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App from :iconstarfighter-rp:
I'm sorry, all my apps are long. This is why I like script style. So it can be short. lol

★ Name:
Task Name: Forge
Real Name: Heimdl

★ Age: 27
Astrology: "Taurus sun, Scorpio rising, Leo moon"

★ Height: 6' 4" (193.0 cm)

★ Partner: Kreios
Kreios App by Whaleosaur


★ Physical Attributes:
Hair: black hair with a wavy "tail" that dips a little below his shoulders
Skin: pale cream
Eye: silver
Build: athletic
Other: cylindrical pendant on chain, ring on each hand on middle finger, I think he's uncircumcised lol.

★ Personality:
He's a jerk or often is one, and greatly enjoys it as a right and a form of trolling. Forge is a very opinionated person with an unpredictable temper. He gets very aggressive, both verbally and physically when he snaps, but in general his personality and intentions are pretty hard to read. He can show great patience and persistence, or even kindness and concern at times, but then he can switch to impatience, intolerance, and cold-hearted apathy very easily. Being a loved one does not mitigate his tendency to be a jerk to them, and it's often exasperating to be his friend. Forge harbours disdain for people and entities who abuse their position of power over people's lives, and this turns into disdain for dictators, tyrants, and the very gods themselves. He generally does not get along with authority figures unless he respects them and trusts their judgment, so he is often found in contempt or muzzled because of it. However, people tend to begrudgingly keep him around because of his high intelligence and particular skill sets. He is also fixated on survival and has a workaholic attitude when it comes to creating systems, building machinery, and improving armour that will help him stay alive. The people that endure his piss-poor attitude (which he is not ashamed of by the way!) and earn his respect may be able to see the slightly lighter side of his personality, which includes love of humour, hearty food, and nature.

+ extremely intelligent and quick-witted
+ creative / artistic
+ self-confident and self-assured for the most part
+ respects nature
+ great cook (hearty foods especially--breads, soups, roasts)
+ can sing and dance well
+ loves being alive
+ tough mentally and physically

★ Hobbies:
staying alive, creating and designing armour and safety systems, listening to music (any kind), exploring the universe, learning new things, pursuing guys with white hair and ladies with black hair, trolling his friends, cutting people down, destroying an enemy's self-worth, enjoying what life has to offer, making sexy sketches of his love interests and trolling people with dick pics otherwise

children, people who are annoying (very subjective), people who abuse power, killing and death, appeasing someone he doesn't care about, people dying on him, poorly designed armour and shield systems, people threatening his life or the lives of his friends, anyone dismissing his passion for armour-related stuff or saying he will die

★ Skills:
- Ambidextrous: neither hand (or leg) is dominant, can use them equally well to do things
- Extremely Intelligent: deep understanding of math, physics, material/chemical sciences, biology, and system designs (all mostly for survival purposes); loves learning in general with a fondness for learning new languages
- Survival Skills: a lot of his intelligence and logic is developed around staying alive, so he has a good intuition about surviving and is pretty self-sufficient
- Self-defence: trained and ready to defend himself or evade and block attacks
- High Fortitude: linked to survival skills, can endure a lot of punishment physically and mentally (and can hold a drink very well)
- Creative / Artistic: he's quite the designer, mostly focusing on building newer or better armour and ship hull designs, but in general is good at realism

★ History:
Heimdl's history began as an ore miner to make ends meet, being shuffled from operation to operation to help with extraction in various asteroids and colonies. He eventually became a researcher, showing a lot of promise, and began surveying mining operations around the up-and-coming Pegesus colony. There was a roadblock, however, as there seemed to be an aboriginal trying to lay claim to the forested area, not letting his new territory be mined for newly discovered mineral deposits. Heimdl was sent to survey to make sure there were deposits before they could bother removing the lone aboriginal. This is when Heimdl met Sato. They did not hit it off very well at first. However, Heimdl was persistent in surveying and finding results, and his interest was further piqued when Sato began slinging insults in native tongue. Heimdl eventually found a small deposit of ore, but personally decided it was not big enough to report, and classified the area as uninteresting. Still, he returned again and again on his off time to learn more about Sato and became fluent in his language. Heimdl would change jobs often over the next few years (well, he got himself fired a lot!), but he and Sato developed a strong friendship, so he kept visiting.

Heimdl being naturally intelligent and curious, absorbed knowledge from anywhere and everywhere. This earned him good positions that he would eventually get fired from for insubordination, as he was always more focused on finding ways to keep himself safe or criticizing his bosses and coworkers for being idiots. With news of hostile forces amassing in deep space, Heimdl put a lot of his energy into learning about defence systems. When Heimdl gave Sato the routine "news about the world outside the forest" and talked about the impending Colteron attack, he could see something well up inside of Sato. Heimdl suggested that Sato could join the military and see the rest of the universe with him, as that was the plan for his next line of employment. Sato tried to dissuade him out of concern that he would get killed, but Heimdl was adamant that if he could be allowed to work on building the right systems, maybe they'd all be safe and could keep the Colterons from ever being a danger again. Sato thought long and hard and eventually agreed to enlist with him. Heimdl proved himself worthy as being classified as navigator material during his enlistment, and had he big plans.

Unfortunately, his plans didn't work out very well for a few reasons. He was expected to get along with others for one. Despite being a competent navigator, earning him the task name "Forge" for his ability to synthesize knowledge and intuition, to perform appropriate actions on every individual test, and being extremely hardy in general, it seems like Forge had a personality defect.. He was simply unable and unwilling to get along with the fighters he was paired up with. They would argue about every task, and instead of compromising, Forge would dominate in making decisions, refuse to conduct training together (instead focusing on his designs and ideas), and generally made his partners feel uncomfortable or even afraid of him. He was trouble for the military, so they assigned him Hammer, a fighter who they thought had a great temperament and strong physique, hoping this would soften Forge or be a great counter to him. Well, it worked out for a while! They had good chemistry and even became lovers, but Forge's old habits eventually led to the dissolution of another promising team.

Hammer's report on the incident leading to their demanding reassignment didn't say too much, but logs of the ship's black box told the whole story. Forge had disconnected communications wilfully, went AWOL, and performed a number of actions against codes of conduct. Seeing that Forge had the very annoying habit of controlling the ship and driving it off wherever he felt, commanding officers looked over his performance results again and agreed he could be retrained as a fighter to avoid giving him access to ship controls. Forge was stripped of his navigator uniform and given new black fighter suits, finding himself a newbie among fighter ranks. He was spiteful and developed a nasty reputation, but Anvil eventually befriended him and helped him complete his preliminary fighter training competently. Forge then saw the opportunity being presented with his new position and asked to be assigned as Crucible's fighter. It was denied as commanders felt their personalities combined were a recipe for disaster. Forge is currently fuming while waiting for his assigned navigator, who he is sure will be just as incompetent and worthless as every fighter he's had to deal with in the past.
Including best friend Anvil? Yeah, including Anvil!
★ Bad habits or Specific Traits:

- often a jerk or just plain mean or grouchy, cutting people down is a habit of his
- to reiterate: he has a really caustic tongue and harsh, prickly personality
- does not really give people "chances", they more likely have to be evidently useful or prove themselves first (and he may still be mean to them anyway)
- can be incredibly dismissive/apathetic/stone cold
- disrespectful in general, often getting in trouble with authority figures
- unpredictable temper (can go from extreme patience to snapping)
- uses a lot of foul language
- tends to work himself to the point of burnout, isolating himself from others, including lovers
- obnoxiously whiny to his friends
- refuses to sacrifice himself for others; fearing/hating death, which may come off as paranoia
- not very gentle and is prone to shoving or hitting or breaking something
- kind of secretive / hard to get to know

* hates kids, ghosts, gods as he considers all those things useless/ineffective
* loves pranking friends
* monochrome wardrobe: only dresses in black, white, and shades of grey/silver!
* will say all sorts of amazingly lurid things to annoy someone, but is surprisingly not THAT interested in sex
* very anti-death to the point that he will not kill an enemy unless it means he will get killed instead
* armour fetish. xD Probably drools over his own designs.
* loves watching documentaries, especially nature ones, and thinks it's super-romantic to watch one with a partner
* TERRIBLE handwriting
* not very gentle, likes it rough
* VERY light sleeper -- maybe that's why he's so grouchy all the time

★ Theme Songs:
- "Echoplex" - Nine Inch Nails:

★ Extra: He may seem to talk a lot about sex, but it's not really important to him. He's generally very hard to penetrate (lol) and get to know on a deeper level because he is so stand-offish in attitude. He has no hangups about his sexuality though, so that's a plus? XD Also when I RP as him, I will purposefully make him more difficult to read and understand by never explicitly stating how he's feeling or what he's thinking, though there might be hints if he's actually talking out loud. It's up to you or your character to interpret whether he is acting mad or is actually mad, etc.


★ Preferred RP Style:
It is fast for me and I can easily tell who's talking and who's doing what without wasting my time interpreting redundant descriptions. Kind of like a comic book from panel to panel!
I will often employ a form of "advanced script" when a scene calls for it to add more detail or drama, but I generally like to be to the point. I will also litter it with ascii emoticons because my dudes are so anime. lol

★ Method Of RP: COMMENTS (or forum)! -- All my notes tend to get lost and chatting is too fast-paced because I like to take time to write (it takes me up to an hour to choreograph a scene lol.), and I don't want people waiting on me like that.

★ Other RP Style: If you absolutely cannot handle script style, I CAN write in paragraph style, but it will take a long time (forever) to craft. xD

★ Do you mind starting the RP? :
Generally I will not start an RP because I am lazy and very casual with RPing. I might if I'm in the mood? Or am compelled to by a character?

★ What are you not comfortable with?:
I am generally okay with everything, but if you're a minor, don't try to have sexy-times RPs with me unless you want it very sanitized. lol I am also not very comfortable with explicit sexual detail (e.g. "his veiny shaft quivered as droplets of warmth peaked out from under his tight grip" lololol I could make it even more explicit, but I won't, so don't expect anything on this level)

★ Language: English only.

★ Extra:
I am a VERY CASUAL RPer. This means I don't really schedule times or "agree" to RP scenarios. I just do it when I feel like it or respond when someone else starts. I will also let RPs die if I get too bored. lol (I like making art more than RPing)
Sometimes I will write really fast and leave typos/grammatical mistakes by accident (I cry a little when I see it, and I will fix it if I see it). I will often not use capitalization when describing actions in script style because that is often in point form. I don't often curse/swear, but some characters (Forge) do.. a lot. Please ask if you need that censored lol. I generally RP with a "cast", so if you RP with one of them, chances are you will run into MANY of them (this is why script style is preferred by me).
My characters usually have their own personality and goals and I am sensitive to interactive chemistry, so don't feel bad if their chemistry doesn't work out with your characters. Some of them are more flexible than others if you really want to "try" something, but no guarantees!

Forge: .. *sits alone in room after morning orientation and drills, taking out sketchbook to stare at unfinished drawing, flips between pages and narrows eyes, scribbling and scrawling notes down side of page, rips it out and walks out to hallway to slap it on another door and continues toward training station*
Hammer: ? *sits up, zipping suit up quickly after hearing smack on door* Ow--schhh! >_< *unzips and rezips uniform to get hair out of zipper's path* --Who's there? *walks over to open door, paper gets crumpled as door slides into slot and falls to ground* Huh? What's that? *picks up paper and uncrumples it, makes a face seeing a sketch of him with a giant dick drawn over it, growls* Heimdl... =___=# Fucking hell, I hate that guy! *looks around, seeing he isn't there, looks back at drawing sentimentally* (He had me in his sketchbook .. ... With all the rest of his stupid armour and shield garbage.. ) >:l *starts ripping page in half but notices writing on margin* What the hell.. *tries to decipher it* Your writing's so awful.. how are you even allowed on this ship? Ugh.. "You're.. poor.. pro.. baby--probably--junking.. .. jerking... off to thousand--thoughts of me---" You're probably jerking off to thoughts of me!? *points at paper* FUCK OFF, FORGE! *looks around in embarrassment and hops back into room, flustered, and closes door, looks closer at paper to finish reading* "I'm waiting in the fight box if you want to fuck me" .... *breathes out heavily, rubbing hair and side of face, stressed* No, man.. not like that.. *crumples up paper to throw into trash, sits down on bed* .... Ah, what am I doing? I should go there and reject him right in his stupid  face! *gets up and marches out to head to training station*
Forge: *perks hearing door open, turns*
Hammer: Hey, I'm here.
Forge: Did you bring your dick and balls? >__> *walks up to him casually*
Hammer: *smirks* Yeah but you're not getting any of the--
Forge: *suddenly juts knee up to his groin*
Hammer: HGH! *caught off guard, but manages to twist enough to avoid painful injury* YOU FUCKING PSYCHO! òДó !!!
Forge: You wanna fight? Well here I am! Your stump's gonna end up in your own asshole! *readies defensive stance*
Hammer: NO I DON'T WANNA FIGHT! I'd crush you so hard it wouldn't be fair!
Forge: Then why the hell are you here?!
Hammer: You said to come if I wanted to fuck you!
Forge: I wrote "meet me at the fight box to finish your fight with me"! >:l Can't you read?!
Hammer: You did not! You can't write! Your shitty-ass writing's probably caused wars! *flails hands in frustration*
Forge: So you wanted to fuck me?! >:l
Hammer: NO! *gets red* AGH, I HATE YOU SO MUCH! *turns around to leave in a huff*
Forge: I bet that got you so hard.
Hammer: *flips him middle finger as he exits*
Forge: <_< .. *adjusts his pants and enters fighting simulator*

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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ilovemotherrussia Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
This guy.....sounds both epic and a liiiittle bit scary at the same time. O-O; I like him :3 he's really well done, I'm jealous ;u;
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Sorry this took so long to reply to! I have been so busy that I am flooded with notifications on DA that I keep trying to delete to keep my inbox clean! lol

Hahah I'm glad you like him! ;v; I always keep thinking he's kind of.. garbage (even if I love him a lot as a character LOL but that can just be creator-bias).
Maybe he only seems well done because I like re-using my characters for different things, so his backstory and personality is already pretty developed. XD
Mirax3163 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
:iconpapcryplz: all your characters are so well made and have actual nice backgrounds ugh i love them -touches all of them at the same time- -also gropes their butts- 
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's mostly because they are copy-pasted-modified from their original stories, so they come pre-fleshed out~ Hehehhhh..

Forge has a "hands off the goods" attitude and Crucible would just be offended/disgusted. I think Hammer and Anvil are more willing though.. LOL
Mirax3163 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Bahaha I tried to do the copy/paste history with Tajiy also but his role in my original story is so... untransferrable to any other universe I couldn't do that, so I just made shit up xD maybe I should have picked a character with a more usable past ; A ; oh well

I love how freaking complex and detailed their histories are though, it makes me want to ask you all about their adventures and what your take on the colonies are. It seems like you have this really well thought out and I love that shit ; o ; Hnngh roleplaying with your characters is gonna be hella interesting I can tell ; u ; 

I think i like forge and crucible the best = A = Tajiy is the same way, he's all like "wow you guys are such immature manchild sluts leave me alone im trying to be productive drawing engine parts  o A o " -hides in the maintenance catwalks forever- 
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhh what's his role in the original story??
Trying to make stuff up is the hardest part. ;u; Like turning mixed breed mythical beast/deity stuff into mixed race instead. Haha..
Forge and my other characters had all kinds of supernatural fantasy backstory I had to delete to make it more sci-fi and grounded. xD

Thank you! I actually wrote a whole lot more but read that I was supposed to keep the history brief so I deleted whole paragraphs of justifications and timelines for things .. hahaha but it's still really long compared to what others wrote eeeeee q____q.. but maybe it's for the best now because I can rework them better.. XD
It was kind of a necessity that I started thinking out how the colonies are set up and how far along with terraforming things probably got on different planets or even huge asteroids in order to connect all their histories. I wish HM explained more of the worldbuilding so I didn't just make everything up on the fly! XD But I imagine all of these takes place centuries in the future, so they've had a century or so to terraform some environments to sustain life and try to replicate earth a little, but of course children and species adapted to the new environment probably won't be the same after a few generations. And back on Earth, whatever genetic advancements that happen might have led to more elites gaining light hair or something, so naturally more elites apply as navigators since you have to be educated for it or something, so you see a lot of the navigators with light hair?

It seems to me you like the two main jerks! Hahaha I always fear a little bit for any character that tries to RP with them. ꒪v꒪; They can be such trash.
Tajiy probably gets weird looks from everyone passing by as he's sitting there sketching an engine and skulking in the shadows. I bet people will start wondering if he's doing something shady back there. BUT MAYBE HE AND FORGE CAN BOND OVER ARTTT!
Mirax3163 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Awee yeah well a lot of Tajiy's role in the story has to do with the universe he's set in, it's post apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi, and basically he's a breed of mutants that evolved from the fallout of world war 3, and he's got these special powers. Everyone with these special powers have basically become property of the government and the gov't is in complete total control of them, and to summarize, tajiy saw something that he shouldn't have and events led to events, and he ended up detained, brainwiped and suck in a facility on lockdown. He ended up getting broken out by a group of resistance members who all ended up captured, and now he's basically on the run, trying to figure out who he is and what happened to him.... etc etc.

He's also completely socially inept and he has to re-learn how to interact with people and stuff like that, because there was a special drug that he was given during his time with the government that stunted his sensory input/emotional response (to turn him into a soldier immune to moral conflict) and now that he's detoxed from the drug, he has ZERO people skills so he gets by in the city by stealing most of the stuff he needs and sneaking around in the shadows, parkouring to keep of the streets, etc. ; o ; sweet sweet babu

Awee yeah I'd be super interested to know that HM had thought up in terms of the universe and how everything came to be how it is, and I'd love LOVE it if we got explanations on the technology specifically, because I fucken LOVE HEARING ABOUT TECH ITS SO INTERESTING HNNNG. (both of my parents are engineers that probably has nothing to do with it at all

Your theories about earth and the elites seem pretty good to me, especially the part about them all being navi's because they need higher intelligence in order to be trained as navigators in the same (or maybe just a little longer) than it takes to train a fighter. I can totally see genetic engineering playing a huge role in shaping earth's population, since they would have the most access to advanced technologies because of development and wealth, since the colonies are just that, colonies, and are nowhere near as developed as Earth is in terms of tech and probably have a much poorer economic structure in comparison. It'd also explain why the navi's always refer to the fighters as "animalistic," because through the eyes of someone with advanced intellect and critical reasoning skills, of course a normal human's instinctual habits are going to be glaring. The whole white hair and pale skin thing could be attributed to cultural standards of beauty, so if they had the technology to engineer people to have advanced intellect, they sure as hell would take advantage of that and throw in idealized appearance (which includes eliminating body hair, which is the only plausible explanation I can think of for why everyone is hairless in that comic ; o ; ) I could go on and on about my own theories about technology and universe but I'll spare you haha xDD let me know if you ever want to exchange theories via note cuz i'm totally down for that shit. 

BONDING OVER ART IS ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE YES GJDSFSD He sketches to calm himself down, to relax, and also to vent sometimes. He likes his alone time and finds that hanging around the rest of the rowdy fighters all day gives him a headache most times. He's also a huge bookworm ; u ; adorable nerdy fighter babu
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oohhhh so maybe his SF backstory can involve him getting into multiple arrests or disciplinary action from his father due to unruliness.. which I guess he escaped to in the military. You didn't seem to make him socially inept in his SF profile.. but maybe you want him to slightly follow his canon story and find out an SF military secret too~~ Maybe they can throw him into the brig for a couple of weeks for it and it psychologically scars him into being more inept. xD --Not that you have to do that hahahaha~

Waaah yeah! I want to know more about how things work! I actually don't generally like sci-fi stuff, but when the focus is on the cultural and political aspects, it really whets my whistle! @_@
Yeahh~~ Maybe when we get the visual novel we'll have more questions answered about it all! It appears this future also focuses on lab grown protein for meat, but a coupe of my characters have somewhat carnivoristic backgrounds with hunting/pioneering and recreating that part of humanity, and I want to be able to reconcile all of that. XD

AWWW yesss nerds are so adorabllle.. ;v;
Forge seems half-interested in at being amicable, but idk now because Kostya is poisoning the well and Forge will only want to escalate that to nuclear contamination levels. xD
Mirax3163 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh yeah since the social inept part of his character was reliant on his role in my original story's universe, I didn't really see how I could replicate circumstances to have him turn out that way in the SF universe xD Based on how I have his relationship with Kostya, though, I don't want to change too much of his personality at this point. I might just go back and add in/alter some details of his history instead after I think about it a little more. I like your ideas though! I'll probably do something similar ; u ; 

hahah yeah I feel like I should be better at making up technobabble and sci-fi jargon because I'm such a sci-fi nerd. I've seen all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica (which is a military sci-fi series that has p much the EXACT same setting as Starfighter, aboard a military destroyer in deep space) Its other main focus is on the characters and there is a whole lot of rebellion and politics involved, so who knows, maybe you'd even enjoy watching that series too xD it's really great, and it's my favorite tv series to this day ; u ; I've also seen Firefly, played all three mass effect games a million fucking times, played lots of other lesser-known and older sci-fi space games (one of them included REALLLY realistic game mechanics and it was FUCKING AWESOME), and seen a mother fuck-ton of other science fiction movies. so I know my way around the genre pretty well and how lots of ship tech works and stuff like that, I'm just afraid I'm going to mention something and someone else will either not know what the fuck it is, think its something that it isnt, or  have their head in another universe's tech and get confused xD I'm also a huge military nut which is another reason i loved bsg so much, and i've seen my fair share of military and/or WW2 movies. I just love gritty stuff like that hnngh. 

oh yeah Kostya's such a shit sometimes he loves drama so much ; o;  ghdsjfd I had to make Tajiy into the most patient character to put up with him and it's adorable hehe (I kinda based him off myself in a way, i hate conflicts and im a middle child so i'm the natural negotiator ; o ; I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY gdsjfjgdsfd -cries in the corner-)
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! It's always weird if a character's core personality has to be changed, so if it's really an important part of him, I guess it's best to try to find ways to recreate it. lol But this is all AU stuff anyway, so it's not like it truly matters.. (unless you will be leveraging fandom fame to garner interest in your original work! That's always a legit strategy, I think! lol).

I feel like I could BS technobabble if I needed to with general concepts (plus random googling/wikiing), but I definitely do not have the pedigree you do with all this stuff. XD I am not actually sure anyone else has as in depth knowledge as you eitehr, actually!
MY EXPOSURE IS SO LIMITED. All I've seen is like a handful of Star Trek episodes (does Gundam even count? lol). I haven't even watched any of the Star Wars fully, and that's more space-fantasy instead of actual sci-fi. Even my videogame exposure is limited more t some Command and Conquer and.. Star Fox. It is kind of amazing how little I have experienced in the genre. YET HERE I AM~ hahaha~
But you seem to be able to communicate well, so I'm sure there won't be much confusion? Unless you mention something technical like an "XR-radar" implying that using it turns off "XR-cloaking" because they would otherwise conflict, but luckily the ship as an "oscillating drive", which means this ship is actually "SS Rank" and YOUKNOWWHATTHATMEEANSSSS~~! lolll I made all of that up because I don't actually know anything, of course, but as long as you kind of explain what things do, it's okay! xD although i suddenly developed headcanons about what all of this stuff i just made up might mean hahaha

Tajiy is a saint to try to defuse all these situations then! But yeah, neither Tajiy or Kostya will have any friends at this rate. xD I'm not even sure how Takiy will be able to maintain the old friends you listed in his profile "back home" hahaha~
SeasideDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014   Digital Artist
*Kostya looms over Forge and Tajiy, watching them draw and BOND* GH. *Takes Forge's art book and chucks it far away from Tajiy!* D<<
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Forge: ō_ō -- ò_ó ! WHAT THE COCKSUCKING FUCKKK!! *shifts weight of stance suddenly and brandishes pen at Kostya* I am going to rip your spine through your asshole and use it as a quill and inkwell to sign your fucking death certificate! *throws pen at Kostya and immediately lunges after him*
SeasideDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014   Digital Artist

*Kostya immediately pales and swallows hard, his lone eye wide in horror from the man's sheer size. Getting smacked with the pen he snaps back out of his thoughts* 'WHY THE FUCK IS HE SO BIG?!?!'  *dodges the lunge quickly and makes a break for it- grabbing the sketchbook that he had thrown a few feet away.*
*He opens it with a sly grin, his fingers tearing at the pages* 
You suck at drawing. Let's hope you're at least a better fighter than you are an artist~" *he chuckles lowly, looking to Tajiy.* Why are you hanging out with this lumberjack? He even smells bad. *Kostya waves his hand in front of his face, as if trying to fan away a gross smell* I mean really, you're allowed to bathe here Lumberjack, didn't anyone tell you that?  = A = 
Mirax3163 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Tajiy swivels his head around with the most irritated expression twisting his features that Kostya had ever seen. "KOSTYA" he snapped. "WHAT THE FLYING FUCK OK. WE WERE JUST DRAWING DICKBUTTS OVER PORTRAITS OF OURSELVES" He continues to stare at Kostya, mouth twisting, wanting to release a string of profanities but not wishing to make the impression of a fifteen year old man-child. He finally gets up, walks swiftly over to Kostya and snatches the book from his hands, handing it back to Forge, shoving it into the center of his chest to cause him to stumble back and halt his second advance at Kostya. "Kostya, you're acting like a child. we were just drawing," Tajiy sighs, exasperated, rolling his eyes at Kostya's ridiculous behavior and irrelevant insults. He really hated irrelevant insults. ".... can't you think of a better insult than that?" he mutters under his breath. He turns to forge. "Sorry. My navigator. He's kind of possesive." Tajiy shoots a narrow-eyed suspicious glare back at Kostya, remembering the schedule he'd seen broadcasted on the monitors in the cafeteria that morning. "...Aren't you supposed to be in training right now?" He said in a calm yet incredibly accusatory tone.
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BeefxCake Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pff great you write script style too XD we should totoally rp sometime with like any of your dudes omg.
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeahhh!! Script style for life!
Yesss we should! Just choose one and the rest will surely pop up or something lol
I am not very fast at responding though, just to warn you. XD
BeefxCake Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i live on DA so if you do respond ill prolly see it in less than an hour. but if your slow thats fine, i can wait. 

yeah pick whoever you wanna start with im sure the other guys will turn up XD if you can put up with my frumpy veteran he's not too bad pretty easy to rp with.

im excited should i send you a note?
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh yeah! I'm usually the same for the most part, but I still take forever to respond. xD I usually start typing a sentence, then switch tabs to read something else-- so easily distracted~

It's not the frumpy veteran I'm worried about.. it's that a couple of my guys are kind of jerkholes! lol

I am not that great with responding by note since they tend to just get lost in my inbox and then I forget about them. >__> But if you really prefer it, then I don't mind trying? lol
BeefxCake Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well do you like skype or comments better i dun care what we do xD
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
comments! just flood me with comments! it is so much easier! LOL
BeefxCake Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing ;3
aegis-of-justice Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think my favorite part of the profile is the "Extra" part where you explain that because the character is a emotionally secretive jerk, he's going to act like a emotionally secretive jerk during RPs. >w>
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahah yeah~ A unique rp experience for all~ xD
Sparvely Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I looooove him lmao. 
It's all your fault!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lolll maybe you won't love him so much after reading his profile? XDDDD
Sparvely Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I read it and I still love him lmao xD
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how is this possible LOLLLL
Sparvely Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He's a jerk and I kinda love that. lol 
Like it's too often finding the "perfect" guy. It's always fun some drama! 
I bet if I created an OC they would have amazing fights and sex lol
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahah yesss.. I actually love drama way too much. XD
Sparvely Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I know right? it's awesome!
I think I am~  I love the series! And yes~ maybe I'll design him tomorrow… maybe Forge will be interested? ;P lmao
Meibatsu Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooohyeah~ He might be~!
For the group I'm just gonna leave it up to a randomizer to see who he'll get as a navigator, but surely he'd be involved with a number of people? >___> lolll
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