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Just an idea I wanted to jot down before I forgot it. 

See, what really makes me love Brent and Lyra is how much they argue like bratty kids, and how bad both of them are at it. It's surprisingly easy to write, because I've never been any good at it. People seem to think that Thistle is the peace-keeper, but really she just takes away a lot of their things. It's easier to keep from fighting about toys when they're up on a high shelf.

Read my webcomic about these characters HERE.
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Like siblings with a really argumentative and aggressive relationship. It makes me so glad about mine with my older sister. I may have been a brat to her when I was little but she tolerated me and was there for me and I'm very thankful for each other and our relationship. I guess they may be that sibling-like love-hate relationship since they often get on each others' nerve yet haven't killed each other yet like some of my companions sibling relationships but I dunno.
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I understand Thistle, this is how I deal with my niece and nephew,, which incidentally leads to some very randomly placed Batman and Transformers figures.
Do Brent and Lyra genuinely hate each other or is it love-hate?
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Both? *shrug*
guardianxofxmoon's avatar
lol, She's definitely the smart one in that trio. XD And such a simple solution too. XD
MegSyv's avatar
This is entirely too much fun to be anything other than a guilty pleasure. I can't stand it.
guardianxofxmoon's avatar
lol, nothing wrong with that. xD I like to tease some of my characters too. XD
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Do not disturb the book worm, for she can create fire. You have been warned.
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
I wish I could make fire. Not that I'd have anybody to threaten.
Vorthal's avatar
Could not have said it better myself.
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Those two should be grateful she didn't set them on fire again.
avancna's avatar
You mean she hasn't set them on fire yet?
MegSyv's avatar
I think you underestimate the lengths of Thistle's patience.
avancna's avatar
Absolutely.  She should be granted sainthood for putting up with those two howler monkeys.
Sir-Talen's avatar
Hehe. Thistle just wanted them to shut up so she could finish reading her book.
MegSyv's avatar
It's hard to read when you can't help eavesdropping. XD
avancna's avatar
It's hard not to eavesdrop when said bickering sounds like a squabble between a pair of married howler monkeys.
MegSyv's avatar
At least with Howlers, you can throw some bananas at them to shut them up.
avancna's avatar
This is true.
LPHogan's avatar
Gotta keep loving Thistle :-)
MegSyv's avatar
She's the best. :3
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Hah, I love character interactions like this. XD
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