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DotL Halloween 2016

By MegSyv
Something I whipped together at the last minute - I've been so busy!
Happy Halloween!

Read my comic here:
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Kind of a topical title though, eh? Hell Raiser?
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Thistle is so adorable. 
X-I-L2048's avatar
I like how all the seasoned mercenaries are the ones that are freaked out, while Thistle is so into the special effects that she doesn't have time to be scared. XD
petrichild's avatar
Did you blur out "FUDGE"?
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Sabergre's avatar
Hehehe I like that she's less conventional than he imagines. 
MegSyv's avatar
I think it's less that and more that he's overly optimistic. 
Sabergre's avatar
oooh yeah that makes sense
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maari-rose's avatar
haha! Poor Brent. 
Sweven7's avatar
Thistle can look at gore like a surgeon does, all the rest be like children XD
ks-claw's avatar
Ahhhhh I love Thistle so much XD She's so like me with old horror movies. I look to the story first, then the old effects.
Karmakat01's avatar
EPIC fail hehe but CUTE hehe
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
Tag  yourself as someone from the team :P
I'm Orrig. I'm only here for the friendships but I really wish we were watching something else.  TToTT
MegSyv's avatar
(I'm all of them...)

Haha! Pretty much the perfect summary of how he got into this mess.
Nyxity's avatar
Oh, Brent... you must first learn the girl's actual fears before you try something like that! :P
Eupraxia's avatar
Yeah, the lady who has stared drath in the face is going to be scared of a horror movie...  Poor Brent XD
CinnaMonroe's avatar
IT all went wrong for ya Brent. Next time show movie in a place where Lyra sure isn't going to drop in and join when she sees you watching a movie and Orrig doesn't join in to make sure it's appropriate and no shenanigans don't happen under the roof he's ruling under. Like, actual movie theater (Then again knowing his luck he'd run into people he knows there and they'd sit by him and the same problem would happen)

Thanks for the holiday comic, Meg!! Excited for the next installment, hope you are feeling a bit re energized! :)
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This is so cute!

I think Brent is more frightened of being accidentally strangled by Lyra than of the movie.
MegSyv's avatar
You're not wrong.
follyfox's avatar
look at those excited eyes :D
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