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By MegSyv
Here's some filler that I made in October of 2016 for my webcomic Daughter of the Lilies when I was feeling super tired, burned out, depressed, and needed a break. My readers are awesome and good sports. Bless them. 

You can read my comic here:

Do you have any relatives like Lyra's mom? How do you handle them?
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Oooohhhh boy Lyra's mom reminds me of quite a few of my aunts ]:{
Chiere's avatar
My mom had muscles; Dad liked her just fine! If she hadn'ta been only 5'2", she would have made a great Mrs Dotra. 
Jormungdang's avatar
So like all moms everywhere xp
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
I no longer miss missing a family I don't have because I don't have them.
Sir-Talen's avatar
That "Have you found a nice man yet" becomes either a lot more awkward or very insulting, depending if her mom already knew about her orientation or not.
MegSyv's avatar
Lyra's been sending out signals her whole life but her mom is just a self involved, oblivious person. Or she chooses to ignore them in favor of this fantasy she's built for herself. Who knows.
giveGodtheglory's avatar
Aww.  Poor Lyra.  I'm glad I'm finally too old for the "when are you getting married and having kids" dreck.
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
Sounds like my Aunt really. Combined with suggesting I should loose weight and insuating that just because I'm not actively looking for a male it must mean in her mind that I'm gay. (Auntie plz can I just not be interested? that is a thing you know!)
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Seems slightly... familiar... slightly. Either way she's really cool.
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Regolith247's avatar
Well, that might explain a little of Lyra's attitude....
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I'm so glad that neither of my parents are nearly that bad. 
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