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Listening to : Afshin - Bikhial
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Watching : season 1 to 5 of futurama

Summers crazy, but very boring at the moment. I started working mostly because I need money for a new PC... I need to build myself a monster rendering machine. I'm working at Tim Hortons, it's a canadian coffee shop branch. I have made a couple of big messes till now and everybody thinks that i'm 18 when infact i'm only 16.... ARGGGGG... damn beard.

Anyway, I got some new $hit comming up which I know people will like. It's gonna be glass/liquid again but this one will be special that's why I am dedicating it to Rolf Herken and Erik Anderson aka DivineError. So wait for this one. But I am putting a lot of effort in this so don't expect it anytime soon.
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w00t party time :boogie: