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SGPA - [S2] Miss Kayne by Meibatsu SGPA - [S2] Miss Kayne by Meibatsu
August 2, 2016.

Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS6.

A character for the

Season 1 profile:
SGPA-YoungJustice - Miss Kayne by Meibatsu

Season 2 profile:
SGPA - [S2] Miss Kayne by Meibatsu

Miss Kayne's Wiki page (updated with more info):

Alias: Miss Kayne
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Works with Miss Candy.

Secret ID: Kayne
Nickname(s): Mouse
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Australian Aborigine
Places Lived: Northern Territory Australia, Cambodia, US.
Current Residence: Currently sighted near Metropolis, but often travels around with Miss Candy.
Height: 5' 0" (152.4 cm)
Weight: 103 lbs (46.7 kg)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black, with blue tint
Hair Type: thick with volume and a slight wave. Untied, it reaches a bit below her shoulders.
Skin Colour: Rich Mocha (deep olive brown)
Physical Description: Check out civilian clothing here
[S2] Miss Kayne - Meek and Mousey by Meibatsu

Kayne has a synthetically enhanced body. However, because it was enhanced before she hit puberty, it has somewhat stunted her growth and is probably blocking her chances of hitting puberty properly. She looks young for her age.

Kayne often keeps her hair tied into two higher buns to disguise her cybernetic implants, but will tie them into lower pigtails when showing them off. She enjoys wearing makeup and short skirts or dresses. She usually has a minimalist and clean silhouette with her clothing. Her left eyebrow is shaved/scarred in two places so it looks like a broken line. It was used to identify her as a slave when she was in Cambodia.

Alignment: UDI - Utilitarian-Defensive-Impartial: The Scholar

General Personality: Kayne is a hardworking and quiet girl who tends to keep away from the spotlight as much as possible, but is quietly competitive about her skills. She rarely leaves to go outside, favouring her own safety and security. Due to her past, she finds socializing and her physical space being invaded as very unpleasant. Although she is possessive of what she owns, she tries to find moments to enjoy a more carefree life when possible.

Good Traits: intelligent, agreeable, loyal, focused, graceful under pressure, organized, precise
Bad Traits: insecure, overly passive, lets herself be used, nervous (complex post-traumatic stress disorder), loyal to a fault

Quirks: a little OCD when it comes to keeping things organized and clean, avoids physical contact with people, quiet and a bit jumpy like a mouse
Hopes: one day to have enough security to have free time to enjoy life while being around her loved ones
Fears: being abandoned, losing things

Memorable Quote(s):
- Roger.
- Yes.

Closest Friends:Miss Candy is closest to one, and acts as a mentor or older sister to her. She has somewhat of a frenemy/rival situation with Zenith.
Enemies: Miss Candy's enemies, general rivalry with other tech nerds.
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): none, and she doesn't appear interested in having any.

Power(s): Her abilities come from her cybernetic enhancements and her own skills.

Technology Expert: Miss Kayne has an almost intuitive understanding of technology, especially computer hardware and software systems. She quickly grasps new concepts and logic systems and can put them into practice almost immediately. This has since grown to comfort with using weapons.
PROS: Fast and competent with most electronic technology and weapons. Proficient with hacking, programming, analyzing, and synthesizing technology.
CONS: none besides that she is at a loss without access to tech.

Photographic Memory: Miss Kayne has an uncanny ability to memorize anything she sees and store it for later retrieval. It could be days, months, or years, and the memory would be fresh for analysis and inspection.
PROS: remembers anything and everything. She can have a glance at an area and remember everything in it, from landmarks to small details like pieces of garbage, shapes of shadows, or reflections in the background.
CONS: can't forget anything, even traumatizing or unpleasant sights. This type of information overload can lead her to becoming very withdrawn or trigger a panic attack.

High Pain Tolerance: Miss Kayne is able to withstand a lot of punishment without flinching or losing any focus.
PROS: can remain focused on the task at hand, can work in intolerable conditions until her physical body literally breaks down (e.g. terrible positions, extreme heat and cold, being attacked/shocked/stung)
CONS: is not responsive to pain (it's painful for a reason!), places herself at risk of body breakdown way too often

Synthetically Enhanced Body: Miss Kayne's body has been enhanced to increase mental processing speed and have more efficient metabolism and resilience. It's not enhanced to Miss Candy's level, but it also allows her to network well with her cybernetic equipment and neurological implants.
PROS: her body can tolerate higher levels of punishment than the normal human body, and her processing speed is very high, working in conjunction with her technical skill and photographic memory
CONS: because her body is customized with enhancements, it is very difficult to treat her if she does experience severe injury or body breakdown. Due to her enhancements being gained pre-puberty, Kayne's growth has been stunted and she has not reached full puberty physically.

Weapon(s): Pulsating Ion Gun
Style: defensive and evasive--she tries not to engage in any kind of physical combat but may shoot from afar to cover Miss Candy.
Strengths: due to her intelligence, she's pretty good at finding ways to escape dangerous situations, even if she does have to take on some injuries to do it
Weaknesses: poor strength, speed, and agility, so avoids physical fighting if at all possible, but is able to utilize weapons on hand to defend herself if need be.

More of Kayne's background can be found here: Miss Kayne

Kayne was a child slave who was hired from her situation by Miss Candy, who saw great potential in her to be both an accomplice and disciple.

Miss Candy became Kayne's employer, and Kayne became known as "Miss Kayne" over radio contacts, though Miss Candy often fondly refers to her as "Mouse" due to her pigtails and pipsqueak size. Under Miss Candy's insistence, Miss Kayne agreed to undergo multiple surgeries in order to enhance her body cybernetically to keep up with her ambitious employer. Miss Kayne has continues serving Miss Candy as backup, admin, and housekeeper.

By 2016 (SGPA Year 09), Miss Kayne to underwent more body enhancements with the fortune they had amassed from stealing and dealing. She has developed somewhat of a rivalry-friendship situation with Zenith due to the parallel rivalry between Miss Candy and Horizon. Miss Kayne and Zenith tend to exchange polite greetings when meeting on the battlefield before getting in one another's way. Outside of battle, they are generally congenial and helpful to one another to their superiors' chagrin.

Villainous Motivations:
She doesn't really have any motivation to be a villain, but she does whatever Miss Candy needs her to do in order to keep her job. Unfortunately, Miss Candy's a total villain for selfish reasons, so Kayne by association is her main accomplice.

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