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Hey, I've been busy with work for these past few months, but I've had a lot of followers telling me they're seeing this website called Teechip selling my Zora's Domain painting (with the watermark cropped, which is disgusting). They've also now tried selling Majora's Mask. (I think next target will be forest temple? lolol) It's kind of lame. 

They sell thru their Facebook pages, which are variations of Legend of Zelda Fans (another one they have is Dark Souls Lovers, which a fellow artist of mine has his work stolen too).
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 3.04.57 pm by Mei-Xing

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.04.54 pm by Mei-Xing

Sooooo basically if you see anything of this variety, just don't buy it. They also don't actually send the products out to their customers too, they just milk the money from unaware consumers. 
We managed to get the first ones down through social media pressure, but then they block you after you comment. And facebook give a rat's ass about them too. 
They've also stolen Majora's Mask. At this rate, they literally don't care about anything, they run away from legal stuff. My biggest advice to you guys - just don't buy stuff like this from Facebook. It's fake, and apparently you don't get your money's worth.  

Regardless of the situation I just want to be clear: 

The only place you can buy high quality watermark-free prints of my artworks is from my Society6 store:

(and they're also cheaper there :P I'm planning to update it with having phone cases and merch soon)

 Thankyou to all the people that have let me know. You guys are lovely. I notice there's a lot of these websites that rip of artists and their artworks, especially when their promoted on places like Facebook; please be wary when you are shopping online. I don't actually care about the money: I'm more concerned that people will waste their money on a shitty product.

Artists too: learn from me and start being smart with your watermarks. Incorporate it in your artwork without ruining your painting but also so it's protected. Because that's what I'm going to do from now on.

Hope you're having a good day. Better than mine anyway. 
Hey guys, hope you're going well! 

I'll be doing some conventions this year. One is this weekend! Don't know how many of you are Aussies living in Perth, it's a freaking small city lol....but I'll be at Perth Supanova this weekend tabling with GreyRadian!! If you're around come say hi! (I'll have loads of zelda shit lol) 

Page1 By Greyradian-da773kn by Mei-Xing

For you Aussies in the eastern states, I'll be coming to Smash Sydney in August! :) Let me know if you're going to that. Would be absolutely lovely to meet some of you <3 

Stay awesome guys xx

So…2015, what happened:

  • Art reached a lot of people around the globe; I never ever expected this to happen and feel really grateful for how supportive people are. 
  • I sold everything I owned and lived from a suitcase for 6 months.
  • Travelled through 5 countries while freelancing, and discovered how beautiful the world and the people of it are. 
  • Worked for some really cool clients. 
  • Reunited with a lot of old friends on the road; lost friendships, but made new friends who feel like lifelong connections and are absolutely lovely people. 
  • Discovered how great yoga is!
  • Back in Australia and settled in own place to focus on project work, before deciding when to hit the road again.

This year was definitely one of the most challenging but most amazing I think I’ve ever experienced. The interesting thing is that a lot of the things that I dreamed of doing before this year ended up coming true. The cheesy saying is true: if you put your mind to something, you can do anything.
Really thankful for the people that have stuck around for the ride. Have a good one guys <3 Happy New Year and stay awesome. 

After travelling to some countries in the world this year, I thought it would be useful to share some stuff to artists that know me. I took a lot of photos while I was different places like Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and around Australia and I found them useful when I integrate them into my artwork – so why not let everyone else have them? In the end, it is the artist that creates the unique vision, not the photo: the artist is the one with the complete power.

So if you’re an artist, you can have all these. For free.

You can get them here:

Merry Christmas! :) 


I thought I'd write something in this journal, because hey - I haven't really updated it, and since I have a bunch of you guys watching me here (you're awesome by the way), I may as well give you some words of encouragement. Because you deserve it. 

(I posted this on my tumblr too, and thought some of you might relate with this too). 


Hey you. I wanna let you know that you're not alone.  

Being an artist, writer, musician, image capturer - any creative - you are going to run into tough times. There will be moments when you’ve put your heart and soul into your work, into something that you’ve created. Your sweat and tears. Your passion. The fun you had while creating the piece. 

There will be people that will try to pull you down, that don’t understand what you’re doing, and they only see the surface of your creation and make a judgement based off of that. Or others that’ll nitpick and scrutinise the things you do with shallow opinions. But there will also be ones that see your expressions and creations and feel something; they sense your passion and love it. They can feel your story and your journey. They are open-minded and excited about new things. They cheer you on, and want you to improve and get better at your craft. 

Those individuals are pretty cool. Keep attracting those types of people into your life, and spread the positive energy around. 

Never be afraid of holding yourself back. Be strong and stand up for yourself and who you are. There is only one of you in this world, only one person that does what you do - be you. Express yourself the way you naturally feel, whether it’s through drawing, painting, writing, playing music, dancing, whatever it is - creativity is infinite. 

It’s about you. Everything and everyone else doesn’t matter one bit - they pale in comparison to that one special feeling. The feeling you had while you were creating whatever it was that you loved. Remember that feeling, and keep doing whatever that is. 

Because you’re gonna be unstoppable. 


So I created this account when I was like, what...13-14 years old? And back then I was drawing a lot of anime and fanart stuff and putting it on here. (cringes-and-hides-in-embarrassment).
Oh the teen years. 

8 years later and I'm a very different artist now but none the less still drawing and passionate about it. To the point of also making it my career now. Time goes fast!! I FEEL SO OLD. 
I hope I've improved a lot at art now than I was when I was in my teenage years...I think so. Still the same energy and passion! That's the same I've noticed. And still learning~! Never ending journey of growing as an artist!
Anyway! Just did a bulk upload of latest paintings, hope to share more later. 

Portfolio -->