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Starshine of Love .:. Petite Etrangere

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I've had this sitting around for a while now. It was another beast of a tribute to the Sailor Moon Musical (Sera Myu), "Petite Etrangere"... I had to fight with it for over three months last year JUST to get it to work. But I'm pretty happy with the result, even months later.

This, like my last tribute piece, was a huge redraw effort, I ended up changing A LOT about the original artwork, and I think that's why I ran into as many problems with composition as I did. But I figured it out in the end :)

Petite Etrangere was such an amazing musical. It had everything I wanted in it! A great continuation on the start that La Reconquista gave to the reboot of the Myu! I can't wait for more musicals. I'm so far behind, they've already made another one xD I guess I'll have another HUGE tribute to make, wont I?


Sailor Moon, Characters © Naoko Takeuchi
Art © ToxicStarStudio
PaintTool SAI and Photoshop CS5
Textures from

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This is amazing. And just what I needed to see after the amazing Senshi vs Droid Clones fight (had to stop there). Jupiter and Venus were definitely the highlights there.
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Awesome! If you do one for Un Nouveau Voyage I will like hug you to death or something, the two you made for La Reconquista and Petite étrangère are both so cool and beautiful!Love 
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I've already started it! I'll be posting WIPs on my Patreon as I'm working ;)
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Awesome,Just Amazing 
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Why does Tuxedo Mask look like a woman?
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Because he was played by a woman in the musical :|
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Oh! OK! Still great art piece!
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This is so pretty! I love the shading and everything!

(I love Sailor Moon so much)
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This is amazing!! you have such a nice design for them all! I haven't yet seen the costumes for
the musical, but it sounds like their cute too! :D
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They're SO CUTE!! The girls they got to play everyone are SPOT ON!
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