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This is easily one of the most controversial Reader Questions I've ever answered.
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I'm with Lyra on this one!
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This is an accurate representation of me when I discover leftover pizza in...whoever lives here...'s garbage can!
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For some reason, Thistle's response was the funniest
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I could make a pizza as well.
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I eat that all the time. ^^;^^;^^;^^;^^;
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Geeze it's not as if Hawaiian pizza is new. :P  Not that the guy that asked for it when we were working late wasn't surprised when I ordered one along with the other 8 "normal" pizzas we ordered. (note this was ~ 25 years ago)
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What is wrong with pineapple on pizza?  This is one of those "No accounting for taste..." moments, isn't it?
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there are a lot of people on the internet that are convinced pineapple should never be on pizza. given they seem to think you just slap down raw wet pineapple slices or chunks on a cooked pizza, i can only conclude that they've never actually tasted a real one.

Pineapple might not work well with all other toppings, but with the right pairings and properly cooked, it is pretty good.

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I think Lyra descended from a New Yorker.
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Now I am going to imagine Lyra with a kind of New York accent for a bit.
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My work here, is done.
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That... would explain so much.
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