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DotL: Christmas 2015

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No DotL update today! Instead I give you some Christmas filler because MY GOSH I need a vacation I am so tired.

EDIT: Updated with the second half! Hope y'all had a fantastic holiday season!
(I absolutely did not draw Lyra teaching Thistle how to use her new makeup.)
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Coming back to this having seen Thistle's face make's her gift even better.
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Attack-At-DawnHobbyist General Artist
AWWWWWW hat wonderful gifts! ;3;
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brent and thistle OMG U R KILLING ME 
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CokkiesSqueeStudent General Artist
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Riverfox237Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm going to cry, oh my word Brent you need a hug. And Thistle. Thisssstlllllle....
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TheNPOTNHobbyist General Artist
I adore your work and all of your expressions are A+
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IcarusHectorHobbyist Writer
That I'm the Author bit was cute.
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NyxityHobbyist General Artist
Totally. Brain child. Thumbs Up You could have a nervous breakdown if you lose them. :stare: (Had times I've almost lost my most precious brain child of all...)
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wow she's chugging it
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Awww! Brent! X3
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Obviously, you decided to torture everyone this Christmas, except Lyra, who you got very drunk thus she will go on to torture everyone else until she passes out, then when she wakes up, she'll be hungover and there will be more, crankier, torture for everyone.
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MummyMetallerProfessional General Artist
Oh my god... That last pic...
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The "author" bit was a little harsh.
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Polter6eistHobbyist General Artist
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Brent!!!! D: *pats arm comfortingly*
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OcioProductionHobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is so precious!
xX-LittleWaitress-Xx's avatar
xX-LittleWaitress-XxHobbyist Digital Artist
Brent's face is so adorable.
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FeretStudiosProfessional Traditional Artist
Al of them! Cinnamon rolls! The whole lot!!! 
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FreakconformistHobbyist Traditional Artist
haha, favorite Christmas strip 2016, lol.
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Thunderwolf55Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Fairiegirl101Hobbyist Digital Artist
look at sweet little Brent X3 His adorkableness in these ooc strips always makes me smile.
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MegSyvProfessional Digital Artist
Who says they're ooc? 

(Brent is a momma's boy.)
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Fairiegirl101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Out of Continuity XD I realize any variant of OOC (out of context, out of character, etc) look the same, I should have specified.

(he is the most adorable momma's boy)
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