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November 9, 2007
~DonBertone shows us what can be achieved with a bit of humor and a lot of technical know how. This wallpaper combines a great concept with wonderful lighting and meticulously tweaked materials. Enjoy Glassical Emotions: Drunk by ~DonBertone.
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Glassical Emotions: Drunk



We drink and sometimes we drink way too much. Therefore some vomit. But what if the glass was alive what if it had emotions what would happen to it? They should be always drunk.

Notice the subtle lipstick on the Martini.


It has been one year since I announced the start of this render [link] . After a lot of headaches and 3 remakes I finally did it. I stayed devoted to making this because I received tremendous amounts of compliments after posting a small sample. The people who talk to me frequently on msn know the whole story behind this one.


This render is particular. It uses the l_glass shader as usual but for this one doing the liquid/glass interactions was very different since the liquid was not uniform. This is the second time I've done this with the l_glass shader and realflow liquid mesh. I used booleans even though they are very messy it did the job pretty cleanly.

As usual the lighting was done by FinalGather and by a single huge omni bounce cube.

Note: This render is in part devoted to Rolf Herken and Erik "DivineError" Anderson.

EDIT: HOLY CRAP!! A DD Never thought this would happen. Thanks everyone. Really appreciated :D

The :iconwallpaper-club: has my full permission to submit this deviation in its gallery.

This is an entry in the Create a Feeling 3 contest. [link]
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