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Dysta - Locrian Cosmology

April 29, 2009.

JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.

Oh look, ANOTHER new character. XD

I was going into one of my modes where I was thinking about the types of games I would want to design and play. So here's the heroine of a game I'd like to play!

The game would be half Fire Emblem/Tactics Ogre/sRPG style, and half Starfox 64 rail shooter style!

First game of the series is called Locrian Cosmology: Return to Logos.

Story goes that there is a a lot of discord in the universe and wars are popping up. Dysta is an unlucky spirit that gets shaken out of her dimensional plane because of the discord, Logoia (some would say that's the plane "God" resides in). She falls through 7 planes and hits the physical plane with a smack.

She wakes up and sees four girls looking down on her. They mention how she's all glowy and they can't really see her because she's a spirit. There are then Ogre Battle-like questions/choices for you to change Dysta's look a little. For instance, Dysta at first in her daze thinks that one of the girls might be her sister. Depending on your choice, Dysta's hair changes colour. There's also a choice to say that you don't see your sister, and that makes it a different colour. You can also change her eye and skin colours. The drawing you see here are Dysta's default/canon colours. :>

Anyway, then a battle breaks out and you and the other four girls have to fight for survival! The battle is played out Fire Emblem style! XD Dysta is a unique unit in that she can mimic the stats of her team members, so you choose who's mental/magic, strength, defense stats you want to duplicate into Dysta. The more stats you mimic from another person, the better synchronization you have with them, which will give you critical or defensive bonuses. Some of Dysta's stats are also affected by the AVERAGE of the other units in her party, so it's good not to leave anyone lagging behind in levels too much!

Anyway, the girls decide they want to help Dysta go back home, so each "world" has a few battles to go through. You can also buy equipment and stuff. By the end of the world, Dysta gains the ability to penetrate the next plane, but with only enough power to take 3 others with her (you have to leave one of your units behind (for the first world, there's a pre-selected mandatory unit that leaves). Then you go on a plane-penetration section of the game, which will consist of the shooter style portion! XD The other 3 units play as your wingmen (who will be YOUR Slippy Toad? LOL). Dysta shoots magic and uses her spear for that "barrel roll" defense. :>

Then you bust into the next world and gather 4 more units.. go through the maps again and save their world in some limited way, and leave everyone behind except for 3 when you penetrate through the next plane (it's like you're gaining enlightenment each time for your other units!). The game ends when you reach Logoia again, but you enter Logoia alone.

Then comes the sequel of the game! Locrian Cosmology: Descent to Malkuth!

The first member you left behind all the way from the physical plane is in deep trouble, and Dysta feels she must go back and help her! Dysta must find a way to travel back through the planes, and she finds out the way to do so is through the Sephiroth, the first gate being Kether. This is a branching paths one, ala the actual Tree of Life layout. You meet new people again as you make your way back to helping your friend, each time losing some power!

I figure the series would continue to explore other types of cosmologies of earth, including going through the 9 hells, the 7 heavens, the Yggdrasil, etc etc. It's Edutainment! XD

Anyway, yes, I am totally super nerdy.

Don't steal my game idea!
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This sounds like an epic game! I would totally buy it! ^.^

It's really cool to see where Dysta came from.
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dude nintendo should be giving you money to use the idea lol
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Really nice character design, and the game idea is awesome, too :D .
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One day when I have enough money, I'll get a company to make my game!lol
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merit's avatar
mishmash of characters LOLL
Meibatsu's avatar
LOL.. it's kinda like the 3 GKs combined and younger!
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Awesome, I love her hair and cape thingy. ^^6 Good jorb.
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Yah, the cape if my favourite part of the costume. XD
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