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SGPA - [S2] Miss Candy by Meibatsu SGPA - [S2] Miss Candy by Meibatsu
February 17, 2013.

Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS4.

An updated character for the

Season 1 Profile:
SGPA-YoungJustice - Miss Candy by Meibatsu

Season 2 Profile:
SGPA - [S2] Miss Candy by Meibatsu

Miss Candy's Wiki page (updated with more info):


Alias: Miss Candy
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): No permanent alliances. Works for the highest bidder.

Secret ID: Cherry Candi (also probably a code name)
Nickname(s): Candy, Cherry, Chere
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: Scottish-American
Places Lived: All over the world.
Current Residence: Currently sighted near Metropolis, but often travels around.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Eye Color: light green
Hair Color: orange
Hair Type: mainly thick and straight, but tying it up over the years has left it with a wave. Reaches the tops of her shoulders.
Skin Colour: medium peach
Physical Description: Check out civilian clothing here

Cherry's body is synthetically enhanced to give her more efficient metabolism, healing, immunity, and overall resilience. She therefore rarely gets sick from the minor ailments that everybody else does, and pretty much never develops scars. Due to her enhancements, her skin doesn't retain the normal blemishes and irregularities that most people have and instead takes on a smoother, somewhat faker and airbrushed appearance.

Cherry likes wearing high tech equipment while on missions, and will often have her cyborg suit over top her plus suit in order to give her more manoeuvrability and defenses. She looks like a dragon fly or humming bird, flipping around the skies and raining down ion blasts wherever she sees fit. In both civilian and villain attire, she wears her neurological implant visor as a headband and sometimes as sunglasses.. as well as a scanner and user interface system.

As a civilian without her cyborg suit on, Cherry likes dressing however the heck she feels like. This can involve clashing and contrasting colours and a mishmash of items she thinks looks cool or hot. She'll usually be seen wearing green thigh highs, a short skirt, and a red jacket. Her lipstick is often neon pink and she's taken a liking to wearing contrasting eyeshadow as well. She's rich, so she doesn't care what you think. xD

Alignment: UOI - Utilitarian-Offensive-Impartial: The Warrior
(tendency to go chaotic and evil, The Assassin)

General Personality: Cherry can be described as a selfish, hedonistic, smartass. She likes getting what she wants, and she believes she deserves it. Cherry has no real loyalties beyond taking care of herself and her possessions, and therefore has little patience for authority over her. She enjoys winning and is extremely competitive when it comes to fields she feels is her expertise (weapons, tech, espionage). She's blunt, vulgar, and mean-spirited because she thinks it's funny. She's probably a sociopath all things considered.

Good Traits: self-confident, extremely intelligent, ambitious, independent, fearless
Bad Traits: unloyal (prone to back-stabbing), self-indulgent to the point of distraction, poor loser/poor sport, short fuse, mean-spirited/sociopathic tendencies

Quirks: obsessed with finding the next female rival to beat, likes cursing using quaint language
Hopes: Just finding the next rival, the next thrill, and living in decadence and over-indulgence.
Fears: body short-circuiting, and she really dislikes being humiliated or being powerless

Memorable Quote(s):
- Heads up!
- Don't say I didn't warn ya..
- Watch me!

Closest Friends: none really, but Kayne may qualify? Kayne's at least like a possession of hers, anyway.
Enemies: Horizon (rival), Space Girl (pretty rival), and Sage (magic-using fool), anyone that gets in her way, anyone on her hit list
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): she doesn't tie herself down in relationships, but quite enjoys seeking out one-night-stands with the pretty ladies. She will be a tease to men to get what she wants, but she's pretty lesbian otherwise.

Power(s): Her abilities come from her cybernetic enhancements and equipment.

Technology Expert: Miss Candy is experienced with using all sorts of technology and can figure out technology she's unfamiliar with fairly quickly (she is pretty advanced in her understanding of user interfaces, ergonomics, and engineering).
PROS: Fast and competent with most technology, whether advanced or not. She has been known to use guns, power suits, bombs, computer viruses, and even mechas.
CONS: none, besides that she thinks "non-tech" things like magic is bogus business.

Weaponized Ion Wielder: Miss Candy has two Automatic Ion Blasters in her back holsters in order to shoot ion blasts at her enemies and her plug suit and cyborg armor is also powered by weaponized ion energy. The blasters are like laser guns, but shoots our electrically charged ions that explodes the targeted area on beam impact. Various ports on her cyborg armor are also able to eject ion beams, such as her visor, chest plate, bracers, hips, and feet. They have the potential to disable electronic devices, vehicles, and anything else that has an electrical or similar power source.
PROS: even though she's not ambidextrous, she can dual wield her guns with the best of them! Allows for long-distance fighting and can be used to blast open things and disable electronic equipment and disrupt signals. Also good for short-range defense if she released a charge from her body armor ports.
CONS: her ion-powered equipment needs to be recharged after extended use (after about 2 hours of average use, such as flying. Her guns need to be recharged after about 50 shots fired each). She can recharge them with special nuclear cartridges, but they're expensive--plus dumping the nuclear waste is bad for the environment! Her equipment, though somewhat more stable than before, is still prone to short circuit and overheat in battle, especially if damaged, which can in turn damage her synthetic body since they become so integrated in order to achieve high synchronization.

Rocketeering: Her cyborg armor uses weaponized ion generators and converters in order to propel her through the air acrobatically using ion streams. It interfaces heavily with her plug suit and neurological implant visor in order to give her a very high synchronization rate, making them feel like natural extensions of her body.
PROS: she can fly and do it well! She can move in the air acrobatically and perform aerial battles if she needs. She can also use them to repel enemies by blasting them in the face with it. Acts as armour when they run out of juice.
CONS: as mentioned above, her ion-powered equipment needs to be recharged after extended use, else she will increasingly risk overheating and short circuiting it. The longevity of the energy in this cyborg armor is better than before, but it will still drain after about 2 hours of regular flight.

Synthetically Enhanced Body: Miss Candy's body has been altered to provide her with more efficient metabolism, healing, immunity, and overall resilience. She has also altered it to allow her to network with her neural implants and cybernetic suit better.
PROS: rare for her to get sick or get scars. Heals from injuries much faster than normal, and body doesn't tire as quickly during battle. Neural implants and cybernetic suit allows faster processing and ability to interface with most technology and software intuitively.
CONS: difficult to get treatment if she DOES get sick, injured, or her body "malfunctions" because it's all custom-built for herself only.

Weapon(s):Dual Automatic Ion Blasters, Weaponized Ion Cyborg Armor
Style: strategic with little wasted effort since she wants to conserve her power supplies, though over the years she has been able to increase her power supply, she she will utilize it to do extra fancy moves and troll if she thinks it can be squeezed in
Strengths: She's pretty strategic in placing her shots or throwing her punches and kicks either to get the enemy away from her or to move them into the right position for a finishing blow. She will use the environment to her advantage if possible.
Weaknesses: She can't fight too prolonged of a battle due to limited power reserves. She doesn't take very much punishment before retreating due to how complicated healing herself can be.

More of Cherry's backstory can be seen here:

Cherry was a spoiled and gifted child coming from a wealthy family, who she stole from in order to fund her adventurous and hedonistic lifestyle. She worked as a bounty hunter looking for rivals and thrills. After spending many years with Miss Kayne as her employee and accomplice, she shows no sign of slowing down.

She gained a rivalry with Horizon from the SGPA due to their being on opposing sides and clashing many times. Miss Candy's lust for her opponent grew when she realized what a fantastic rival Horizon made for her, even though Horizon never showed as much enthusiasm for the setup. She has gone as far as helping Horizon escape on occasion just to give themselves the extra opportunity to fight the next time. She grew a little jealous when she saw that Horizon and Space Girl seemed to be developing a closer friendship with one another, and also resented the fact that Space Girl used "magic" in order to fight, which seemed like a whole lot of donkey dung. However, she was disappointed to see Space Girl leave, as she started to think of her as a desirable rival as well.

Miss Candy continues on to work for the highest bidders and continues stealing from her own previous employers when given the chance, growing her fortune. By 2016 (SGPA Year 09), Miss Candy was able to boost her defence, speed, and agility as well as get a complete overhaul of her equipment with her fortune. She was also able to convince Miss Kayne to undergo more body enhancements in order to aid her better in her endeavours. She's now looking for the next thrill, and the new members joining the SGPA seem to be an easy target to get some amusement out of...

Villainous Motivations:
She's just selfish and does what she wants with little care about consequences to anyone else. Her main motivations are pleasure, power, and the freedom to do whatever and whoever she wants. This requires cash, of course! So she steals it or works for the highest bidder.

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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zigglern Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
well ive almost finished the writing template and the one you got here
CrazyCowProductions Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
I really should update Eric for S2
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! Do it!
Also, make sure to submit to the right folder. You've been submitting tot he project folder instead of artwork for your stuff. lol
CrazyCowProductions Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
O_O I thought I clicked that folder...well shoot XD well best update to S2
zigglern Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
on a complete side note, i would be honored to fight one of your villians :D
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! That would be great! Though you should get your profile for them up soon for that to happen!
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