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Madoka Magica Witches List 2.0 by meguchan91 Madoka Magica Witches List 2.0 by meguchan91
Hi everyone!!

I am here again to bring you a new Madoka related creation. As the first witches list I created was a huge success I decided to create an updated version. For those of you who missed it, this was the first version:

I decided tu update it including more information recently revealed and more art. Here you got ALL the information revealed until now about witches, their Grief Seeds, Puella Magi former versions, etc. Besides, I have corrected some mistakes I had deciphering the runes, I think they are all correct now.

Witches are ordered following their appearance in the anime (either the Witch itself of her minion, because, as you will see, some Witches did not appear in the series but appeared later in the PSP game or in some artwork). I have included the information each card contains. (Name, Nature/Duty and Description). If the Witch Kiss was revealed, you can see it on the card itself.

PLEASE do not check this out if you have not seen all the chapters. Besides, it contains a few spoilers from the last and final movie just released in Japan (The Rebellion Story) so please, read this under your responsability!! (There is nothing about the plot, just a detail you may have deduced yourself without actually seeing the movie, nothing really important.)

Finally, please let me know if I missed some detail or information and I will add it! Download the image in full size (it is impossible to read it here) and please, give me credit if you use it in other website, forum, etc. :)


CanadaWho42 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013   Digital Artist
Oh my god, Oktavia has familiars that look like Hitomi! How is it that I've never once paid attention to her familiars any of the times I've watched and rewatched that episode?!
meguchan91 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hahaha those are the reasons I made this, we do not pay attention to many details while watching the episodes!
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