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Falling For You [Dirk X Reader] (WHHHS)
....Dirk Strider
“I don't know but I think I may be
Fallin' for you dropping so quickly
maybe I should keep this to myself
Waiting 'til I know you better…”

It was midnight when Dirk Strider opened his eyes. Not that one could really tell, anyways, considering he even wore his anime shades to bed. The room was dark, save for a dim sliver of light hidden under the entrance into the fire escape. Dirk rolled over, knowing before he hit the other side that she would not be there. He was right. Yawning, Dirk slid silently out of the bed, stretching his muscles and running a large hand through his tousled, blonde hair.
With his lanky, long legs, Dirk was able to reach the door a fraction of a second before someone began to sing. A certain someone with messy, [hair length] hair of a [hair color] and [eye color] eyes. Dirk pulled open the door without a noise, and leaned out to listen to the sounds coming from a pair of kiss-bruised lips.
There sat [First Name] [Last Na
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Glide by Jay-and-Kos Glide :iconjay-and-kos:Jay-and-Kos 5 12 There was a Deviant by ZakuraRain There was a Deviant :iconzakurarain:ZakuraRain 50 2
Perfect [Karkat X Reader] (WHHHS)
............Karkat Vantas
“Made a wrong turn, once or twice…
Dug my way out, blood and fire.
Bad decisions? That’s alright.
Welcome to my, silly life…”

[Name] knew Karkat had self-hate issues. She knew it from day one. But he didn’t know she had the same issues as he did. One night, when she thought she was alone because Karkat had to go out to buy more popcorn, [Name] began to sing. Her lovely voice floated throughout the hive, and emanated from the kitchenblock she resided in at the time being. Karkat could hear her when he first opened the door and went to greet her.
“Mistreated, misplaced, missunderstood, miss ‘no way, it’s all good’- it didn’t slow me down.
Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated-look, I’m still around!”

His eyebrows knit in confusion as he listened to her words, unconsciously moving towards the [skin tone]-skinned girl whom was the love of his young life. She had
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 50 13
Mature content
Blah, Blah, Blah [Kankri X Reader] (WHHHS) :iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 60 35
Let Me Be Your Wings [Rufioh X Reader] (WHHHS)
...........Rufioh Nitram
“Let me be your wings,
Let me be your only love.
Let me take you far beyond the stars.”

When Rufioh Nitram went out that night to run some errands, he did not expect to come back to his matesprit singing so sweetly, but yet he had. As Rufioh flew through the window of their shared respiteblock, he caught sight of [First Name] [Last Name] brushing her [hair length], [hair color] hair with the fairy brush he had given her for the human holiday called Valentines’ Day. A grin flitted across his face as he listened gently, his eyes closing shut in delight as her beautiful voice filled the room around him like a one woman symphony.
“Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above.
Everything we’re dreaming of will soon be our’s.
Anything that you desire, anything at all!
Everyday I’ll take you higher,
And I’ll never let you fall!”

Those sweet eyes of his opened and he slowly walked up to his matespri
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You're The Reason Why [Mituna X Reader] (WHHHS)
..........................Mituna Captor
(warning, reader is in only slightly revealing clothing. for some reason writing about that is not as awkward for me as seeing it in the outside world. awkward.)
“I don't want to make a scene
I don't want to let you down
Try to do my own thing
And I'm starting to figure it out
That it's alright
Keep it together wherever we go
And it's alright, oh well, whatever
Everybody needs to know…”

“Y0 8483 WH47 4R3 Y0U-051F3G8UW38F! 1’M 0K4Y!!!!” Mituna Captor had just gone inside the hive he shared with his matesprit, [First Name] [Last Name], only to hear rock music issuing from his gameblock. He turned his head to look towards it only to fall flat on his face after tripping over the rug. “FUCK1NG P155 FUCK175!!!”
The music increased in volume as he righted himself, facing the stairway to the upper levels. Somewhere on the second floor, someone was playing a song in his gameblock….
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Homeless Heart [Tavros x Reader] (WHHHS)
..........Tavros Nitram
“Lonesome stranger, with a crowd around you, I see who you are.
You joke. They laugh. ‘Till the show is over, then you fall so hard.”

The hive was abuzz with a gently winding melody that twirled sweetly through Tavros Nitram’s pointed ears. He had come back to their home and climbed the stairs, expecting to find his darling matesprit in their respiteblock…only he was wrong. He had called out her name before he heard the music and the lovely singing that accompanied it. He turned his head and his feet started strolling over towards the sound of the voice, towards his beloved [First Name] [Last Name].
“When you’re needing, a soul to soul connection, I’ll run to your side!”
There she was on the balcony, [skin color] colored skin glowing in the light from the moon, and her [hair length] [hair color] [hair style] swishing out behind her. She sat on one of their lounge chairs, her eyes were closed and
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 34 2
Two Is Better Than One [Sollux x Reader] (WHHHS)
.............Sollux Captor
[Warning: Sollux finds reader in the shower and flirts a bit. But nothing is seen and so all's good.]
“I remember what you wore on the first day
you came into my life and I thought hey
you know, this could be something
'Cause everything you do and words you say
you know that it all takes my breath away
and now I'm left with nothing.”

“[Name], you here?”
Sollux Captor had returned to his hive, hoping to see his matesprit, [First Name] [Last Name], in the downstairs gameblock, only to be met with empty air.
“[Name], Ii 2wear iif you are tryiing two get two Narniia ag-“
Suddenly an instrumental began to dance through the hive, issuing blankly from the hallway leading towards the stairs. Faintly, it tantalized him; his feet moving almost as if the notes were dragging him along.
Up the staircase, to the right, he was met with steam squeezing underneath the crack between the door and floor beneath it. Running
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 49 8
Every Time We Touch [Cronus X Reader] (WHHHS)
.......................Cronus Ampora
I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me.
I still feel your touch in my dream.
Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why!
Without you, it’s hard to survive!”

What a thing to come home to: your matesprit playing the piano, and singing such a lovely song with her gorgeous voice. So one can imagine Cronus Ampora’s delight to make his way into his hive and be greeted by such a lovely sight. Her [hair color] hair, lay down in gentle sweep to her shoulder-blades and her [eye color] eyes were closed. A dreamy smile graced those lips he so longed to kiss, and her torso decked out in his Aquarius shirt which was a bit too big for her.
“’Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling…
And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly!
Can’t ya feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
‘Cause every time we touch,
I feel the static.
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 48 9
When He Hears Her Sing Intro [Trolls X Reader]
You are [First Name] [Last Name] and damn are you bored. Your matesprit is currently out, presumably to go see a friend or get groceries or whatever-leaving you, dear reader, to die alone of boredom until he returns.
You sigh, blowing [hair color] strands slightly, your eyes narrowing and brain working madly to produce a possible rebuttal for your current state.  
Wait a minute! You sit up a bit straighter, your lips curling into a gentle smile. Since he's gone, it couldn't hurt to rock out to some music could it?
Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, you flick through your mental playlist to find something to listen to.
Meanwhile, the door to the hive opens and a figure steps inside. Who is it?
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 26 2
When He Hears Her Sing (Kids X Reader)
It is quite late at night, as you try to and snuggle deeper into the blankets holding you close to the man of your dreams. You blink, attempting to call sleep back towards you. But it does not come.
You don't know how long you lay there, waiting patiently for dreamland to claim you before you slowly untangle yourself from your boyfriend's arms and rise to your feet.
You must do something, but what?
.....Singing sounds like such a grand idea right now.
You smile softly and slip out of the door, attempting to not wake your sleeping love.
But he does awaken after you have left. Blearily he looks about him, what was his name again?
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 14 0
That's My Davey! [Dave X Reader] (WHHHS)
.....Dave Strider
“See that boy walking down the street
Thinks he's tough but he smiles so sweet
Snake skin boots and a baseball cap
Bet you'd like to meet a boy like that
He's a little crazy, he's a little loud
He loves to do what ain't allowed
and he might talk too slow and drive too fast
But he'd do any little thing I ask!”

“[Name]?” Dave Strider felt around the smoothed back covers of the bed he shared with his girlfriend, his fingers missing the presence of her body pressed against his. Smoothed lips cascaded downwards into a frown as the young man sat up and looked around, his eyes hidden by his shades.
“Babe?" Almost as if his words had brought it to life, a guitar’s strumming flooded through his system, faint enough to cloud over the exact melody it was playing. A white-blonde eyebrow slid towards his hairline as Dave turned his face towards the faded wooden door that led to the fire escape, his legs swinging off the matt
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 26 6
I'd-? [Jake X Reader] (WHHHS)
..............Jake English
“I don’t think that passenger seat,
Has ever looked this good to me,
He tells me about his night,
And I count the colors in his eyes…”

“[Na-Name]?” Jake English let out a huge yawn, pulling himself into a sitting position and shifting the emerald sheets with the imprint of the movement. They fell into an empty air pocket around him, failing to reflect the sleeping form of [First Name] [Last Name], or as she would prefer to be called (and it is wise to listen to her or else you may wake up without any eyes or teeth), [Nickname]. Jake blinked, rubbing his eyelids before snatching his glasses from the nightstand and slinging them onto his face.
“Gadzooks, where did she get to? It’s the middle of the night!” he muttered, scanning the room for any signs of his girlfriend. His forehead crinkled in a slight frown of concern, but it shot back to a surprised look upon seeing a light coming from
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 25 9
He's All That [John X Reader] (WHHHS)
.....John Egbert
“I knew it from the start.
From the first day that we met,
I knew to take your hand was something I would not regret.
Since then I’ve found the girl inside that I wanted to be.
I’ve slowly noticed what he means to me…”

“Brr…why is it-Uhhh, [Name]?” John Egbert sat bolt upright in bed, his blue eyes widening in shock as he looked around wildly for his girlfriend; [First Name] [Last Name] was no longer in his arms.
“Ha-ha. Okay [Name], ya got-“But the music that floated to him on the still night air, coupled with gleeful giggles, told him this was not a prank. “What is she doing?” The hall light was on, lending its soft glow all the way to the library and possibly lighting on the source of the sound. Seconds later the opening verse was sung by a voice as graceful and lovely as a tinkling stream running through a forest.
John grinned, tossing aside the bedclothes and making
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 22 1
Songstuck [Homestuck x Reader]
Songfics, where the story follows the plot line of the song itself. :3 I might change the songs later but I dunno.
Dirk ((You Don't Know Me by: Elizabeth Gillies)
Dave ((Love Like Woe by: The Ready Set))
Jake ((Fixer Upper from: Frozen))
John ((I'm A Believer by: Smash Mouth))
Kankri ((Shut Up And Kiss Me by: Orianthi))
Karkat ((Accidentally In Love by: Counting Crows))
Rufioh ((Kiss The Girl from: The Little Mermaid))
Tavros ((Bullseye by: Aly and AJ))
Mituna ((Sk8er Boi by: Avril Lavigne))
Sollux ((I Think I Love You by: Kaci))
Kurloz ((Angel In The Night by: Basshunter))
Gamzee ((365 Days by: Leon Thomas III))
Cronus ((Curiosity by: Carly Rae Jepson))
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 3 0


WIP Lettering Challange Day 2
Sorry I haven't posted. My eraser became too short and I couldn't get another til Saturday. Also, my motivation isn't really working too well so I'm still working on it. Anyway, the next name I wanna do is Uraraka Ochako. Should I do the bubble text, or the floating one?
Lettering Challenge Day 1
My mom is making me do this because she doesn't want me to always be on my laptop. Oh well, might as well make the best of it.

I'm supposed to do one of these everyday, with different letters i guess? The one above still needs improvement of course, so i guess it'll be fun to see how my lettering improves over time.

I'm using this book called "The Great Big Book of Amazing Creative Lettering" (Geez that's a long name) so this is like page 1 of it.
My OT3
I found these after cleaning my room for the first time in a long while. They were from Doujin Market and represent Kliro... or Shanth... or whatever the Lance/Keith/Shiro name is.

After exams I'm gonna watch Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season 2❤️❤️


No journal entries yet.


Shea Alexandra
Hi, my name is Shea Alexandra. I draw fan art of my favorite fandoms. I hope that you beautiful people will enjoy my drawings... hopefully. I'll try to put up some drawings soon, hopefully.

Current fandoms:
Mystic Messenger
All Out!
Persona 4
Voltron: Legendary Defenders


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