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Myriad-Saga Form: Wil by Meibatsu Myriad-Saga Form: Wil by Meibatsu
For :iconmyriad-saga:! MY LAST CHARACTER OK?

Basic Stats:
Name: Wil (will)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Build: Average
Race: Sapien
Hair color: Mousey Brown-Grey (hair is starting to grey)
Eye color: Desaturated Hazel
Skin: Slightly tanned
Region of Birth: Ivora, city of Yuja.
Region: Ivora
Weapon(s): none (unless possibly hitting people with his bag counts)
Magic(s): none (though it seems like some magic is keeping his bag bound to him)

Battle Stats:
Strength: 3/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Stamina: 3/5
Magic: --
Weapon Handling: --
Intelligence: 5/5

Bigger image of him here and his reference sheet:
Myriad-Saga: Wil by Meibatsu Myriad-Saga: Wil Reference Sheet by Meibatsu

Wil has a very laid-back and subdued personality. He is generally polite and rarely loses his temper, but he also doesn't make any efforts to making or keeping friends. However, because of his honest and dependable demeanour, Wil has been able to make many friendly acquaintances over his lifetime. He tries to avoid getting himself too deep into any situation, as it only leads to more trouble for him, but he's often "encouraged" by others around him to partake in risks despite his nervousness. He grew up in poverty, so he isn't often one to give up his own time, energy, or belongings unless there is something he can get in return. He is very humble due to his humble beginnings, but underneath that is a quiet urge to seek out knowledge and truth in the world. He wears a Student's Insignia around his neck to show that he studies at Bellastiga University.

+ very intelligent / knowledge-seeking
+ honest
+ dependable and punctual
+ polite and calm
+ humble and respectful
+ tolerant
+ good listener
+ generally loyal / good for his word
+ penchant for helping others (though usually anonymously)
- adverse / nervous to any risk-taking that involves physical danger
- selfish (concerned primarily over his own goals--does things if there's something in it for him)
- can get into bouts of depressed resignation about his "fate"
- passive / compromises himself to avoid trouble with others
- doesn't stand up for himself
- not especially confident
- doesn't really have much to say about himself

* has no last name
* besides his intelligence, he's kind of an average guy all around
* extremely protective of his bag and research (even people touching it makes him nervous)
* when watching trouble going down in front of him, will usually turn right around and walk in opposite direction
* interjects with facts to correct people he overhears, but this is usually embarrassing or can lead to trouble, much to his chagrin
* often likes just being alone with his thoughts and research, even in a crowded area
* nurses drinks for hours (usually only takes little sips every few minutes)
* doesn't like gaining any attention for himself and usually tries to slip away from the spotlight if he can

gaining knowledge, gaining rare knowledge, researching, being comfortable and safe, nursing his drinks, quietly supporting local people, quiet snowfalls, his bag, exchanging information, trying out local customs and traditions, hearing folklore, being at the Bellastiga University to organize research

being in the spotlight, being in danger / impending doom, confrontations, losing information or research, people touching his bag, bad food and drink, spreading of ignorance, people trying to get too friendly and into his personal space, being caught stranded in a storm or uncomfortable environmental conditions

Both of his parents were working class poor, and were quite old by the time he was born, so he never got to interact with them much. Wil grew up in poverty, and his family often didn't have enough money to feed him all the time. In order to give him a better life and ensure he was fed and sheltered, he was sent to work in other families doing menial chores and tasks, and he rarely saw his parents since except for the occasional check up and hello on holidays. Wil still occasionally goes back home to see how they are doing, though they are both quite elderly now (in their late 60s).

Wil doesn't really put any effort into making or keeping friends, so he's never really had many close friendships in his life. He has many friendly or mutual acquaintances, however, Asfir the Helion blacksmith being one of them. He also generally has a friendly and respectful student-teacher relationship with Professor August, who in a way has been like a second mother to him.

Wil has not had much time to find many lovers due to his ongoing life of servitude and research. It's not high on his lists of priorities, and to be honest, he's not very confident that he'd be any good at it. He'd rather save everyone the trouble and awkwardness by not dealing with it at all. That is not to say that women haven't made attempts to get to know him better, but his seeming disinterest and lack of confidence eventually drives them away. He's just.. very inexperienced and awkward about it.

Sexual Orientation:
Heterosexual (I think). It sometimes borders on asexual since he often shows such little interest in intimate relationships in general.

Wil's skills are focused on his one strength: his intelligence. None of them are offensive skills for battle.

1. Research - Attack Power --/5 (4/5 effectiveness)
Wil is a very good student and researcher. He finds information from all sorts of sources (experimentation, observation, literature, cultural artifacts, gossip, folklore etc) and is able to analyze and synthesize them to come to well-thought out conclusions. He has a lot of knowledge stored inside his head and bag in general, and is a valuable source for other scholars, such as Professor August herself.

2. Translation - Attack Power --/5 (3/5 effectiveness)
Wil has been specializing in the study of the languages and cultures of Myriad for most of his time under Professor August. He's usually able to identify the origins of objects and artifacts, or has a good estimate or hypothesis about things. There are still a lot of mysterious things out there that he doesn't know about though, and he'd like to go and find out more about them himself.

3. Bond to Bag - Attack Power --/5 (4/5 effectiveness)
It's unknown whether it's Wil that is doing it, or the bag that is, but Wil has a bond with his bag that is on the supernatural side of things. His bag seems to only be unlockable by himself, and any efforts into tampering with or revealing the contents of the bag without Wil's consent seem to backfire. Wil says it doesn't have anything but research in it anyway (and maybe some lunch), but it's extremely important research to him, so he seems to defend the bag with his life. Originally, the bag was bought by Professor August. The handle of his bag can swing, and it also has straps on the back side to wear it as a backpack.

Wil was born to working class parents in Yuja, a city in Ivora near the Ivora-Lisadt borders. His parents were also both old by the time he was born (they were reaching their 50s), so the amount of work they could do was not enough to feed them all. Wil remembers days in his youth where he would be going hungry because they couldn't afford more than some bread or crackers. In order to help Wil have a better life, when he was old enough (around 7 years old), they had him work as a servant boy for various families to earn food and shelter.

Wil spent most of his youth doing odd jobs and menial tasks for people in Ivora, moving from household to household, pretty much learning how to read and write out of necessity and whatever kindness those households could bestow on him. His parents were only able to see him occasionally for holidays, and sometimes the travel would be too far for them, so visits became rare during the harsher winters. Years of servitude went by, until at age 15, he found himself a servant boy to a very stressed out Bellastiga University scholar. He worked for the scholar organizing his papers and fetching him meals for months, but the man was pretty grouchy with how poorly his research work was going. The scholar was trying to earn his Scholar's Insignia (comparable to PhD degree). Occasionally, they would get a visit from Professor Adrean August, who would dropp by to encourage or criticize the struggling scholar. Professor August was a highly-esteemed Myriad-renowned researcher and teacher of magic and technology, and also a Meizon who was particularly skilled in the magical arts herself. She came from Helion to Ivora because she found Helion was way too noisy for her, and she helped found the university with a few of her colleagues over thirty years ago.

Professor August was a well-humoured lady in her mid 50s at the time, and found Wil somewhat curious, always around quietly organizing and never speaking much. She started asking him questions about the research he was organizing for the scholar, wondering if he was ever curious about the things the scholar did. Much to her pleasant surprise, she found out that Wil was quite intelligent and knowledgeable on the matters the scholar covered (as he had to be to properly organize all of them), and seemed to display the potential for more. Professor August knew from then on that visits here would be much more pleasant with Wil around to discuss topics with intelligently. Unfortunately, the scholar there overheard this lighthearted conversation and became more petulant toward Wil for the next few months and became increasingly frustrated with his own research.

Professor August returned for a final visit one stormy winter after receiving word that the scholar was withdrawing from his Scholar's Insignia work. She was met with the scholar tearing through his research and burning his papers with Wil standing aside in quiet dismay, clutching onto a few important papers that he personally liked a lot. Professor August dismissed the scholar's behaviour as childish and unprofessional and asked quite plainly what he would need a servant boy for now tha he didn't have research to organize. The scholar, fuming at the time, shouted that Wil was no use to him and never was, and Wil knew he would be out of a job soon and would have to find a place to stay during the harsh winter period. Professor August asked Wil if he would come work for her instead, as she had tons of research he could be organizing and summarizing, and Wil agreed in relief.

Wil started living half the time in Professor August's home and half at the time at Bellastiga University (located between Bashpenst and the Lake of Circles, a large research university that could almost be a small town). Professor August found Wil increasingly impressive over the next couple of years. Instead of just being a research assistant, she began taking him on as a student, allowing him a full scholarship to study in the university (which really, was paid for by all his help in her labs and libraries). In order to get him started, Professor August told him to go buy himself a uniform and school supplies. However, noticing he didn't have much in ways of money (she's somewhat frugal on staff pay), she told him to dig in the back of one of her overflowing offices to scavenge for supplies. Wil was able to dig up what looked like an old medical bag and some pens and paper.

Professor August saw the bag and looked at it disdainfully, saying she remembered buying it nearly two decades ago, only to find out that she couldn't get it open, so she tossed it into the room and had to get another one. Wil was surprised and showed her that he just opened it a moment ago and demonstrated how easy it was. Professor August then attempted to shut and open it herself and found herself fumbling with it, unable to. The two experimented again and again, and started calling in others to try, but it seemed like the bag was cursed or sealed by some mysterious force that only Wil could unlock. Professor August concluded that the bag must be meant for him and congratulated him on finding it, saying that this could be his week's pay. Wil wasn't really happy with that, but he didn't dare complain and took his bag and meagre supplies with him to his new sparse dormitory. He became really attached to the bag and started carrying it with him everywhere.

During his studies as a student, Wil also met with an up-and-coming blacksmith from Helion named Asfir, who came to study for a time in Materials Sciences. Wil helped Asfir out with finding information for his research and Asfir started inviting him to bars and taverns to discuss research in a relaxed environment. Wil usually enjoyed Asfir's company until Asfir inevitably became increasingly drunk and rowdy as the night went on, by which point Wil usually excused himself and left Asfir to his own devices. Asfir left after about half a year of study, but the two still kept in occasional contact for when new discoveries came up or something interesting happened. Wil did well as a student and earned his Student's Insignia (the green brooch holding his cravat/scarf thing together -- it's like an undergraduate degree) after years of study and examinations. He specialized in Myriad Languages and Cultural studies (mix of anthropology and archaeology and linguistics).

Wil kept studying and working under Professor August and she began to challenge him to start research to obtain his Scholar's Insignia. The research could be anything he desired, as long as it was groundbreaking and could be of use to all of Myriad (whether or not it is groundbreaking is decided by a panel of elite scholars from the university itself, Professor August being one of them). Most scholars attempting to undergo the research mission quit after a few years though, and the scholar Wil used to work for was just one of the many causalities. Wil didn't really want to do it, as he was happy quietly studying within the university walls, but then Professor August began badgering and nagging him about it, and then threatened to fire him, so he obliged. Wil (with the help of Professor August) decided that he needed to explore Myriad to find out what could be discovered and what was needed to be known, and hopefully he'd be able to find his research topic and gather the necessary data to earn his Scholar's Insignia. His first stops will be to travel around Ivora and uncover its mysteries~!

Other Information:
Wil was a character created in 2008 (actually created AFTER Professor August--who is also one of my less developed characters! She has maybe 3-5 drawings in total and was inspired by Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia lol). Wil's a special guy with special reincarnation conditions that are kind of complex, so I guess I'll reveal it some other time. lol And like the theme goes with these characters, in the canon universe, he's also had run-ins with Heimdl.

Yes, I intend for him to be the hero here. XD I guess follow along with the inevitable artwork and try to find out how he does it! LOL

P.S. Although in the "meta-verse" he knows Heimdl, don't be confused that and don't start mentioning meta-verse stuff to Myriad-Wil a lot in RPs, because it won't make no sense. XD

Myriad-Saga (c) Vibiana
Wil obviously (c) to Meibatsu

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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LilWicky Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wil!!!! He didn't die!! He just swapped fandoms! !!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no. He died. He died a terrible horrible death! XD
Wil: .__. ... Great.

But reincarnation is his thing so.. it's uhm.. kind of okay! LOL
LilWicky Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:noes: Nuu! Wil! QAQ

Sorta! XD
SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wahahaha....I Professor Rainnnne. XDDD Wil didn't even want to be a fancy pants scholar, but he left because Professor August kept badgering him LOL. It's those that don't seek glory that get it, right?? WIL I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR WORK <3
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wil: .. :l .. I ah.. well.. *nods in resignation* Professor August expects a lot out of me, apparently.
SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha! Please be careful on your travels, Wil! *__* At least you are a safe 6' tall haha...
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wil: I make efforts to be careful, but some situations seem dangerous to get into regardless.. :l
August: Oh, come now. What is research without risk? The best minds can glean groundbreaking information from the worst circumstances. You'll do fine. I'm fifty percent sure of it~
Wil: .. :l I'm not even the best of minds... *sighs, packs extra food and provisions* If I'm leaving my fate up to chance anyway, making packing extra wont' even make a difference..
SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes....the life of the active researching scholar will be filled with treacherous adventures, huh? u__u
Taking extra won't hurt, not unless an enraged bear is chasing you and your pack is too fat and you can't fit in a safe hidey-hole! 8D
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wil: :l ... ... *stares at extra food, sighs, packs anyway* Well, if I'm going to die, I may as well die on a full stomach instead of an empty one.
August: That's the spirit. You're a real scholar in the making. xD *pats his shoulder* And don't forget to send reports back weekly. You need to stay accountable for using your time wisely in your research journey.
Wil: ... *nods reluctantly since mail can get expensive depending on location*
SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man....I can just imagine how expensive mail can get if technology is only really just starting. XD;; Even magic-powered mail could take quite a while to get to the intended recipient!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's right! LOL Which is why I wondered if I should make some postal worker NPCs, like my elvesss.. hahah~ But that would mean more characters and I don't know if elves exist anyway, so.. >_>
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Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
Haha, he's cute. His personality, too!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha.. he's like the LEAST heroic of all the characters I entered too. XD
Oh boy.. gonna take some effort to hero him up.
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Well, any good story needs a good transformation of some sort. His will just be epic. From not-so-heroic to heroic xD
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wil: Euhh.. I don't know about that.. -._-. Sounds.. kind of dangerous.
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Who says you get a choice >:D
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wil: :l ....There's.. always a choice involved. *sigh* Though I suppose I often go with the on I'm told to.
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
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