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Some stuff happened today. Usually I'd keep it to myself, but sometimes there are things you just feel compelled to write about and share.…

EDIT: Commission slot filled! Thank you for putting up with my PSAs, guys! :heart:

augh guys i hate doing stuff like this

Lately I’ve been noticing that the surface of my Yiynova has been a little difficult to draw on - I think the surface has slowly become scratched and uneven over the time I’ve had it, and it makes drawing a little frustrating because I can’t get those nice, long, smooth lines I was able to before.

This is the kind of problem that I know is only going to get worse with time, so I think I need to invest in some sort of screen protector for this thing. I need about $35.

All this leads into the following request:

Who would like to get a a commission for a special discount? 

One full body character, normally $50, I’d do for $35 so that I can get one of these things. It would make my life easier, guaranteeing a longer life of my device,  and you’d be getting some art out of it. (First come, first served!)

Is anyone interested?

Okay, Deviants - serious question:

I am literally throwing away 80-90% of all my possessions. I am getting rid of anything that is not essential.

As such - I just found a TON of old art from college that I have no interest in keeping. 

Moving Sale SAMPLES 1 by MegSyv  MovingSale SAMPLES 2 by MegSyv

ANYTHING LEFT I WILL THROW IN THE DUMPSTER, but if there's someone who wants it, that's the solution I prefer.

How will this work?

1. Send me a note with your name and shipping information.
2. Specify what kind of art you would prefer, if you have a preference. (I will honor requests where I can.)
3. Send a $20 PayPal payment to cheeko.comics(at) (I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL PAYMENTS SORRY)
4. Sit back and chill for 7 days.


This will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Art Includes:
-Life Studies (figure drawings and/or nudes)
-Prints (My Little Pony, Fantasy)
-Design Projects (Posters)
-Final Projects (Oversized Pastel Drawings, Life Drawings - no nudes)
-Doodles (One Question, Wolf, Original Content, etc.)

Moving is hard.
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best! :heart:
It starts in about 30 minutes! See you soon!… going to be a bit late! 

I have a rather important announcement, and I need some time to prep some materials for it. 

I'm very sorry to make you wait! I'm hoping to have it up by 6pm (est).


I just had that meeting with the cool peeps I mentioned, and I'll have something more to tell you about that in a couple weeks!
Spoiler: IT'S GOOD NEWS.

I couldn't have done any of this without you - THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Actually, there's still one last poll for you:…
Remember that if you get a screenshot of the 200,00th hit on my deviantArt page (or the closest number to it) that I will give you free art, like this:
Ruskus by MegSyv

If there are multiple screenshots of the same number, the person with the earliest timestamp on their note or email will win (otherwise I get stuck with drawing like five things).

Good luck!


Congrats, :icondoodlee-a:!
Holy cow, it was so close. MoraBlackBird got the same snapshot, but unfortunately was beaten by just THREE MINUTES. And Belial-Volta missed the 200k by just one hit!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Thank you so much for getting me here to 200k! I honestly thought I would have died or burned out by now. XD
Hey, guys!

So I'm getting ready to submit a little proposal or some-such for my webcomic to some pretty cool people, but I need to get an idea of how to tell the people who want to hear about it a little bit about you, the people who actually read it! 

Ugh, oh my gosh, I'm sorry, there's no way to describe it any better, but my solution to this was just to put together a survey. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, but you'd be doing me a solid if you did (not like you owe me anything already I mean you read my comic and look at the stuff I make like I have any right to ask you to do anything really).


I'll try putting together a profile to get a better idea of the typical MegSyv supporter, which I might share with you guys for your review. You can tell me if it's accurate or not, or if you think they should be wearing a purple shirt instead of an orange one. Because, I mean, technically, they will be embodying you. You don't want to ...wear a color you don't like. Seriously. That would just be embarrassing. 
(I have no idea what I'm doing.)


You guys. YOU GUYS.
I asked you a question about why you liked my stuff and the overwhelming answer was "Naw, we like YOU." 

Thank you for helping me here. I'm putting together some stats and I'll come back at you with some data. 
Hey, guys.

It's been a pretty tough year: job hunting, my job getting crazier, working on the comic - but you guys have been amazing. Not just this past year, but for the past several years. Life since I've graduated is hard, and you guys have stuck with me the entire time. 

So - yeah, I wanted to do something nice for y'all, but still being in the midst of the aforementioned crazy, I wasn't sure what. 
That being said, please don't call me lazy for only doing the following:

I took the first comic I made about Thistle out of Storage. The one with the kiss.

Mature Content

Thistle in a Nutshell Pt 1 by MegSyv

Mature Content

Thistle in a Nutshell Pt 2 by MegSyv

I've put a warning on these just so people who are reading that comic that prefer to avoid spoilers won't have their days ruined.
It really isn't much, and it's a far, far cry from what you guys deserve, but it's the only thing I could think of doing for you that I thought you would like.

If you become a Patron of my Patreon page this month, or if you increase your pledges there by $1, I'LL SEND YOU THE REST OF THE SKETCH COMICS I MADE (I think there are around 10).
BE ADVISED that these comics will have MAJOR, MAJOR spoilers: we find out what Thistle looks like under her hood and something pretty major about Lyra's backstory. If want to be surprised by what happens later, I'd be a little cautious.

If this means we hit the $150 milestone that would be awesome - I really want to start updating more than once a week.

Here's a link to the Patreon Page:

....heck, if we break that $150 milestone I'll make all those comics public again.
Mindlessly filling out one job application after another really takes its toll, but I think I know what my next ideal job is:

I just want to work with other creative people and be able to draw a lot again. That would be pretty rad.
I wouldn't even care what the work itself was. 
Lyra by charlottevevers
Lyra by :iconcharlottevevers:
(PS I think she's taking commissions right now.)
I gotta say, there really is nothing that makes me happier than seeing you guys discussing and formulating theories about the world I'm setting up. It's probably been the happiest I've been art-wise in a long, long time. 
Stage 1: deviantArt changes its layout.

Stage 2: People (hereafter referred to as XXX's) see the change for the first time.

Stage 3: XXX's dislike the change and comprise lists, run on sentences, and essays of reasons why.

Stage 4: XXX's threaten to close their accounts and leave deviantArt forever unless it is changed back.

Stage 5: XXX's get used to the new layout. It is never mentioned again.
Just a gentle reminder that whoever gets a screenshot of the 200,000th page view gets free art from me. 
If you are in college and under the impression that life gets easier after you graduate from school you are living in a sick, delusional world.

Because I am living the "easy life" of an adult and the most sleep I've gotten in the past week is maybe 6 hours. 

Look, I just want to sit in my room and draw comics all day. And write stories and work collaboratively and just be left alone to be creative WHY DO I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE
'Sup, gang?

You know, as much as I'm trying to branch out and get myself more widely distributed about the internet, I always end up coming back to dA. I know a lot of artists have been kind of throwing up their hands and walking away, but the level of interaction I get with you guys here, as well as the sense of comfort and familiarity some of our conversations can have, is very nice for me - especially when I'm trying so hard to give off a good impression everywhere else. 
Guh. Why do I even do that. Professionalism is nice to a certain extent, but you want to be someone that people feel comfortable around anyway. I know I'm a person that likes my privacy and all, and writing in such a tone makes it easy to send off that vibe, but in general, it's just nice to talk characters, world, and story with people who genuinely like your stuff and have their own. 

ANYWAY, all this to say - I like it here because it's easy to talk to all of you. dA has been a second home for me since I was 16 - that's almost 10 years now - but only because you guys are here to make it feel like one. Thanks for sticking with me and my junk, despite the Great Depression and Anxiety Crash of 2010 that I'm still recovering from. 

Dangit, some days I am consumed with regret for every coming out into the spotlight and finally announcing my real name. I am still Cheeko, but I feel like I have to hide behind the mask of MegSyv for the sake of not getting weird looks in interviews (I've had to field a few awkward questions that were really embarrassing - "Are you a Furry?" "Oh yeah, you're that comic chick." "What is this? Why are you blue?" "How would this affect your work flow in a professional office setting?"). 
And every day I'm thinking about One Question. I am so freaking blessed (and I know that's such an overused turn of phrase) to come up with such a concept at such a young age - to this day I love it to pieces and there is SO MUCH STUFF that is left to tell. But out of respect to the story - I just didn't want its quality to be tainted by all the crap I was going through after college. Trust me - you didn't want it, either.

Suffice it to say - and I know I've said this a lot in the past, but these words have always been important for me to say - Thank You for being here with me. You guys helped me get through a lot of crap just for looking at and liking my stuff. Your comments, your visits, your everything was what began this journey out of Self Deprecation, Depression, and Anxiety I didn't know was hanging over me for most of my life. You guys and MiloNeuman. Holy crap I love that man.

TL;DR: I got really off track. Chapter Two of Daughter of the Lilies is ending soon. Who has a question they want to ask a character?

Also, are you okay with me answering one question a week while I build a buffer for the upcoming chapter? It's going to be really long and I can't work week to week like I have been. 

THANKS FOR COMIN’ GUYS. I get way more stuff done when you’re around. It’s ridiculous.
I drew the Last Unicorn at the request of someone in the chatroom when I was done. You can see it over at my Tumblr.

When I was done with the page I took to the chatroom for requests for a last bit of artin’ for the evening. I’ll post that here in a second. I’ll let you guys know when I’ll be Livestreaming again! (It probably won’t be until next week, though.)

I know it's late, but better than never, right? I'm going to finish the DotL page I started coloring yesterday. I don't know how long it will take, but I've got to finish it tonight!


So yeah! A lot of you really liked the idea of joining me while I try to do some work this week - myself included.

Last night I set up a Livestream account, and although I wasn't able to stream right away because of some bugs associated with the software, I'm excited to get started. 

Right now, it looks like I might be able to do something from 4:30 - 6pm EST tonight, and after 7pm EST tomorrow. Although the first and most obvious question would be about your availability at that time, I think I'm more interested in hearing what you would like to see me work on. I have Daughter of the Lilies, Disney Princess Ponies, and some other commission work on my To Do list, but of course I'm pretty flexible. 

What are your thoughts, dear viewers?
Please check the SmackJeeves site for more information.

Thank you!
Hey hey! 

So next week's DotL update will just be characters answering reader questions if there are any. So here, do you have any questions for Lyra, Brent, Orrig or Thistle that you'd like to see answered? Comment below! 
(Note! Preference will be given to Patrons at Patreon!)

Thanks for helping me out!