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DotL: Halloween 2015

By MegSyv
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I can't believe it's been three years already!

Orrig is dressed as the obvious choice, Wolverine,
Thistle is Mask from my other comic One Question,
Brent is Dipper from Gravity Falls,
and Lyra was supposed to be Mabel but she found another costume at the last minute that she liked a lot more.

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NakainRimmelStudent General Artist
Somehow, I suspect Thistle to be a dragon. A humanoid dragon.
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Leaf-MinxStudent General Artist
I vote for more Thistles in cloaks. She looks amazing in 'em
cuttsthebutcher's avatar
cuttsthebutcherStudent General Artist
I for one vote for more Dipper hats.
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Riverfox237Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...........Is there....some subtle hinting in your choice of Lyra's costume, I wonder....?

Brent, you are the Anti-Dipper. XD
guardianxofxmoon's avatar
OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! I just read the latest page, there's two results I can see from this. He's tricking her or he's being honest. But what I'm thinking is that he's tricking her since some of the text is crossed out for what he's saying. owo I WANT TO READ MORE! T^T
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Who is 'Mask'?
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shieldgenerator7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brent is Dipper Pines! haha yes!
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OtterbaneHobbyist General Artist
What if the events of 1Q happened after DotL and Thistle really IS Mask... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.
Doodlee-a's avatar
Doodlee-aProfessional Digital Artist
AHHHH these are PERFECT! It's nice to see Mask *cough* again! XD
follyfox's avatar
ahh wait... brent is a really stinking good choice for Dipper.
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CentiumCuspisStudent General Artist
but I thought future batman didn't have a cape. LYRA I AM CONFUSED.

Have a happy halloween, harvest festival, or pagan celebration of your choosing.
squirrelygirl890's avatar
She's not "future batman" (Batman Beyond)  she's batwoman
CentiumCuspis's avatar
CentiumCuspisStudent General Artist
I must acquiesce to your superior pop culture referencing skills. still you have to admit her personality is probably closer to beyond batman, with the talking.
squirrelygirl890's avatar
this is true...  Wink/Razz 
Black-Ice-Gryphon's avatar
Love it :D  
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IchikoWindGryphonHobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to see a Gravity Falls adventure with Mabel and Dipper being played by Brent and Lyra.

Ford: We need a lock of unicorn hair.
Mabel/Lyra: *grabs bow* MABEL YES.
squirrelygirl890's avatar
:DDDDDD   so much yes
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oh man I love how Thistle is Mask. now all I imagine is one day we will find out in One Question that Mask was someone just like thistle all along, or thistle herself. yes. it's always the nice ones. (also someone needs to tighten the mask strap or Thistle is gonna lose that thing)
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She's trying to blow the candles out I think XD
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