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Commission for :iconpaparazzipulse:

We were dead at work tonight so they sent me home early. And so I figured I might as well earn a LITTLE bit of money so the evening wasn't a complete waste.
Ria enjoys painting, but today she's had an accident in her studio.

Paint textures/brushes can be found here: [link]

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FeretStudios's avatar
Those splatters look great. Looks like she really got herself into a messy situation. ^^
MegSyv's avatar
She should be more careful next time! That's not going to be fun to wash out. XD
FeretStudios's avatar
Not at all. Just image paint in your hair except all over your body. DX

No problem. :D
DiG-IT21's avatar
If it weren't for the paint bucket I'd say she just gave an alien a serious beatdown. This is so kick.....butt, RIA FTW!!!
PaparazziPulse's avatar
Wow, looks great! =D You've captured the situation nicely, and I'm liking the coloration of the lineart and the variety of textured brushes. Thanks muchly!

Do you mind if I display it on the Blockheads extras page (credited to you, of course)?
MegSyv's avatar
Of course you may! You paid good money for it, so you should do with it what you like! I'm so glad you're pleased! :D
Foxchibi's avatar
xD Her face is my favorite part. She looks so irritated!
MegSyv's avatar
All of us have spilled paint on ourselves at one point or another, right? XD
Poul-Tisbey's avatar
Awww, that'll never come off!
Keyotea's avatar
:idea: Maybe she can use herself as a paintbrush.
MegSyv's avatar
Keyotea's avatar
Some people in RL do that...some even go as far as doing it with nothing else on so... :facepalm: Hopefully those kinds of paint are non-toxic and the canvas is smooth/soft.
AiweAlako's avatar
hahah, funny story- today was the Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna temple, so there have been people all over town completely plastered in multicolored chalk. Ria joined in the fun, it appears, if only by accident.
MegSyv's avatar
Oh man, so cool! I've always really loved the idea behind that holiday. Have you ever seen the film "Outsourced"? There's a great moment involving that holiday.
AiweAlako's avatar
hm... should I add that movie to my 'to-watch' list? I love the fact that anyone has made reference to the Festival. I'm so going to go next year, though. So sad I couldn't this time...
MegSyv's avatar
Oh yes, you should definitely see it if you're a fan of Indian culture. It's pretty fantastic. I hope you're able to go next year, though!
AiweAlako's avatar
It's on my bucket list before I graduate :D
UltimateBloodMoney's avatar
oh god dont kill me XD im sure the guy who either gave her the paint or was just walking by when this happened must be scared by now XD
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