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DotL Reader Questions:

By MegSyv

She actually thinks about it all the time. She saw girl wearing this outfit somewhere once and now she can't get it out of her head.

For the curious, here's the image I referenced for this outfit.

I know Reader Questions are annoying, guys, but remember, CHAPTER 4 STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 22ND! You're nearly there!
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The skirt did her in

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will we ever see what thistle looks like, or will it be one of those things that we never know, kind of like V from V for vendetta, or will it be one of those things where she is revealed to the reader, but not the other members of the group, like the one time they showed kakashi's face?
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Only time will tell
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Professor Flower Child
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With how long you must have hd to restrain yourself, as soon as thistle is revealed, Id expect we will see many images of Thistle in various outfits.
well thistle doesn't need to be fully revealed.... if they discover a suit of head to toe spandex. Then she can wear any dress she desires. Imagine that. 
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I may not know your face, but I foresee myself drawing you in that outfit someday, Thistle... Darkened, covered visage and everything, but wearing that outfit!!!
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I love you Thistle. Even if I never see your true visage, you are awesome. *Swoon*
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I wonder what kind of hairstyles she would like to try with the dress now... Now I'm wondering if she even has hair... Now I'm wondering how badly Brent wants to know all of this... Now I'm laughing cause I'm imagining him daydreaming about thistle with a goofy love struck expression on his face! 
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I am pretty sure Brent would like to see her in that dress too
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YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I have a whole collection of Brent-preferred dresses on my computer somewhere. It's awful.
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Is a wedding dress in that collection? 
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I need to see that someday. Call it Brent's fashion show XD Lydia would never let him live it down.
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No, I mean dresses he wants to see Thistle in. SO MANY DRESSES. Heck, Lyra would jump in with that.
You know what? I would actually like to see that... if only to sate my morbid curiousity.
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aaaa yes yes
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*slight cough*

soooo...about that dress collection...?
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Sorry i meant to also say thistle would be the model XD. lol. Your webcomic is awesome by the way. Keep it up!
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She would rock that dress!!
... and I would SO like to see her actually wear it when she finally comes out of the hood... it might be years from now, but will keep on hoping!
Not sure why, but the appearance of eyelashes made this so much funnier to me.
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Awww, lookit dem sparkly eyes. She's so adorable! Also, I would totally wear that. I'm digging Thistle's fashion sense!
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