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Ch6 Pg33 Panel 2 ORIGINAL

By MegSyv
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Even the original version of the script had Lyra yelling this at Wu/Thistle, but I just couldn't resist the self-indulgence at the time I started this. Ultimately I changed it back - but the original version lives on, both here... and a little bit in Panel 3. 
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Midnight-RoanStudent Digital Artist
That frog is entirely too cute for me. I can't handle it
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Riverfox237Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yessss it shall live in our hearts
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Such a tough revision! I agree with your choice but Im so glad you shared the original with us so we could stare at our OTP!Heart Heart Heart 
Butterflygirl113's avatar
Protective Brent!! <3 *Loves.* More of this, please. ^_^
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Comedic-SoldiersHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness this is wonderful
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Asahi-senseiProfessional Artisan Crafter
i love the moment when Wu suddenly realizes that Thistle is no student of the school x) gotta love the flowery magical grandpa
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WazagaHobbyist General Artist
alternate caption:

"Beat it, grandpa. She's already taken!"
"And take a shower!"
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bubbles123karateHobbyist Digital Artist
It pleases my Bristle shipping, protectiveness-is-my-shipping-kyrptonite heart, but I agree on the final version. Gotta love big sis Lyra.
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ks-clawProfessional General Artist
I ship it Meow :3 
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MaythedragonlordHobbyist Digital Artist
so cute :squee: 
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Karmakat01Hobbyist Writer
I have to say I loved the one you used in the end but this one got a "little something" extra. to my point of view.
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CinnaMonroeProfessional General Artist
I love everything about this, including Frog Friend in Wu's hands. This feeds my Bristle needs.... UUuugh I hope we get a sort of this later on when Bret can properly thank Thistle for saving him and pulling him out of a pit and literal hell..... but Lyra still being a spit-fire and being ready to cover her teammate is awesome. GIRLS SUPPORT OTHER GIRLS AND PROTECT THEM! *victory fist*

I seriously hope Froggy gets to retire in Wu's office with a huge tank and is feed 3x a day and is forever out of harms way of being picked up by pesky children to be kept irresponsibly as a pet or end up as someone's meal, or even as another sacrifice/medium. That frog has seen things... those eyes have beheld horrors.
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AmaranthineRain General Artist
Awww :3 Aaaah I love that the matter of the escaped frog was addressed - this comic has such attention to detail in script and coloring~ :happybounce:
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