I walk and walk

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I walk and walk with cold hands.
Back at the house it is filled with longing,
nothing to carry longing away.
I look back over my life.
I try to find analogies.
There are none.
I have longed for people before, I have loved people before.
Not like this.
It was not this.

Give me a world, you have taken the world I was.


(Excerpt from Anne Carson)

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HaruNiji's avatar
I should never stop walking.. when there are stars I walk toward them and when they fade I follow the sun..
thank you for sharing those beautiful words, images and for sure the beautiful piece by Dustin :heart:.
nancy-long-ago's avatar
wow, wow, wow. and then some.
brilliant - all of it. :heart:
mehrmeer's avatar
So glad you feel it, Mia :heart:
bobrasass's avatar
Not like this. It was not this...
mehrmeer's avatar
It usually is not 'that', you know - we all know...
Keep waiting for the exception(s).
bobrasass's avatar
I will. Love you, Nóra. :heart:
mehrmeer's avatar
You are so kind, Kasia :) You are important to me as well :hug:
Piarvi-Recherreen's avatar
is it far enough yet ?
mehrmeer's avatar
Not yet; especially if the destination seems rather impossible to reach sometimes.

Anyway, always approaching, never arriving.
BioBiopsy's avatar
Just beautiful....
mehrmeer's avatar
Glad you think so, Vera :)
ParallelDeviant's avatar
Beautiful words, images and a track that says everything - Nothing missing.... Food for thought .... sublime ....
CherishKay's avatar
Dustin O'Halloran has just beautiful music and it fits so very well with your Journal :heart:

Kind off topic and you might been asked this few times, but how do you large the thumbnails and have them still be connected to their deviation page when you click on them? I hope this isn't a bothersome question :hmm:
mehrmeer's avatar
Thanks a lot, Cherisha for sharing your opinion with me - glad you appreciate this "short journey" :aww:

And I sent you a note you might already noticed.. :)
MirtKlaar's avatar
... and walk and walk
mehrmeer's avatar
Endlessly; I prefer to walk.
chriseastmids's avatar
:clap::clap::clap: as always Nora wonderful :D
mehrmeer's avatar
As always, Christian - much appreciated :aww:
chriseastmids's avatar
my pleasure always Nora :D
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