead to physical altercations. Thankfully, his anger easily dissipates once its vented. He takes friendships and loyalty seriously, so romantic conquests and upsets linger with him for a long time. Though he's known for his tough action guy attitude, his peers also fondly think of him as a big softie.

+ extroverted and frank
+ independent with zest for life
+ loyal to friends and protective of loved ones
+ self-confident with his physical prowess
+ loves a good prank
+ courageous and adventurous, a bit zealous in battle
+ idealistic and sentimental

★ Hobbies:
having a good time with friends, fighting for survival and winning, sexual conquests and romantic gestures, eating gamey meat, playing with his dogs and raising them, running around in the wilderness, going hunting and camping, cute girls, confident and assertive guys, playing pranks and escalating the prank level, being appreciated for his skills and accomplishments, defending the "little guy" and rooting for the underdog

being unappreciated, being made fun of for being hairy, having to be careful with words or putting on airs in front of elites, being looked down on by smug people, Forge for breaking his heart

★ Skills:
- Battle-ready: always ready for a good fight, assertive, enthusiastic, and confident in his abilities to finish with a victory
- Strong & Coordinated: peak physical fitness with solid hand-to-hand combat skills
- Intuitive Connection with Canines: well-developed sense of empathy and understanding of dogs and is very comfortable with handling and training them
- Hunting Intuition: good intuition when it comes to hunting large prey in the wild and in the battlefield

★ History:
Cormag was born in a well-established terraformed colony, where much of the wildlife is well underway to becoming adapted to the environment. As a descendant of pioneers of the landscape, Cormag has an appreciation for the wild and unpredictable nature of fighting for survival and defending one's territory. He grew up raising hounds to hunt and keep the experimental wildlife populations in check, and is considered one of the stewards of a new way of life for colonists. When he heard of the Coletrons attacking colonies and endangering human survival in far-off colonies, he became a bit wrapped up in the romantic imagery of fighting for survival on the frontiers of space against imposing forces. He jumped at the opportunity to enlist in the military and help fight for humanity.

His experience with raising, training, and breeding space-adapted hounds gave him an excellent start in the military, and he was quickly accepted and trained as a fighter. He was well-suited to the role and came away with impressive results in both drills and emergency deployments. He earned the task name of "Hammer" for being able to hit hard and on target. Although he got along well enough with various navigators, he didn't truly click (and realize he could have feelings for another man) until he was paired up with Forge in the commanding officers' attempts to temper Forge's rebellious and impudent nature. Their partnership was rocky at first, but each survival on the battlefield welded Hammer's bond to Forge even more. When he couldn't take holding in his confusing and arousing feelings any further, he blurted out to Forge his love despite fearing that Forge would be dismissive of his emotional outbursts as usual. He and Forge were both surprised that they were willing to take this further and have a romantic affair, and they became quite a spectacular team.

However, while conversing on a routine patrol, they had one of their usual arguments about Forge's obsession with defensive structures and shield systems and his workaholic attitude. Their argument escalated (as usual) into shouting and insults over the intercom. This time however, they ran into Colteron presence, leading to an intense dog fight that left their ship barely intact. Forge managed to evade and flee the pursuing forces, but they were cut off from the main ship, with Forge refusing to head back across possible Colteron space. Hammer and Forge continued arguing about what to do, with Hammer insisting they take the risk and use the jump drive to cut across the enemy space and return to the main ship. This argument did not end well and when they finally were able to return to the main ship, they demanded to be reassigned. At first the commanding officers refused the request, but subsequent battles and drills only proved their incompatibility and the commanders had to relent. Heartbroken and embittered by the entire experience, Hammer currently waits for his new navigator assignment.

★ Bad habits or Specific Traits:

- temper easily flares if insulted
- can be easily provoked into violence
- somewhat reckless and overconfident in battle
- brash with words and emotions, hard for him to sugarcoat
- rough around the edges; unrefined and has little patience for what he considers frivolous
- not a lot of patience for intellectualism and lengthy diatribes; prefers action to idle talk
- sentimental and somewhat brooding when it comes to failed romances

* very hairy, kind of strong body odour too lol
* thinks toilet humour is pretty damned funny!
* very easily reminded of baaaaad breakup with Forge and anything to do with him in general, leading him to mutter "I hate that guy..." under his breath a lot
* definitely has lingering feelings for Forge and often thinks about him despite not wanting to, so hung up yet so wants to move on
* what up with that triangle beard? is it like a fashion statement or something?? (he just thinks it looks sharp and never wants to change it lol--maybe it's a family heirloom hahaha)

★ Theme Songs:
- "What If We Could" - Blue October: (his voice is also similar to this)

★ Extra: He is still a little new to the whole "being with guys" thing, but he's adamant about moving on from "Forgery", so he's both shy and opportunistic when it comes to hooking up with other guys. He's pretty straightforward when/if I RP with him. You'll most likely know what he's thinking and feeling.


★ Preferred RP Style:
It is fast for me and I can easily tell who's talking and who's doing what without wasting my time interpreting redundant descriptions. Kind of like a comic book from panel to panel!
I will often employ a form of "advanced script" when a scene calls for it to add more detail or drama, but I generally like to be to the point. I will also litter it with ascii emoticons because my dudes are so anime. lol

★ Method Of RP: COMMENTS (or forum)! -- All my notes tend to get lost and chatting is too fast-paced because I like to take time to write (it takes me up to an hour to choreograph a scene lol.), and I don't want people waiting on me like that.

★ Other RP Style: If you absolutely cannot handle script style, I CAN write in paragraph style, but it will take a long time (forever) to craft. xD

★ Do you mind starting the RP? :
Generally I will not start an RP because I am lazy and very casual with RPing. I might if I'm in the mood? Or am compelled to by a character?

★ What are you not comfortable with?:
I am generally okay with everything, but if you're a minor, don't try to have sexy-times RPs with me unless you want it very sanitized. lol I am also not very comfortable with explicit sexual detail (e.g. "his veiny shaft quivered as droplets of warmth peaked out from under his tight grip" lololol I could make it even more explicit, but I won't, so don't expect anything on this level)

★ Language: English only.

★ Extra:
I am a VERY CASUAL RPer. This means I don't really schedule times or "agree" to RP scenarios. I just do it when I feel like it or respond when someone else starts. I will also let RPs die if I get too bored. lol (I like making art more than RPing)
Sometimes I will write really fast and leave typos/grammatical mistakes by accident (I cry a little when I see it, and I will fix it if I see it). I will often not use capitalization when describing actions in script style because that is often in point form. I don't often curse/swear, but some characters (Forge) do.. a lot. Please ask if you need that censored lol. I generally RP with a "cast", so if you RP with one of them, chances are you will run into MANY of them (this is why script style is preferred by me).
My characters usually have their own personality and goals and I am sensitive to interactive chemistry, so don't feel bad if their chemistry doesn't work out with your characters. Some of them are more flexible than others if you really want to "try" something, but no guarantees!


Hammer: *breathes in short bursts, coughing slightly over intercom after long silence* Hey.. Forge.. You okay?
Forge: *blinks at static-filled screen, flipping a few switches and staring at numbers*
Hammer: Hmmh.. *sighs* Hey, I asked if you were alright. I hear you being alive. Just say something so I can hear your voice.
Forge: Fuck you.
Hammer: Well. *shifts in seat, leans back to relax* That's more fucking like it. Aaaeeh.. *lets sigh be vocalized, smile crawls across his face* That was pretty close back there, huh? Bet if we went back we could take a few more out before making a u-turn to homebase.
Forge: *monotone* Don't be fucking stupid. We'll get killed. This ship's barely holding together as is. *glaring hard at the numbers* Fucking piece of crap. Who designed the worthless piece of junk...
Hammer: *frowns skeptically* Well, how bad can it be? *taps gauges and readings* No air or fuel leakage. Pressure's stable and anti-grav ain't bad. What're you so worried about?
Forge: We're out here in enemy territory with 10% shields and we lost communication with Xaunwu, you fucking retard! *static sharply cuts into intercom as Forge yells*
Hammer: >:l Well, we'll be in range if you just head back, you idiot!
Forge: You cocksucking simpleton, we can't! We'd end up right back in the enemy's radar! You want to fucking explode when our shields deplete to zero in one hit?!
Hammer: Agh.. *winces from each static feedback* Well you evaded them last time! Just do it again!
Forge: Just do it again. JUST DO IT AGAIN, the motherfucker says! Didn't you hear me the first time?! We're at 10%! I wouldn't even risk that at 20%!
Hammer: Well, what do you want? To die out here like a couple of dickless cowards?!
Forge: At least it's not actively getting us killed! That's all you really want! To die in some blaze of glory with your dick hard in your hand one last time as if anything could be any less braindead than--
Hammer: --I'm not--! *growls in frustration* Listen, use the jump drive then! Just cut past their line of sight!
Forge: Idiot, we're at 10% and the jump drive is still in experimental phase and who designs these pieces of shit to be based on cortisol and neurological wave patterns anyway this fucking garbage heap if they just let me have the blueprints I could reconfigure and energy cells for emergency reversal to repel acute hits and skip this bullshit mindfuck--
Hammer: AGH!! FUCKING SHUT UP! *slams console and interior with limbs, reverberating an angry pound through the ship* The fact is you DIDN'T design it alright?! You don't DO anything but talk out your ass about shields and reinforced who-the-fuck-cares while cowering away the whole time from everything! I'm so tired of your bullshit! You know what would happen if you designed these things?! We'd be DEAD in our first mission, floating around as debris because we wouldn't go anywhere or do anything because you're a gutless coward too afraid to die to even live! *fumes and breathes heavily, voice escalating more as old arguments repeat* This is all you think about day in day out and you're going to drop like a rabid dog digging for ghost bones! *spits in anger* Just give it up already! Your ideas are fucking useless and it's getting us nowhere! *pants, feeling tense, looks toward vitals screen seeing his cortisol levels so high, stares in silence before letting out a slow breath and blinking away wetness* ... *bites tongue trying to piece together what he really wants to say* .. Forge, it's just that I really love you.. so much..
Forge: Go fuck yourself. *had opened the console during this time, rips the wires out*
Hammer: -- *hears sounds cut, dead silence, no static* Forge? Hey.. Forge! *taps intercom insistently, realizing there's no feedback or feed at all* Heimdl! Fuck! What the fuck did you do!? Hey! *pounds on carriage to get his attention, but hears nothing back, fearing the worst when he looks over to Forge's vitals with neutral cortisol readings, wondering if he cut off all systems totally, but still sees pulse and oxygenation readings* ... *feels a small sense of relief, but slowly comes to the realization that Forge just isn't feeling anything in particular at all* ... Forge.. what the hell..

*Forge and Hammer spend the next few catalogued days in complete radio silence to each other despite Hammer's pleas until Forge eventually navigates the ship to drift close enough toward the Xaunwu on ion sails to send out a lonely distress signal*

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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Ham (lol): Which one's Apollo? The older guy?
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Apollo: *looks upat ham.* fuck, your huge..*scratches gut uninterestedly.*
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He is lucky LOL

Ham: *looks him up and down, smiles* Yeheaaah I am! *poses confidently, hands on hips* In more ways than one! So you're the guy they were talking about. Old Glory.
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he held out his hand to the big guy.
-apollo: apollo.
he introduced simply. The older one looked really uninviting and he had conversational skills to match but he was actually very kind.
apollo: hows it ive never seen you arou nd before.
he would have remembered someone big like him.
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ham: *shakes his hand in one firm movement before letting go* I've just recently been transferred over to the Sleipnir from my last ship, the Xuanwu. I heard about you from the others. You were once pretty up there a few years ago. *leans forward to compare their heights more* Y'know, I'm considered top notch on my old ship too. Maybe you got a few lessons to teach about not ending up washed up like you? *laughs without malice* Glad you still decided to stick around though. I seen other guys just drop out completely. You probably still got some kick in you, so I'm looking to see it in the upcoming battles!
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