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October 16, 2021
In Boxes by mehronjoon
Suggested by Evangeline40003
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why are boxes made for wild things?

me being box-sized is no justification

for putting me in one.

i change my shape but

the scriveners they are fleet-fingered and

they are everywhere,

they are in the parks, with strollers, dogs,

a newspaper, an electrolyte drink and a nod,

ready with their

corrugated, laminated, or plain sheets

of understanding where people belong

ready to take my measurements and profile photo

to gloss over my glory and wonder and mystery

and lineage and heritage

with whatever designs

help them tame their fears

of remembering their own wildness

what's left behind when I peel away this

freshly pressed name tag from its backing

is the truth that i have no title, i am

stripped of the beauty of being unnamed

and can no longer cast furtive glances

from behind papyrus stalks at the water's edge

as when i first beheld you i dodged and ducked

the sparring jabs of placing you

in a box of my own defensive making

and danced out of what i thought i should wear

for the occasion.

the lily pollen of the moment is spent,

and when i name my feelings for you,

they too will be destroyed.

There is beauty in just being and observing. Endlessly categorizing and labeling everything is exhausting.
© 2021 mehronjoon
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alapip's avatar

Identities: Do we have more than the three I've named

a few times in my writings? No, not "me, myself, and I",

three actual perceptual 'whoms'. You've now given a

multiplicity to the last of the three - how we are seen

and named by others. What now? :O pip

mehronjoon's avatar

I often think that there is a unique "me" living in each head of every person that I've met ... and I'm sure the same is true for each person I've met (that I'm one of many holding a unique idea of them) ... how's that for multiplicity :D

alapip's avatar

I'd agree, except to keep in mind that others really don't generally focus on us well enough to form a cohesive image, as well as we regarding them. At least I don't. They just 'ghost' in and out of my view. :shrug:

Evangeline40003's avatar

You've created a really fantastic piece here. Keep on writing! :love:

mehronjoon's avatar

I appreciate you saying so. I will surely continue to write!

Evangeline40003's avatar

yay! :)Glad to hear :)

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

mehronjoon's avatar

Thank you so much. I am glad this work was able to reach you and others here.

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

You are absolutely welcome. :)

xlntwtch's avatar

Ways and cards and papers that identify are many and so often requested. This piece is thoughtful and thought-provoking. I might say more but it feels like a box to do so :DGlad you got this DD feature and I got to read this :+fav:... :love:

mehronjoon's avatar

Thank you for coming by and considering it. Identity, labels, social roles, are all topics I am passionate about. You are welcome to "unbox" your thoughts and opinions here!

xlntwtch's avatar

You're very welcome!

I think first of my past which included parochial schools, uniforms and all, for twelve years.

I wrote a little about it recently - what did I call that one? - oh yeah. "The Lie."

And being an identical twin plays close and fast with identity as well....

LindArtz's avatar

Wonderful writing!!! :heart: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
mehronjoon's avatar

Thank you very much! It was quite a surprise. I am encouraged. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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