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Heimdl - The Armour Master by Meibatsu Heimdl - The Armour Master by Meibatsu
April 9, 2014.

Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS4.

Heimdl Heimdl Heimdl~~~ Yaaaay~~ I finally go around to making a more finalized version of this:
This didn't take as long as I thought, so I am pleased. XD

This is Heimdl in Season 2! He's revealing himself a lot more because I guess he realized he didn't need quite as much protection as he anticipated (maybe he figures a bunch of threats aren't so threatening after all //totally godmodded, guys!). Still the same age as he always is: eternally old lol. His jacket has armour pieces on the sleeves, shoulders, back, and hood. Apparently the jacket doesn't close up because I left out any buttoning or zipping mechanisms. xD But I guess it's more like a cape and is there to look cool. I don't know. He also has pouches for little bits and pieces for tooling and the metal blocks on his belt are compartments for more tooling items of some sort (probably bolts and bits of ore).

He's not quite a demon (though some may feel he is!), and his overall presence is really tenuous, kind of creepily feeling as if he doesn't really exist (maybe because he's a troll character! lol). His true form is actually a giant turtle-like being, but he also has an anthro form between human and turtle/dinosaur, and I wanted to mirror the other images I did of the incubus guys, so you get to see that form~ Perhaps it's a clue to why he comes across as so invulnerable!

In SGPA, he's more of a joke NPC, where he sometimes has the role of hanging around shady alleyways peddling armour or defensive items if you can trade something good with him.. Unfortunately, he's usually a grumpy jerk who will refuse a transaction andf will instead say mean things to people who bug him, so I guess he's more like an urban legend to SGPA characters. xD (He is probably secretly lusting after Altaire too during this whole time, but he's supposed to only be a troll presence so like.. hahaha.. saaaaaaaaaaaaad).

It is no secret that Heimdl is one of my favouritest characters.. and probably because I really enjoy jerks with hearts of gold.. but does he really have a heart of gold? >___> I actually made him in the first place so I wouldn't focus so much on Hiryuu (an incubus character who overall was actually a sociopath!). And well, it worked! Perhaps too well? Because now I focus on Heimdl a lot. >____>;;

You can learn more about his skills from his season 1 character profile here:
SGPA - Young Justice - Heimdl by Meibatsu

Bigger detail image of his face:
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