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I couldn't help myself.
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My First thought was "one of the characters from 'Once Upon a Time... Life'" dunno why XD Maybe it's because of the eyes :P
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My first thought was "Charlie Brown." I don't know why.
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I was thinking something like Vin Diesel or the guy who played in the Die Hard series
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You're not afraid of the dark, are you, Charlie Brown?
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hmm? I don't get it
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"Are you afraid of the dark?" is a Riddick quote. Some people said 'Charlie Brown', some said 'Vin Diesel', so I combined the two.
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Ah! Ok, I wasn't fresh on my riddick quotes. I get it now.
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Lyra: [loud wheeze]

Meg: You know what, your hair is even more annoying.

Brent: >: D

I love that you drew this soooooo much ohmygod.
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I would do this and then everything would be fine:
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I think Orrig would be less than impressed if you tried that on him :p Although Orcs seem like the hairy kind, and he'd probably regrow his facebear in like two hours...
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Yanno give him a Goatee and I bet Brent could pull of a nice Ben Sisko. :P
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Or a FANTASTIC Walter White.
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:iconthuglifeplz: it's the thug life for everyone...
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Nuu, his hair, his poor poor hair D:
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... no comment...

*too busy laughing to death*
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