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Party Cannon 2.0

that one was really fun to make, even though it took me the whole sunday afternoon to do it and the source image was crap ... x)

so while screwing around on this i might have made a little derp here and there ._.
if you happen to spot one: would be nice to let me know, so that i can fix it :la:

svg: here


© Pinkie Pie & Twilight Sparkle: Hasbro

€dit: made pinkie's tail bigger x)
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Rapid fire.😆😆😆
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What are those two purple and pink half-visible lines below Twilight's tail? If they are shown to signify movement, it just seems off to me.
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The fact that Twilight Sparkle was perfectly okay with
this makes this split-second scene even more hilarious. =)
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"Say hello to my little pony!"
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SMTS - Sub-Machine Twilight Sparkle, mod. 2010, cal. 7,62 full-auto... Yes, she's a weapon of mass destruction...
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Tony Montana: Say hello to My Little Pony!
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The fact that Twilight is COMPLETELY O.K with this makes it even more hilarious!
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I make a base of this?
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twilight is best gun
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There seems to be a derp on the legs.
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This is one of the most hilarious things I have seen in MLP:FiM! I kind of wish it was animated, but it still rocks!
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>I kind of wish it was animated

someone made a animated version of it.. i just can't find it ( too much favourites x.x )
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I found this image just for you!
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yes, that's the one :D ^^
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This was one of my favourite scenes in the finale. :D Awesome vectoring job, Mehoep!
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:iconheavyplz::iconsaysplz: I have new way to kill cowards.
:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsaysplz: Uh, big guy? This is a kid's show. We can't kill here.
:iconsadheavyplz::iconsaysplz: Awwww...
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Nicely done!
These don't count as mistakes, for they surely were from the source image:
Pinkie's tail is way too small, her legs have a different color fill than the rest of her body, her pose is REALLY weird and her throat looks out of place.
But as you said, the source was crap and you did a great job polishing even that up.

I hope this comment helps. Peace :)
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hhm, dat tail should really be bigger... might just fix that x)
good thing you pointed that out^^

and for pinkie's legs, i think it was intentional to make them darker, like the pair of legs in the background but since pinkie is standing the lower part of the body got the shadow coloring... i guess :>

the pose: well, i think it's not that weird, considering that she is using a unicorn as a weapon. that's the weird part and the pose is just the result of the action

anyway, thanks for the comment. critique like that is always welcome :>
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Glad I could help!
on the pose: yeah, I suppose so. She kinda seems off-balanced to me.
on the legs: or maybe it's the shadow of twilight.
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