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SGPA - [S2] Arkos by Meibatsu SGPA - [S2] Arkos by Meibatsu
August 16, 2016.

Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS4.

A character for the

Season 1 profile:
SGPA - Young Justice - Arkos by Meibatsu

Season 2 Profile:
SGPA - [S2] Arkos by Meibatsu


Alias: Arkos
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): No lasting affiliations, although is known to consort with Altaire

Secret ID: Arkos
Nickname(s): Ark, Arky
Age: "Early 30s" (actually a couple centuries old)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Looks Caucasian (Purgatory Valkyrie psychopomp spirit)
Places Lived: US and a few weeks all over the world
Current Residence: Currently moves around between Gotham, Metropolis, Star City, and Bludhaven to check out the night life.
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 173 lbs
Eye Color: bright emerald green
Hair Color: blonde (glowing light cyan when filled)
Hair Type: long thick slightly wavy hair with lots of volume, runs to mid-buttocks
Skin Colour: Peach (grey-blue when filled)
Physical Description: Check out close up of clothing here
[S2] Arkos - Carefree Celestial by Meibatsu

Arkos is a sweetly plump woman with a lot of curves thanks to it. She's gained a bit more weight over the years due to a life of indulgence, but takes great pride in her appearance regardless. She has a lot of volume in her hair and she takes care of it well so that it keeps its luster. Her mannerisms are a lot like a giggly school girl. She's usually either smiling or pouting, and enjoys using her feminine wiles to taunt or distract people.

She likes dressing in clothes that are flowing, feminine, and custom-made for her figure, usually with the intention that will be fit for the club or a fancy party, high-class but fun! She doesn't much enjoy wearing very high heels, as she likes getting drunk yet does not like falling down, so she sticks to flats or kitten heels.

Usually, when she's seen in the public, she has peach skin tone and brown markings on her body. However, as she absorbs souls, she becomes more grey-blue in skin tone and her markings start glowing a neon cyan colour. Her body then seems to get heavy although less corporeal, and she starts "sinking". She's normally too lazy to wear makeup, but she cakes it on heavily if she finds herself looking too grey on a particular day.

Extra artist tidbits: She has more of a button nose and dainty feet and hands.

Alignment: CNI - Chaotic-Neutral-Impartial: The Spy

General Personality: Arkos comes off as a bubbly, frivolous, care-free, and self-indulgent woman.. that often acts like a vapid giggly school girl. She quite enjoys the pleasures of life, including food, drink, sex, and excitement. Although fun to be around, she is also fairly selfish and doesn't think much of using people for her own purposes. She's fairly independent despite the fact that she uses people constantly to get what she wants.

Although she "quit" her job of being a Purgatory Valkyrie, some of her views are still influenced by her previous life, such as her self-righteous attitude and condescending view on all demons.

Good Traits: self-confident, optimistic, occasionally sweet and kind, independent, usually pleasant, can handle liquor very well, ages very slowly
Bad Traits: manipulative, selfish, uncaring/aloof, petty/cruel for kicks, overindulgent with pleasures, whiny

Quirks: likes using diminutive nicknames for people and while talking to them, hates the taste (or "non taste") of water, usually talks with a musical tone in her voice
Hopes: To stay on earth to enjoy everything, live in luxury, and never have to return to purgatory again, stay young-looking forever
Fears: Having to return to her duties as a Purgatory Valkyrie, being forced to work as some dirty slave on Earth

Memorable Quote(s):
- Hun~~!
- Oh, Darling...~!
- What? Phooey, that's no fun~!

Closest Friends: She becomes quite fond of Altaire and really likes how he's grown into a handsome young man who keeps her feeling young as well.
Enemies: anyone who gets in her way, demons that don't know their place, soem growing jealousies of Altaire's girlfriends and boyfriends
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Besides her growing fondness and dependence Altaire, she has lots of casual relationships and flings. She's usually only interested in men, but she tends to go wild while drunk or high and lots of things just happen apparently. >_>

Power(s): Her abilities center around her magical ability to absorb and convert souls.

Soul Absorption:
Arkos can absorb wayward souls and demon souls. Usually, she just goes on with her life and souls of deceased people (especially damaged, lost, or corrupted ones) just stream into her like moths to a flame. It seems that her "inner light" can be seen by the dead souls, which attracts them to her. If needed, she can also easily absorb a demon's soul through physical touch, thus killing them. If the demon doesn't want their soul taken, she can force it to transfer through physical touch. If she doesn't feel like taking the demon's soul, then nothing happens.
PROS: Absorbing souls gives her more magical energy for soul conversion skills. Can easily kill a demon that crosses her path if she touches them.
CONS: Can't NOT absorb a soul. She's always open to accepting a human soul, whether she likes it or not. This leads her to sinking back to purgatory if she absorbs too many, which she does not want to happen. Dirty/corrupted souls don't feel great to absorb and leaves her with a feeling of unease or irritation.

Soul Conversion:
The souls that Arkos absorbs have an inherent energy in them which Arkos can use to create metaphysical projectile energy that she can blast few meters away from her until it boomerangs back. It does not create physical damage, but leaves spiritual damage (can hurt living things or disrupt magic). The projectile force is stronger the more souls she has in her. This skill also augments her stamina and recovery rate with soul energy.
PROS: Defends herself from sentient attackers or disrupts magical spells and barriers.
CONS: Doesn't work on purely physical objects and machinery. Needs to have more souls in her to be powerful, but she doesn't like having a high amount of souls within her because that causes her to sink.

Weapon(s): no weapon
Style: She doesn't like getting into fully physical brawls or anything that requires sweating, so she's usually happy with a hit and run. She will otherwise fight dirty and scratch and claw and plead as needed.
Strengths: She is experienced with dispatching demons through stealthy means and has a lot of knowledge to that degree. Her magic can be quite powerful if she is full of soul energy, and this energy also augments her healing and stamina.
Weaknesses: She is not effective in purely physical brawls and her skills don't work on non-sentient things like machinery or inanimate objects. Someone can try to force-feed her souls to make her sink as a strategy.

More of Arkos' background can be found here: Arkos

Arkos is a psychopomp spirit who decided to hang around the human world and do whatever she wanted instead of her job of collecting souls and taking them to purgatory. However, and it seemed that whenever she's filled up with more souls, her skin starts turning grey-blue, her markings glow, and she starts sinking back into purgatory. Not wanting to every go back to her job, she likes using demons to drain out her souls voluntarily.

This is a dangerous game, but she is confident in her demon-killing skills, so she always feels in control of the situation. She's had to kill to a few demons due to deals going sour and communication breakdowns, but she found that Altaire was the perfect sweetheart demon she could use whenever she needed!

While herself with whatever pleasures the mortal realm has to offer, her fondness for Altaire and how easy he is to deal with despite what a sad sack and party pooper he can be at times keeps her coming back to him.

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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