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These planes were created when death arose and split existence into separate planes. The planes remained "liquid" and many beings were able to travel from one plane to another as long as they had the energy to. Another large event with two universes colliding caused the planes to become locked, making it almost impossible to travel between planes. Access to the planes was restored through installing entities that could act as "gate keepers". The planes are not really "stacked" one on top of the other (like, you don't have to go through the Sea of Sheol from the phsyical plane to reach the Dream Scape, and you don't have to go through the Astral Plane to Reach the Mental Plane). It's just that you need to go through the right gatekeepers to get to certain planes or levels in each plane. What's the difference between a plane and a level? Levels are usually grouped together as a plane according to similarity of composition, but the lines can get blurry.

Logoic Plane:
The source of mana and energy for all creations in existence.

Monadic Plane:
The plane where Fate is most active and creates the code and blueprint for the past and future of the universe.

Atmic Plane:
The planes where the "gods" and higher entities with grand influence and authority rest because it allows a lot of access to strings of Fate.

    2. "Higher Heaven":
Where the highest conscious beings can create entities to manage and guide the mechanisms of the universe. I would not say any one entity governs the entire level, but some have established a base of power here, such as godheads and their archangels.

    1. "Lower Heaven":
Where the highest conscious beings can create entities to empower and guide other entities of the universe. A few beings reside here who govern spirits that reside within entire planets other complex or systems.

Bhuddic Plane:
A plane mainly made of information, language, and history.

    3. The Harmonic Score:
A level filled with streams of music, chants, and prayer. Many angelic choirs reside here, singing of the glory of the universe and their creators.

    2. The Akashic Records:
There is an assigned keeper of history as a gatekeeper into this level, who may be considered this level's governor although he is more like a janitor/scribe. This level holds all the information and records of everything that has ever happened in the universe. Some Akashic Records are locked as other beings have taken a stake of "territory" for some of the information found in the records.

    1. Inferno of Purgatory:
This level is ungoverned. Considered to be on the lowest level of the Bhuddic Plane. This is where souls and entities experience karmic punishment and cleansing. If the entity is not completely destroyed, they may come out as a purified being.

Mental Plane:
A plane mainly made of thoughts, ideas, and logic. Many angels work on this plane.

    5. Seat of Truth:
It is said that very often, the Majesty Coatl will enter this level to view the other planes. It is believed that many great philosophers have accessed this level, and from it have glimpsed into the deeper workings of the universe.

    4. Empire of Coaxos:
The Majesty Coatl is the entity that governs and acts as the gatekeeper to this level. This level is composed of abstract thoughts and concepts. Majesty Coatl uses ambassadors to communicate with
other planes.

    3. Engine of Law:
The Majesty Coatl assigns many gatekeepers to govern and maintain this level. This level is made of logic and math, and usally is considered a very strict and rule-governed place.

    2. Stream of Thought:
On this level, the thoughts of entities can be heard, although it can become difficult to decipher one entitiy's thoughts from the next. Concrete thoughts make up most of this level, sometimes appearing as images, words, sounds, smells, or other sensations.

    1. Chasm of Narakh:
This level is ungoverned. Considered to be on the lowest level of the Mental Plane. Entities that come through here enter into an endless whirl of fragments of information that usually make no sense. It is believed that entities that enter here inevitably go mad, leading to some of the most abhorrent demons (because they don't reason or use logic).

Astral Plane:
Made of 7 levels. A plane mainly made of feeling, desire, and emotion. The Astral Plane has had many Gate Keepers, but the most notable is the Golden Emperor / Emperor of Dreams. He mainly governs the Dream Scape and Astral Sea, which are the higher tier levels of the Astral Plane. He most often facilitates passage to the Astral Plane through the Dream Scape level. He further assigned others to be smaller gate keepers to help him govern and meddle with the entire plane.

    7. River of Light:
This level is ungoverned as pretty much nothing happens here. It is considered to be the upper level of the Astral Planes. To some it looks like an infinite, bright, white, blank, and silent space. Others have viewed it as an endless field made of glowing white flowers or an ocean of stars.

    6. Astral Sea:
The Emperor of Dreams peripherally governs this level/monitors its activity. A region of light and sound where entities can travel instantly by thought. It is unaffected by time and is home to many entities who wish to remain undisturbed or dormant (it is very difficult for beings to interact with one another on this level). This level is generally considered peaceful, as beings usually just pass through one another or appear and disappear to different places all the time.

    5. Dream Scape:
The Emperor of Dreams governs this level. The place were dreams and the effects of emotions usually take place. It is always changing to reflect an entity's disposition.

    4. Realm of Deception:
The King of Nightmares has reign over this level, although the Emperor of Dreams will often interfere. A labyrinth. Contains the Land of Mirages and Forest of Illusions, which are wild lands for wandering and wild spirits. It is a known nesting ground for spiritual incubi and succubi, who drag victims down from the Dream Scape.

    3. Land of the Dead:
The Emperor of Dreams does not govern this level, and he considers it out of his jurisdiction. A place where many dead souls and spirits go, but is also home to many eccentric entities that want a slower-paced life than that found on the Dream Scape. As one travels closer to the Underworld, the region becomes darker and quieter.

    2. The Underworld:
An Arch Angel is assigned to guard the gates to the Underworld. However, the level itself is possibly governed by another being. Some have interpreted this level as "Hell". Contains
the rivers Styx (hate), Lethe (forgetfulness/oblivion), Archeron (sorrow/woe), Cocytus (lamentation/regret), Phlegethon (fire/pain). The rivers also flow into the Pool of Lethe (forgetfulness) and Pool of
Mnemosyne (memory). The pools are deep wells that lead downwards to the Waters of Sheol.

    1. Sea of Sheol:
This level is ungoverned. Considered to be on the lowest level of the Astral Plane. This is where souls and entities become "lost" and suspended in limbo, usually forever.

Physical Plane:
Everyone's familiar with this one! Mainly made of physical matter and the forces that make physical matter "work".

    9. Liminal State:
A level where it's impossible to predict the outcomes of an action. It's hard to know if something does or does not exist on this level.

    8. Apathic State:
A level made of opposing and neutralizing energy. This is where matter gets "cancelled out".

    7. Sympathic State:
A level made of simulating and replicating energy. This is where matter gets "cloned".

    6. Etheric State:
A level made of subatomic polarities and fluctuations that are not easily perceived. Many spirits reside and hide out of sight on this level.

    5. Plasmic State:
A level made of high and frantic energy.

    4. Gaseous State:
A level made of gases, easily dispersed matter.

    3. Liquid State:
A level of of liquids, malleable matter.

    2. Solid State:
A level of solids, stable or structured matter.

    1. Fields of Iaru (Elysium):
This level is ungoverned. Considered to be on the lowest level of the Physical Plane. It is often mistaken for "heaven". It has a very similar reflection to the other levels on the physical plane, except that
matter is much more balanced and stable, which can be interpreted as eternally peaceful. Entities that enter here usually fall into the gentle lull of the level and choose to remain here.

Shadow Plane:
This plane is believed to be ungoverned, and is also believed to be a source of gravity. A plane where consciousness is dormant, and "life" is almost not alive. A lot of "leftovers" settle deep into this plane,
acting like a glue that keeps the other planes together.

Fractal Plane:
This plane is believed to be ungoverned, and is also believed to be a source of expansion. A plane that fluctuates, pushes, and pulls on the matter and mana of other planes, keeping them separate from one another.

(Information here is Copyright of / Strawberry Ink Studio 2012)

December 2012.

I am just displaying info for future reference and also to show you more of why I do the things I do... hahahah~

This is a cosmology, pretty much how the universe is put together. (separate dimensions/planes of existence and metaphysical stuff like that!)
It's inspired from all the fascinating things I've read (mythology, occult, new age, etc), dreams I've had, and just plain sitting down and thinking about it.

Obviously, this is how the universe is REALLY set up and I just revealed to you one of the greatest secrets. XD

Different characters of mine exist in different levels, making some of them seem more like spirits or deities.

If you were able to read through this stuff without your head exploding from how abstract it gets, then congrats!

These ideas are organized in a very specific manner to support my universe/storyline so obviously, don't steal them. XD

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iammirgarcia Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah! Engine of Law.. you can just imagine the strict churning of code for the universe's physics or something! For me it speaks into my higher imagination of what transcends our known reality. Like if you've ever lucid-dreamed or had a bizarre dream where you're stuck witnessing the workings of your own brain or are in the back of the projection room instead of being in the dream itself. :9 Delicious symbols! I am into all the meaning backed behind it. Or small things like "circles represent spirit/oneness/void, crosses are physical plane, crescents receptive spirituality" etc. Small things like that speaking to a subconscious/primal understanding of the world.
The structures of the planes links heavily with the elemental system I made, and centering around everything seems to be an "out of chaos springs structure, from structure it devolves back into chaos" kind of mentality. I think overall it matches my philosophy about life, that everyone is inherently chaotic and meaningless, but we can still find patterns, build from it, and decide meaning on our own. Even above Fate and Law and Karma and whatever blueprints and hierarchies in the universe, it all comes to primordial chaos and possibility, so there is not a true "direction" or compulsion or "should", but I think unless you want to despair at it all, the conclusion I go with is that I want to enjoy and celebrate many different parts of it. Hahaha.. my little overall life philosophy!
>>> imagine the strict churning of code for the universe's physics or something
First of all, this. Is an awesome image of utter awesomeness. :D

So I'm trying to slog through Jung and he had this whole bit about the symbol being the bridge between the rational and the irrational. Mmm, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. It's kind of a magical work that we do, trying to unite sense and nonsense, and create meaning from the meaningless universe. And I think "celebrate" is a pretty brilliant philosophy of life! It's also pretty scary though. There's all that Nothing underneath us, and the people who've already got Organized Somethings, they take a dim view of people trying to sculpt Nothingness into Something Else.

Random question, though: the kingdoms of the pegesyu, griffons, unicorns, etc. are all of those in the physical plane? And since Sato is a spirit, does he also have an existence in the astral plane?
Meibatsu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
:9 I am taking forever to reply, so apologies!.. haha!

I haven't even read Jung myself! Just snippets of things, but I like that! I like the idea that symbols are bridges, speaking to a kind of universal unconsciousness!
Haha! Yes.. I think it's because.. it's pretty scary to be the "creator"; to in a way, take every responsibility for one's life and meaning and accept it as it is. I can sort of understand people's reluctance to that kind of role, especially when overall most people are powerless to change a lot in their lives. It's like saying "this life is your job!" but not equipping them with much to guarantee the job will get done well. It's kind of nice to just point to the "boss" or "manager" and say that person/force was the one who decided it all.

Most of them are! The Aeolian kingdom or whatever is made up of the sky/spiritual word. Faerie domain is also partially physical but also partially within a pocket dimension or something. Admantine (caves/earth) and Aqeos kingdoms I think are also a bit half and half. I guess they are like ancient primary force kingdoms that later coalesce and give rise to the spirits that start inhabiting the physical plane.
Sato's existence is heavily attached to the physical plane via the forest. Maybe the entire forest "generates" a sub-plane/sub-dimension in a way, but also because he's so weakened and decided to seek refuge in a physical body, he's less present in the astral plane than a regular forest god would be.
TheAstronomicon Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Knowing quite a bit about astral theology and mystic thought I have to say this is one of the better cosmologies I've read in a very long time. It's not perfect (perfect being unable to exist in this case as each 'path' of thought differs in how it looks at the plains; misuse of planes by the way in this opinion) but it's very very good. The cosmology is well written, clear and definitive it explains each level and each subdivision of the various plains and their inherent purpose.

Certainly more thought and effort went into your work than I have seen in at least three to four years. I see no reason to nitpick through this, you certainly don't need any subtle advice or to be told what to talk about seeing as you more than evidently have some sort of idea what you're doing.

So, well done, well done indeed.
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