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Here's some filler that I made in October of 2016 for my webcomic Daughter of the Lilies when I was feeling super tired, burned out, depressed, and needed a break. My readers are awesome and good sports. Bless them. 

You can read my comic here:

Boy howdy, do I have a lot to say. 
Are any of you balancing any projects with school or work? What works for you?
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You take care now. Don't want you getting overworked. :3
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TheHermitInTheAticHobbyist Writer
I just run off into the woods and hide in someone else's attic when things get too tough for me! I did that oh...forty years ago now? I'll head back as soon as I think I'm ready...
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XonegonHobbyist Traditional Artist
nicely showing the human side :-)
I guess this affects a lot of home creatives, thanks for sharing it this way :-)
You learned some valuable lessons & the sooner the better ;-)
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SHARK-008Hobbyist Digital Artist
I kind of know all that feelings ( except I work less in art than you but still used to be with a teams, creates comics, magazines, festivals etc... ) I started my first webcomic a little because I wanted to do something with my own rules and what I want ( not that I don't like my comics project but I had projects who need to stay family friendly and some peoples who ask some changes and all for be accepted in the mag' ) And well, I kind of take a break and found hard to get back and bring back peoples *fail*. ^^;

Do you best but take care of yourself face and continue to give us awesome art but only if you want and can of course. ;)
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lolzwaitwhatHobbyist General Artist
take a small notebook or sketchbook and put it in your bag or purse or whatever, whenever you get an idea ( which usually for me is whenever I have free time at work) you write it down and put it back into your bag, you cannot edit it, you can not rewrite it, you can build on it or write down a different variation of that idea, but you cannot scribble it out or white it out. Now, this can be an idea for a story, a funny line, a character, what have you as long as you think ( at the time) it's an idea you'd want to remember for later. Whenever you've got some down time or just have an insatiable urge to draw or write or whatever have you but don't have any ideas, pull out the book and read through the whole thing. You can get tons of ideas by building on the stuff, combining ideas, contrasting them, etc. it give you a secret inspiration stash that you always have on you that you can access whenever you want. You can even swap books when you fill it up and challenge friends to come up with something based on the ideas inside.