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DotL Reader Questions: 4.ii

By MegSyv
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Here come a bunch of Reader Questions!

I was asked this exact same/extremely similar question by Jeff! on Tumblr a while ago, and I answered it at that time with a lot more clarity and grace. I tried finding that Ask to use that wording, but alas - you are now stuck with this nonsensical nonsense.
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The poses in this are just awesome. I can totally picture Thistle in front of a chalk board and enthusiastically explaining stuff on her first day teaching class.
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That's true, I was brought to life with the ability to play the piano with ease but, without any lessons I can't get good enough to play in a band.
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"sure, whatever." XD XD XD XD 

Sometime I wonder what is her voice ( I mean sound like what/who/something ). Yeah... It's weird. ¬.¬