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SGPA - Young Justice - Solar Cat

March 31, 2011.

Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS4.

A character for the

Solar Cat's wiki page (updated with more info):


Alias: Solar Cat
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Super Galaxy Princess Alliance, Young Justice

Secret ID: Phuong Nguyen -- It IS a secret though! SHH! She normally just goes by her nicknames.
Nickname(s): SC, Soco, SoCa, SohCahToa (it's a math mnemonic~!), SoloCat, SodaCat, Soda, Sodapop, Sody
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian (Vietnamese-Chinese ethnicity)
Current Residence: Currently forced to train with the Young Justice team, and attends Gotham Academy. Lives in student housing near Gotham Academy.
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Medium wavy, falls a few inches below shoulders.
Skin Color: Sunny, yellowed peach.
Physical Description: Check out civilian clothing here…

Solar Cat's not in the greatest shape and is a little on the plump side, she's average height and she is of southeast asian descent.

She requires glasses, so her goggles serve as shades and are prescription! Things are much more blurry without her glasses or goggles. Solar Cat has a mini utility belt around her right leg that is also a holster for her utility knife.

Her favourite colour's blue, so she wears a lot of that. She also enjoys wearing bright colours. In general, she likes wearing comfortable and practical clothing.

Alignment: UNG - Utilitarian-Neutral-Good: The Philanthropist
(tendencies towards impartiality when being more selfish, the Advisor)

General Personality: Comes off as intelligent but eccentric and zany/quirky. She's proud of her nerdiness or geekiness. She likes using sarcasm and wit to diffuse a situation and inject her views. Often contradictory/contrarian and likes playing devil's advocate. Enjoys debates and likes being right. Can come off both as an idealist (JUSTICE!) and a cynic (TEEN ROMANCE IS IDIOTIC). Often frustrated by "stupidity" and when things don't go her way. She gets bursts of impulsiveness after long periods of laziness.

She has a sunny and self-assured-seeming personality but often tries to shy away from too much attention or positions of leadership due to fear of failure and responsibility for failures.

Good Traits: tries to do what's right, fairly book smart, creative/artistic, upbeat and positive, likes motivating others (especially the underdog/people she thinks need her protection), gives people second chances, will listen to what others say (though may not care/may dismiss it after), tries to be tolerant and patient
Bad Traits: anti-social, coward when it comes to pain and social rejection, inattentive and clumsy, tactless/blunt, acts arrogant and selfish, many lapses in common sense, argumentative, enjoys complaining or being annoying, surprisingly harsh when loses patience or tolerance

Quirks: likes doing random things/acting like an idiot, likes making up words or talking nonsense, spills stuff on self easily, gets the need to doodle/draw all the time
Hopes: Making a difference in the world, helping and inspiring others to pursue their life passions and be good people, and just in general being a hero to help people.
Fears: failing, social situations like making small talk with boring people, being yelled at by authority figures (e.g. Batman), getting in too deep and committed, getting killed or putting loved ones in danger

Memorable Quote(s):
- Oh, shut up.
- Ta dah~!
- Jerkfaces, the lot of you.
- It's win-win! / It's win-win-win!

Closest Friends: T.K. (Sugar Space Bunny, cousin), Dysta (highschool friend), Ilasu (The Dark Lord)
Enemies: Injustice! Jerkfaces! People that make really bad puns with her super hero name!
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): none -- she wants to be asexual and feels most teen romances are nothing but folly, doomed to end in failure and stupid, so she gives off anti-romance vibes. (That said, she's not so foolish as to not notice when someone is good-looking or charming or something)

Power(s): Although she will explain it to people as scientifically as possible, her abilities are actually metaphysical/magic-based. They are usually based on her elemental affinities of light and fire (as explained by Dysta).

Radiant Energy Bursts: Solar Cat is able to generate intense light around her body. This is actually her aura lighting up with the visible light spectrum or higher frequencies depending on effort and willpower. The light travels AWAY from her body, so she technically does not come into contact with it. With more concentration, she can have it as a beam instead.
PROS: distract or blind enemies, light up a space, or use it as a signal. On higher concentration, she could probably shoot something like a laser beam.
CONS: drains energy quickly on high frequencies (x-rays and up) which can lead to blackouts, hard to control, can blind/damage allies by accident, she can probably blind herself if in a reflective room, makes her a very shiny target

Light Beam Teleportation: Solar Cat is able to transform her body and accompanying objects into light and teleport as a beam of light to another area.
PROS: travel very far very fast (speed of light), can penetrate through glass and other clear objects (e.g. water--it just takes a bit longer), can reflect off of mirror surfaces
CONS: can generally only go in straight lines, teleport path can be easily blocked by objects (ends up where the block is), must be able to carry the object that is teleporting with her, poor control since she's going so fast (frequently lands off-target--can make her miss a building ledge), a few seconds to charge up to use

Heated Touch: Solar Cat is able to generate intense heat without lighting up her aura near her fingertips. More effort for higher heat.
PROS: burn enemies without burning herself, doesn't light up so doesn't signal enemies, keep her drinks and soups warm in her hands, no need for gloves during winter!
CONS: need to be close to or in contact with target to burn them (which she does not like doing), can burn herself if she heats up the object then touches the object, higher temperatures require more energy

Weapon(s): utility knife on her right thigh, but she's not proficient with knife-wielding in any way. It's there for emergency.. or to cut fruit or something.
Style: Random and desperate. She is generally untrained, so she may kick, punch, bite, or run away. Tries to avoid direct fighting.
Strengths: strategizes and implements skills in novel ways, relies on strengths of teammates, a team player if she thinks she won't get hurt
Weaknesses: Inexperienced and uncoordinated, reluctant to push herself, prone to bailing or wanting to bail on missions if too much physical danger involved (lol.. doesn't that mean ALL missions?), inconsistent execution of abilities, avoids going into direct combat because doesn't want to get hurt

Solar Cat had a fairly average life and childhood, but always wanted to be a super hero. Although a bit of a dreamer and constantly out of tune with her peers, Solar Cat did very well in school. Her closest friends were her family members, especially her cousins who she shared her grandiose dreams of superheroism with.

During middle school, she and one of her cousins, T.K., decided to start the "Super Galaxy Princess Alliance". They'd go out on weekends to take hikes or hang out around town and pretend they were going on an adventure or doing justice. This tradition continued into high school because they are such awesome people and not at all childish, right?! lol

One day on one of their adventure hikes in the ravines, they actually came upon Dysta, who was unconscious. Solar Cat and T.K. tried to help Dysta. Dsyta mind-read the girls and lied, saying she had just moved to the area, tripped, and lost consciousness while "adventuring", and was going to start attending Solar Cat's school. Dysta eventually started attending Solar Cat's school and stuck to Solar Cat a lot. They soon became friends. Solar Cat invited Dysta to join the SGP Alliance.

Dysta soon revealed to Solar Cat she was a spirit that needed to find her way back home, and could imbue Solar Cat and T.K. with super abilities if they promised to help her out. Solar Cat thought this was a joke, but a real pact was made between them. Now with these powers, Solar Cat and her cousin Sugar Space Bunny decided to become a little more responsible and use these powers for good... along with self-interest.

Solar Cat then applied to get into the Gotham City Academy in order to get closer to the action and hide her heroics from her parents. Solar Cat was able to attain a full scholarship to the academy, and her parents where thrilled. Dysta followed Solar Cat and implanted herself into the Gotham Academy.

Solar Cat has had quite a few run-ins with the Young Justice team. While doing superhero hijinx with Dysta in Gotham City and the surrounding area, she has often been chewed out by Batman and the Young Justice team for being dangerously undertrained. Tired of having her screw around in his turf, Batman told Solar Cat and Dysta to get basic training within the Young Justice team. The YJ team has so far refused to merge into the SGPA despite Dysta's bequests.

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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What base is thus?
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You mean this?
SGPA - NEW Hero Template by Meibatsu
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Oh I didn't know what it was
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(i havent filled out her profile yet) Flaming Cat: (says in quiet voice)H-Hi I-Im Flaming cat, I-I have the p-power of f-fire, I-I get a bit n-nervous and s-shy around o-others so i-i took a l-long t-time d-d-deciding to talk t-to y-you. I-I hope i c-can h-help, i-i just want t-to use m-my flame p-powers f-for good but i get r-realy n-nervous a-around o-others, wait i already said t-that didn't I, t-this is why i get n-nervous around o-others cause i g-go on and on a-and repeat m-myself c-cause i g-get n-nervous a-around others, i-i said t-that a-already, d-dangit
(here is a link to a sketch i did:… )
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Sorry for the late reply! Winter's been so busy!

Ahhh she's so cuuute!!!! Are you going to colour her soon?

SolarCat: o__o You do??! I have a little.. I mean.. I can make my hands hot.. .. Uh.. *also kind of nervous! lol* You.. don't have to worry.. we all can try to make the world a better place.. Dysta!!! Dysta!! Look! A new recruit? >__>
Dysta: :0 YESSSSSSSSS!!! HII!!! YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH US AND SAVE THE WORLD TOGETHER!!! What's your power?! Can you fly?? Cat ears?? Do you land on your feeeet??? Solar Cat can't even though she's a cat! XDDD *flies around Flaming Cat to look at her*

The group right now is closed to accepting new characters because I have to.. still.. do some admin work. >___>;;; (Like removing old/deleted characters and stuff), but hopefully it will open again sometime soon for more profiles if you're still interested by then! XD -- Probably in a few months. lol
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I kinda gave up on Flaming Cat, couldn't get her design right and i got buisy with other stuff, but she will answer some questions :3
FlamingCat: Y-yeah, ummm, y-yeah sure i-ill be your f-friend and s-save the w-world together a-and stuff i-i guess. U-um i can summon b-balls of f-fire and f-fire blasts and do f-flaming p-punch things, a-also a f-flaming kick. I-i can f-fly i-if i summon e-enough f-fire around m-my feet. I-i have cat ears a-and a t-tail*tail and ears nervously twitch* that a-are n-natural, i-im not sure why. I-i usualy land on my feet. S-sometimes i-i can be a-a bit clumsy *accidentaly flips large box over and falls on face*

I am working on a sketch of her but so far i'm not happy with her outfit…, but here is some info:
Hair: Wavy medium length brown hair.
Skin: Peachy pale color(?) (she also has freckles)
Eyes: Orange-red
Age: 13
Nickname: Kat
Gender: Female
Weight: 130
Height: 5' 6"
Quotes: "U-uh g-good job g-guys"
Flaming Cat is skilled in guitar and enjoys drawing cartoons and the occasional painting, she is very shy and stutters, but when she gets to know you or gets used to you, she is very ourgoing and cheerful.
Attacks: Flame whip, Flame Burst, Flame Sheild, Flaming kick, Flaming punch, Fire blast(like fire burst but large scale and takes more energy) Flying(uses a lot of energy and has to gather a lot of fire energy around her feer)
Handheald weapons: A whip that she uses for flame whip, when she makes the whip covered in fire(don't worry it doesn't burn up)
Favorite color: turquoise
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That moment when Solar Cat has the same name as my language teacher
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Hahah! It's the Jane Smith of viet names! xD
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awesome! i would be honored if you meet my own oc "Rex super" he may be in his 40s in my universe but hell i can tweak him down to 17, 18 :D
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Hahah Yeah, you can downgrade his age some to make him fit better unless you want for him to be a 40 year old interacting with teens lol
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as solar cat i meant :D
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Conception is pretty good, sorry for not faving sooner, I had a good idea on how to use her, it's one question.

I've Been Doing Some Serious Hair-pulling So Bear With Me.

Since this is a Author Avatar Character I'm having trouble with the relationship aspect of the profile on Shadow Wing or his real name Hiro Kanzuki relationship type between between him and Sol Cat.

Don't get me wrong, Hiro isn't really pursuing a relationship besides he has more than enough girl attention in his Home Universe due to his status and Thressa Athierez is his main love intrest.

I'm just courious on what suggested relationship it should be as Shadow Wing Jerk Vigilante Form, Daisetsu Scary Nerd Form, Hiro Kanzuki Ninja Saint Form.
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Thanks! That's fine! XD Sorry for not replying sooner. So busy with other things in my message box!

Ooh, I don't know. It's up to you. You can writ if he's still open to dating or develops crushes on girls easily, or if he's still thinking about a girl from his home universe.
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Sorry, just a simple question didn't mean to get to that point but i mean the relationship type other than couple but like Sibliling like, friendly, distant, aloof or mutial, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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Yeah, you can add those in too if you want.
Depends on what type of info you want people to know about him.

Like for Solar Cat I wrote that she has close friends. She also has siblings and stuff.
You can also list characters and say what kind of relationship Hiro has with them. Like if they are an enemy, a rival, like brothers, etc.
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Man I want to join your group sooo bad I just can't draw..... Your charaters is really great!
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Aw thanks!

Well, you technically don't have to be able to draw. If you can get he information up and are able to use a hero creator or one of the many doll maker to get a picture of your character up, you could still join. (:

Lots of people also just write stories about their characters or role play with them without drawing much art.
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firefox:*wrights on her hand*:hi its a truely honor to meet you i'm fire fox:

this is one of my favorit characters out of the group i just like how she looks >_> XD
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SC: Huh? *blinks, looks at her hand to read* Oh.. hi Fire Fox! *waits for a second, then stares at her* --Can you read lips? Can you hear me? :I

Thanks! XD Maybe it's the helmet. That's the best part! Haha
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FF:*blinks at her gets a sheet off paper out gives it to her*
yeah its the helmet XD
Meibatsu's avatar
SC: :I Hmmm.. *starts writing* "Hi Fire Fox! Don't you find it hard to fight if you can't speak or hear?"
Neon-Hitch's avatar
*takes off her glasses shows her the words wrights on paper*:anything my comrades say through their comlinks i can see i do not need to talk to them they figure stuff out really fast:
Meibatsu's avatar
SC: Oooh.. that's so cool.. I wish I had something like that! -- *thinks, writes down* "Then how do you tell them what you want to do? Do you have a keyboard or something?"
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Sekh: Its honor to finally meet you. I have herd alot about you *hold out hand * Sorry we haven't met before but the League seems to think if they run me around long enough I'll listen to whatever they say *grin*
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