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Myriad-Saga Form: Asfir by Meibatsu Myriad-Saga Form: Asfir by Meibatsu
For :iconmyriad-saga:! Okay, one more after this dude.. Maybe. XD

Basic Stats:
Name: Asfir (azz-feer)
Age: 28
Gaia Calender Birthdate: 182nd Judge of Gemini in the Order of the Orange Luminary (Year 4168, 3rd Month, 3rd Day).
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 7"
Build: Athletic / toned body.
Race: Meizon-Hybrid (half meizon from father and a mix of races from mother)
Hair color: Silvery White
Eye color: Red with a ring of dark crimson. Pupils not seen.
Skin: Deep Copper
Region of Birth: Otas Village, Lisadt (northwest of Precaria Forest)
Region: Helion
Weapon(s): modified 3.5 foot Tower Shield in the shape if his family's crest.
Magic(s): Light & Dark Element.

Battle Stats:
Strength: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Magic: 2/5
Weapon Handling: 3/5
Intelligence: 4/5

Bigger image of him and his reference sheet here:
Myriad-Saga: Asfir by Meibatsu Myriad-Saga: Asfir Reference Sheet by Meibatsu

Asfir is a tall, friendly, and generally good-humoured guy with a penchant for making profits. He's a regular Helion entrepreneur! When conducting business, Asfir is usually jovial, cordial, and well-mannered. He tries to make a good impression and softens his boasting with self-deprecating humour. However, when "off duty", Asfir tends to let himself go a little wild, and quite enjoys women, wine, and song.. His good manners are replaced with rough and rowdy behaviour and general snarkiness. Because of this, and his very mixed and unclear origin, not everyone thinks Asfir is quite sincere with his friendliness. Some people feel he's a bit two-faced and question his true intentions. Though he takes anything people say about him in stride, good or bad, he feels compelled to prove himself. ..Though he's still unsure about what he needs to prove and how. He has a deep respect for his parents' heritages, even though he doesn't know very much about either of them. Perhaps he makes shields as a way to protect others while they are away from him. He's not quite sure but accepts it as a possibility.

+ friendly and accepting (will play nice with pretty much anyone)
+ generous / helps out friends
+ business-savvy / industrious
+ intelligent
+ good-humoured
+ enjoys life
+ hard-working and ambitious
+ sense of duty
- comes off as two-faced / insincere / smarmy
- disruptive and boisterous during his "off time" (bouts of snarkiness, especially among friends)
- hides and bottles up frustrations
- easily coerced into "helping" his friends against his better judgment
- anger and grief over parents' death not yet dealt with -- postponed indefinitely
- frugal -- sometimes overly so

* fetish for red-haired women
* "rockstar" attitude on off time
* lets people sleep on his couch and only his couch if they sleep over at his place
* hair doesn't "float" much like a full Meizon, instead, it gently sways to his left side, so he usually pats or gels most of it down to keep it out of his way while he's working. Off duty though, he'll let it do its own thing
* occasionally laments about being single despite the fact that he chooses to stay single
* his shield is his "weapon"
* no last name as it was "revoked" by his uncle after a falling out between them

making money, gaining friends, helping friends out, learning about material sciences and shields, drinking, singing, partying, red-haired women, playing pranks/trolling very close friends, having a good laugh, closing shop at exactly the designated time, exploring Myriad, shield-planting people, riding airships, tinkering with new technology

explaining in depth about his ancestry/heritage, being judged for his looks or heritage, losing out on profits, things that might cause Helion to fall from the sky and crash, riding on boats / hates getting seasick, being taken advantage of, people banging on his shields before paying, wasting money, stuff breaking on him, people who are just overall rotten (though he'll play nice if it's business)

His parents are both deceased and he never really took the time to grieve. He never got the chance to ask either of them very much about their heritages and lives, so he in turn doesn't know in detail about himself. He later is adopted by his uncle in the city of Tri-Corners to work as an apprentice blacksmith. He has a falling out with his uncle though, and decides to move to Helion and peddle his trade there.

Asfir makes friends fairly easily because he's a friendly and generous guy. He fosters business relationships with a lot of his friends, and this has led him to being fairly well off. Most of his friends include other blacksmiths, Helion soldiers, and tavern owners and bar maids.

Asfir can get pretty wild on his off time and tends to have flings on his travels. He occasionally has a few girls he returns to, but nothing committal since he doesn't feel ready for that in his life.

Sexual Orientation:
Heterosexual -- did he mention the ladies with red hair? He really likes ladies with red hair!

Asfir uses magic to augment his shield skills. He doesn't usually fight, but if he has to, he is usually able to hold his own. Due to his low proficiency with magic, he usually needs to channel magic using incantations and a medium/implement, such as his shields.

1. Blacksmith - Attack Power --/5 (4/5 effectiveness)
Asfir is a pretty good blacksmith. He can repair and make all sorts of things as long as he has a good blueprint for them. He is somewhat expensive with his pricing, but his products are high quality. He specializes in making shields, which are known for excellent quality. They are sure to prove effective against the Valorian Army when it attacks.

2. Shield Proficiency - Attack Power --/5 (4/5 effectiveness)
Asfir is proficient with shield use and can block or parry most incoming physical attacks rather easily, especially from melee weapons. His personal shield is fairly sturdy and strong, but it does require maintenance after each battle to ensure its soundness.

3. Shield Bash - Attack Power 3/5
Asfir uses his own strength and his shield to bash it against someone, usually throwing them off their feet and/or breaking their nose. He is able to break bones as well if he can crush the person with the edge of the shield. >_> He's a little slow at using this since he needs to gather his strength and shove, so the target should be standing relatively still for the bash to connect.

4. Light Wall (Light) - Attack Power --/5 (3/5 effectiveness)
Asfir casts a light spell on his shield so that it makes reflections of his shield and extends its protective range (usually adds about 3 feet all around the shield so he gets a 8.5 foot x 10.5 foot barrier). This is especially effective against warding off attack spells from enemies. Weak spells actually get reflected / bounce back. The wall of light breaks down after a few heavy hitting spells are absorbed. It's not as effective against physical attacks, but will slow them down and soften their impact slightly (arrows and stuff can still pierce through the extended shield range).

Shelter the body and stay the blows
Bolster my spirit wherever it goes...

5. Light Hammer (Light) - Attack Power 4/5
Asfir charges his shield with light energy so that it's somewhat blinding. This energized shield gets a laser-like edge to it so that it can be used to cut through armour (or flesh), but cuts a little less cleanly than a knife due to the bluntness of the shields he uses usually. The Light Hammer is strong enough to break through most regular quality armour and shields (and can cut through a limb). It only lasts for 10 seconds though, and damages the shield he's using, so he doesn't resort to this ability often.

May all the fools
Who dare stand in my path
Be destroyed by the fury
of Ith's channelled wrath!

+ 6. Shadow Forge (Dark) - Attack Power 4/5 (Dec, 5, 2012)
Asfir charges his shield with dark energy until it becomes a vortex that eats away at light. This shadowy spectre extends about 1 foot around his shield, absorbing energy and lifeforce into it. Weak spells are absorbed and converted into stamina energy for Asfir, while stronger spells are partially absorbed and partially pass right through the shield (and can hit him). If an enemy is attacked or bashed with the shield, their body starts disintegrating as their lifeforce is drained and passed onto Asfir, healing him. The Shadow Forge closes after absorbing enough energy (whatever 1 life is worth!), and the shield itself is destroyed in the process, dissipating into shadowy mist. However, if Asfir does not satiate the Shadow Forge in a short time, it can end up feeding off of him instead, and it's possible for him to lose his life if he's not mindful of that. Due to the double-edged nature of this ability, he rarely uses it. Plus, the skill doesn't exactly help his reputation..

Deep unto the widening gyre
All senses lost, all actions bound
Gaze upon the end you've wrought
And twisted fate your soul has bought!

Asfir was born on Lisadt in Otas Village, which is located near the northwest Valorian borders. His father was a Meizon. That much he knows. However, he was never too sure about his mother's ancestry, and she never really bothered explaining it to him. Instead, his father, who was much prouder of his Meizon heritage, told Asfir about the floating city of Helion and all the wondrous technology that was being made there.

While growing up, people often questioned Asfir about how his mother and father got together and made fun of his half-assed looks (his hair being especially flat for a meizon, and having weird red eyes and dark skin--maybe arkana-based?). Rumour was it, his mother was a savage mix-breed of all sorts that had seduced Asfir's father and got herself knocked up. He being a pure and honorable Meizon man, decided to stay with her and raise their child. Asfir took it all in stride and tried not to fight back too hard against malicious rumours, and usually shrugging or agreeing to get people off his back. He himself didn't question it. In fact, it seemed like the more others questioned it, the less interested he became.

When Asfir was around 11 years old, a Valorian attack near the Lisadt border motivated his parents to go fight with the rest of the adults to defend the town. Though the defense of the town was successful, neither of his parents made it back. Somewhat bewildered along with other newly orphaned children, Asfir and the others were instructed to be proud of their parents, and he kind of accepted the sentiment and did his best to move on. In fact, he didn't go through a long grieving period like many of the other children who had lost one or both parents or even siblings in the attack. His lack of understanding of why this had to happen and his disconnect from others led him to dissociate from the grieving that others went though.

After a year of living among the other orphans, he received word that he had an uncle in the City of Tri-Corners who is willing to take him in. Asfir headed over to live with him and became his apprentice blacksmith.

Asfir trains with his uncle for years and becomes quite good, but his uncle later marries and his uncle's wife is not so supportive of having someone else's child around (especially some weird mix breed..). Asfir is offended, but tells his uncle he understands and it is time to leave since he's 18 anyway. However, his uncle doesn't want him to go, since Asfir's good at what he does, helps make good money, and helps build the workshop's reputation. Asfir's uncle tries to convince Asfir to stay as an employee under him. Asfir feels slighted as it was implied he would become the successor, not just an employee. They argue and it escalates until Asfir decides to just leave all of it behind. Asfir travels to Helion and begins apprenticing again for a different blacksmith to get his foot in the door and his name out there. At age 22, Asfir is able to establish a shop of his own and begins receiving commissions from the Helion military.

At age 25, Asfir decides to study in Material Sciences at Bellistiga University in Ivora to gain more edge in the blacksmithing field. It was expensive, but he had the cash to do it after years of hard work and frugality! There, he meets Wil, a new student at the university who seemed to hang around the libraries clutching onto his suitcase all the time. Asfir starts talking to him for research help, and over the next few weeks, they become something of drinking buddies (though Wil had never been too friendly or inviting). Asfir returns to Helion months later with renewed knowledge and gusto for creating armor, and especially shields. After years of hard work, Asfir obtains a contract to work under the Helion Queen's Army and is now doing very well for himself.

However, tensions between Myriad and Valoria have been flaring up again recently, and Asfir finds himself working longer hours to get his commissions and repairs done. He decides to establish strict work and break times and is looking forward to his self-enforced vacation in order to shake off the growing mood of war.

Other Information:
Asfir was a character also created in 2010 and knows Heimdl! Haha.. patterns.. He's actually Heimdl's best friend!
Anyway, he originally was made as the offspring of a pegesus man (gentle and noble~!) and griffon woman (savage and warrior creed), hence the adapting his story to a meizon man and .. .. mixed woman (maybe she's part sapien-arkana-drakian-krome.. who knows! Just like griffons are a mix of all sorts of animals!). They also die in a war situation (pegesus-serpent war!), leaving him to go look for his uncle in a larger city and become an apprentice blacksmith.

P.S. Although in the "meta-verse" he knows Heimdl, don't be confused that and don't start mentioning meta-verse stuff to Myriad-Asfir a lot in RPs, because it won't make no sense. XD

Myriad-Saga (c) Vibiana
Asfir obviously (c) to Meibatsu

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL
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Very interesting design and i like your shading-style ^.^
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! XD
Enthaga Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
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Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Asf: Are you now? xD *smiles in pleasure* I warn you though, I'm not ready for a full commitment.
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Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think half my life is spent on making characters that I think are fun.. so.. XD
I have had lot7s of practice!

I also feel the compulsion to draw all the time, so I end up with many filled sketchbooks or scrap papers with new characters and stuff. XD It's getting kind of hard to keep track of.
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Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Oh man, you always make your characters sound so realistic! It's almost like I could actually meet this guy in person. *-*

Hm...I haven't seen any red-headed women, and the fact that he's a non-comital guy was a pretty good idea. This way, at least, not everyone will attack long as they actually read the profile, that is. Regardless, he just looks so awesome!
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Do I?! Some of them are complete jokes! XD But I guess I end up fleshing them out with motivations and stuff to explain their messed up behavior.. LOL I would try to befriend him muchly if I knew him in person. XD Though I dunno.. I guess I would be put off a little by her salesmanship skills. Cringing the whole way. XD

Hahaheh! I know! Surprising no red haired gals showed up yet! It is more realistic if they don't read his complete profile! XD Then they'd try to hit on him and see if it sticks and he can shoot them down if they ask for something serious? Hahaha.. XD
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
Oh, with me, I think I would try to befirend him. . . then I would give up, I think. . .

Ah, that's true. It's really hard to act normal when you've read a person's whole character and life. I just use it to avoid bad keywords and stuff. Last thing I need is an argument between characters, you know? Oh, man, I can imagine the fun of that. "Hey, we've been pretty close lately . . ." "Are you talking commital? I don't do commital" Oh, the hilarity xD
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: Give up? You don't have to give up befriending me! I'm a nice guy. Becoming friends with me is eaaasy~ (:

It's never that fun getting into an actual argument when you're RPing with them.. but I sure enjoy watching drama unfold from others.. o__o
Cat for example.. causing the drama! LOL
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Haha, fine. I won't give up that easy, then.

Yeah, it's really annoying to see other people trying to act on character's triggers. I've been in several instancees where I'm surprised that an actual fight didn't break out.
It's hard to tell if Cat causes the drama, or if the owner doesn't really know how to control a female character...or give her any depth, for that matter. Everything's just geared to drama.
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think.. there should be more established rules to RPing or examples of what a good RP should look like. XD
Some people are just not very good at it? (I think I'm decent, but who knows.. so subjective!)

Maybe that's just the character (benefit of doubt). >___> Always seems to be one in an anime/show anyway!
Kay-is-Dreaming Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Yeah, that would actually be a bit helpful. Like the appropriate ways to act when in groups, or form, interaction, etc. But in the bounds of a character's personality. And some people just need practice to get better, that's all. I would say how yours is, except we never RP ^^; And most people actually do pretty well in this group.

That's possible, but it's a bit too optimist for my tastes.
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know how chat RPs even look. Maybe I should pop in when they're happening. >_> Is one going on right now?
If I chatted at all, it would be filled with typos. I have clumsy hands when it comes to typing. XD

I would be too bitter a person if I didn't hope for the best. XD My true elitism powers know no bounds!
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SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
OH NO....slightly listing hair lol! XDDD I like that take on partial Meizon hair hehe~

Hwwwrrgh you're so good at making up powers! Asfir seems super useful ahahah and it's great to have a blacksmith character! *__*
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: It is pretty annoying.. like a constant state of static cling in my hair.. *huffs and smooths it back* Thank you. I do think I could be an asset to any city or country.

Making up powers and skills is so fun. All them RPGs I play get put to use~ XD
gigglesalot Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student General Artist
He's awesome!
All of the red haired women. lol
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: Thank you, my lady~! And yes.. EVERY ONE OF THEM! ALL LOVELY.
gigglesalot Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student General Artist
No problem! So, you're a Black Smith I hear?
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: *nods* Indeed I am. Why do you ask? Do you have some items that need repairs Perhaps you're looking to purchase a shield?
gigglesalot Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Well, I know a Black Smith... but may I see your wares?
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: Why, of course! Feel free to puruse and feel the quality.. Just.. just don't start banging on everything. >_> If you really need to test one out, then I have demonstration units. *lowering display windows to show breast plates, shields, and legwear*
gigglesalot Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I know, parents always telling me "Don't touch anything". But these are lovely!! You have a real talent!! Sol would like these.
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asf: Of course! I pride myself on my quality equipment? Sol? Ah yes, I'd love to help equip him! You should tell him to drop by. *smiles*
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