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Stuff you should include in your character profile along with a filled template!

Alias: Their superhero or supervillain title or unique codename
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Is it Young Justice? The Super Galaxy Princess Alliance? Evil Brotherhood of Evilness? Somewhere else? What group do they work for or are allied with?

Secret ID: Real name if they wish to reveal.
Age: We're aiming for teens (13-19), but they can be older or younger
Gender: Male, Female, Masculine, Feminine, Transgendered, Androgynous, Non-gendered?
Nationality: Earth country? Alien? Mixed ancestry? You can also put in ethnicity (e.g. Canadian, but is Vietnamese descent)
Current Residence:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Type: Long, short, wavy, messy, curly, etc.
Skin Color: You can also describe their skin type if it's unique
Physical Description: Slim, athletic, chubby, muscular, greasy, etc.

General Personality: How do they usually come off to others? How's their general disposition?

Good Traits: Some things people will find positive about them or are adaptive, or makes their life easier
Bad Traits: Some things that are considered maladaptive about them, or makes their life harder

Quirks: Extra stuff that makes them unique! Weird stuff they do.
Hopes: What motivates them to keep going despite other obstacles? What's their big dream goal?
Fears: Any phobias? Something they can't stand to lose? Something that will push them to desperate measures?

Memorable Quote(s): Battle cries? Usual sayings? Your character's catchphrase?

Closest Friends: Are they friends with the enemy? YJ team members? other OCs?
Enemies: Can be many, can be an arch enemy, can be rivals, can be other team members they just really hate!
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Past? Current? Multiple? Feel free to add in their sexual orientation (gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc.) since inquiring minds will want to know! lol

Power(s): General description of power and abilities, and what it's mostly based on.

POWER/ABILITY 1: brief description of what it does
PROS: What makes it so useful.. if it's useful at all
CONS: What keeps the person from abusing this power? Or if they keep abusing it anyway, what are the side effects? What's bad about this power?

POWER/ABILITY 2: brief description of what it does
PROS: What makes it so useful.. if it's useful at all
CONS: What keeps the person from abusing this power? Or if they keep abusing it anyway, what are the side effects? What's bad about this power?

Weapon(s): Any arsenals that they use like a sword, guns, grenades, etc. Remember not to list too many since they won't be able to carry it all!
Style: How do they generally fight? What's their battle strategy? Quick? Slow? Aggressive? Evasive? etc.
Strengths: What makes them good in battle? Team player? Good tank?
Weaknesses: What gives enemies the opportunity to get the better of them? What makes them screw it up for themselves or their team?

Some general information about their past and motivations! Add in villainous motivations as necessary if they happen to be on the "wrong side"!
This is stuff you should include in your character profile along with a filled template! This is for Heroes, Villains, and NPCs!

Copy & Paste this into the DESCRIPTION box when you upload your character template, and fill it out! WE NEED IT IN ORDER TO CLASSIFY YOUR CHARACTERS WELL.

The more details the better, since it will help others understand your character better or draw fanart of them!

© 2011 - 2021 Meibatsu
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Randomgirl339's avatar
i used it for my YJ oc 

Alias: woman samurai 
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): YJ

Secret ID:  Hanshiro yamashiro
Nickname(s):  han, hattro, shrio
Age: in season one she was 14 in season 2 she is 19
Gender: female
Nationality: japanese
Current Residence: a aparment in central city
Height: 5 ' 2
Weight: 114.62 lb
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: burlywood…
Hair Type: long and wavy
Skin Color: pale i guess
Physical Description: slim 

General Personality: she comes off hyper, know it all, haveing no care in the world, not very series. but she is really series sometimes, shy, brave, and determined

Good Traits: focuses very well and cares about freinds and family
Bad Traits: To careing for freinds, family, and anyone Innocent and she is a bit weak mentally but know really know's 

Quirks: a bit quirky/hyper sometimes and she likes to sing, but not infront of people
Hopes: prove to her sister that see is a good fighter even though she isnt a villion
Fears: she cant stand to lose her freinds
Memorable Quote(s): " 悲しいことに、すぐに屋を参照してください " ( see ya soon sadly )

Closest Friends: Artimis, robin/nightwing, miss martion
Enemies: death stroke, katanna ( a bit )
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): used to date Ryan but broke up with him when she found out he worked with death stroke. she dose have a crush on KF ( kid flash )
Family: katanna - older sister 
Power(s): dosnt have powers but is pretty skilled fighter

PROS: she can do positions others cant which can be very helpful in badly
CONS: not always helpful even being flexible dosnt mean she can doge anything all the time

POWER/ABILITY 2: Martial arts
PROS: great when in a fight 
CONS: One mess up can be really bad
Weapon(s): kunai, katana, trhowing star 
Style: quick, swift, and on point
Strengths: great at hand to hand, lone range, and up close
Weaknesses: not good at mind game type things sometimes thinks to quickly on her feet
Hanshiro had a weird childhood. She never knew her dad and her mom had to take care of her and her older sister. when she was 14 her sister ran away and hanshrio became her alter ego, woman samurai 
JcArtSpace's avatar
May I use this or a modified version of this for my characters if I am not in the group?
Meibatsu's avatar
Yes, you may! Have fun!
DCLover5's avatar
Used Hope it's okay!
Meibatsu's avatar
Yep, it's fine to use! :>
Glad you found it helpful for your character!
Isilia-Delfore's avatar
Thanks for making this, here's what I did for it:…
Reg-D-Fanfiction's avatar
Is this free to use for any character? Or is this exclusive to the SGPA Group?

Because I would like to use it to help develop my character.
Meibatsu's avatar
You may use it to develop your characters if you want!
Just make sure to credit the group for where you found it. :>
Hojitsu's avatar
So, if I dont have photoshop where do I place my text profile to get it done along with the picture i drew?
Meibatsu's avatar
Oh, and in case you didn't already see, the profile you need to fill in for the photoshop stuff is here:…

So the place where it says to link your pictures, just link it to the image of your hero/villain and I can do the rest.
Meibatsu's avatar
Just submit it to the group. You can put the text profile as the picture's description if that's easiest for you.

I am now just getting back to looking over profiles though, so it might take a while! Sorry for the delay!
jessytessytavi's avatar
Holy crap. o.o

This is totally the most useful character template ever. Yoinking to use for helping to fill out a metric ton of characters floating around in my headspace. Will definitely link back to you, but I'm not sure how many of them will wind up on dA.

What's that Personality Alignment thing I've seen in some of the other profiles? It looks awesome and fascinating, but I don't know where to find it.
Meibatsu's avatar
Oh thanks! Glad you find it useful!

The personality thing is a "base of motivation" categorization I came up with myself (partially based off of Dungeons and Dragons alignments of lawfulness and goodness), so I don't know how useful it will be for you, but you can read about it and use it too if it interests you: [link]
jessytessytavi's avatar
Thanks so much! D&D alignments can be useful, but sometimes they're too generalized when I'm trying to really get into my characters' heads. Your archetype names are really good for conveying that. ^.^

Are you still unsure about some of the archetypes/icons you have listed? because they're giving me ideas...
Meibatsu's avatar
Yeah,. I'd still like suggestions for good archetypes if you can think of them! XD
Arachnid95's avatar
Hey, I love this template! In fact, I used it on one of my own characters and plan to use it for more: [link]
Meibatsu's avatar
Glad you find it useful for your characters! :>
Arachnid95's avatar
Also here's another one. ^^;
Do let me know if you don't want an update every time I use this... :XD:
Paralell-dragonhuman's avatar
hi i was wondering if theres anyone that can help me with the villan template for one of my ocs,i only have photoshop 8.0 and dont have any good experience with it.
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